YATES A Greyfriars schoolboy. 13
YATES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 27
YATES A Greyfriars schoolboy and prefect in the Sixth Form Form. 355
YATES, James Edward A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form, and a supporter of Courtenay. 393
YEN HAI, Mr. A Chinese mandarin, and Wun Lung's uncle. He didnít like Wun Lung being in England and came to Greyfriars to kidnap him and take him back to China where he can control him. 37
YEO, Mr. The landlord of the Ship Inn at Crewey where the Greyfriars party stayed during their trip to Polpelly. 1454
YI, Li A servant of O Bo. 1543
YIDD, Mr. A draper at Friardale. 244
YONK, Buddy A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Sent to the school to keep him safe from a kidnap plot, he was kidnapped after all and later freed by detective Kirkby Keene. 677
YONK, Mr. Hyram P. The margarine king and father of Buddy Yonk. He sent his son to Greyfriars to keep him safe from kidnappers. 677
YORKE A Redclyffe schoolboy. 253
YORKE, Mr. Cecil The name assumed by Paul Tyrrell when he joined Greyfriars as the school Football Coach as a cover for stealing the school's silver. 266
YOUNG A Highcliffe Old Boy who played for Highcliffe against the Remove. 138
YUSSEF An arab hired by Kalizeros. 1280
YUSSEF A member of Ludwig Krantzís slave trading gang in East Africa. 1234