WADE, Mr. The owner of a bookshop in Courtfield. Wharton was able to prove that he was in the bookshop when he was accused of visiting the Three Fishers. 1426
WADE, Mr. A barber in Courtfield. 607
WADHAM, Mr. A butler at Wharton Lodge. 1038
WADHAM, Mr. A butler to Sir Giles Oakwood at Oakwood Place. 1601
WAGGS, Mrs Wife of William at their farm at Little Puddleton. 1333
WAGGS, Mr. William A farmer at Little Puddleton, Sussex. He had difficulty in paying his tithes and Mauly paid them for him. 1333
WALCOTT, Mr. Sam A coloured boxer in Ben Adams’ boxing booth. 405
WALKER, Bill A longeshoreman from Pegg who was a member of a gang that tried to claim salvage on the boat that ran aground near the Shoulder. Wharton & Co. (aided by a snake) managed to fight them off. 239
WALKER, Mr. Hookey The owner of a gambling den situated over the tobacconist shop in Friardale. Penfold, trying to win money to help his father's ill health visited the place and won money at roulette but lost the money back to Mr. Walker by backing a losing horse. 720
WALKER, Mrs Hubert An aunt of James Walker. 953
WALKER, James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a prefect. He is friendly with Loder and Carne and has some bad habits, but he is not quite as bad as his friends. 112
WALKER, Mr. Jimmy The owner of “Walker’s World Renowned Circus”. 1166
WALKER, Mr. The owner of a drapery store in Friardale. 158
WALKER, Mr. A tramp who had a fight with the Famous Five and lost his hat. 1226
WALKER, Mr. A customer of farmer Higgins at Fernford. 441
WALKER, Mr. An uncle of James Walker. When he visited the school, Walker had hopes of a large tip, but Bunter spoiled things for him. 874
WALKER, Mr. William A tramp. 137
WALLIS, Dr. A doctor who treated Henry Coker when he was being poisoned by Poynings. 984
WALPOLE, Mr. Curtis A solicitor in Courtfield. Bunter consulted him when taking out a summons against Mr. Quelch for assault. 767
WALSH, Miss Ethel The daughter of Mr Walsh. She was rescued by Linley when she fell through the ice whilst skating. 939
WALSH, Mr. The owner of Friardale Grange. 939
WALSH, Miss Queenie The leading actress in Phillip Perkins film company. 736
WALSINGHAM, Mr. Francis The butler at Hilton Hall. His half-brother was a prisoner at Blackmoor Prison who escaped when the Famous Five visited Hilton. 1401
WALSINGHAM, Mr. The butler at Combermere Lodge when Bunter renamed it Bunter Court. Bunter locked him in the cellar when he found out too much. 910
WALTERS, Mr. A chauffeur to Sir Philip Angel. 822
WALTON, Mr. The butler at Compton Hall, the home of Sir Henry Compton. 906
WARD A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form who was a member of their rowing team. 390
WARD, Mr. A farmer near Cliff House school. 432
WARDLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
WARDLE, Mr. A solicitor from Penruddy in Cornwall. Me Vernon-Smith consulted him when he was considering buying property in the area. 1627
WARING, Mr. George A half-brother of Eric Gilmore. When he escaped from Blackmoor Prison he hid at Greyfriars and tried to get help from his relation. 1039
WARREN, Sir Arthur He was posted to China in the diplomatic service and asked his friend, Colonel Wharton, to look after his son James. 1440
WARREN, Captain Bernard A younger brother of Sir Arthur, he sent his son, James Warren, to Greyfriars to take the place of Sir Arthur’s son of the same name. 1440
WARREN, James The son of Sir Arthur Warren, he is a bully and a bad-hat. He refused to go to Greyfriars and Bernard Warren took advantage of this by sending his son, James, in his place. 1440
WARREN, James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. The son of Captain Bernard Warren, he came to Greyfriars in his cousin’s place. A popular member of the form and a member of the First XI. Rumours persisted that he was an imposter and when the truth was known he had to leave the school. 1440
WARRINGTON A Lowerdale schoolboy. 55
WASH, Mr. Job The owner of a shop in Packsaddle, Texas. 1575
WATKINS, Mr. Timothy An estate agent at High Hoad. He was responsible for selling Hoad Castle, and his plan was to invent a ghost to scare away prospective buyers. He hoped this would cause the asking price to drop so low that he could buy it himself and make money. 1335
WATSON A chauffeur to Mauly. 1278
WATSON, Mr. James An alias used by Philip Darke when on the run from the police. 1517
WATSON, Mr. A chauffer at Courtfied Garage often used by Vernon-Smith. 1414
WATSON, Mr A chauffeur to Lord Cavandale. 1195
WATSON, Mr. The manager of the Courtfield Bank and the boss of Clifford Stott for a while. He was forced by Ponsonby to sack Clifford for dealing with moneylenders. 788
WAYWARD, Jack A Courtfield School schoolboy in Dick Trumper's gang. 573
WAYWARD, Sam A factory worker at Mr. Hardinge's factory, he is a friend of Jack Blunt. 225
WEASEL A member of Slimy Sugden’s gang. Tried to attack Ferrers Locke when arrested. 1209
WEEDER A Rylcombe schoolboy. 118
WEGG, Mr. One of the postmen from Friardale along with Moggs, Baggs & Wogg. 143
WEIR A member of the Tottenham Hotspur football team that played Crawley United. 312
WELFORD, Mr. An elderly gentleman who was a passenger in a runaway horse-drawn coach. Blundell managed to avert disaster with great damage to his motor bike. Mr Welford compensated Blundell for his loss and saved Blundell from possible financial embarrassment. 317
WELLS, Dr. The guardian of Ted Thornton. 861
WELLS, Mr. The butler at Wharton Lodge. 1140
WELSH One of a group of 12 working lads from Lancashire that visited Greyfriars to challenge the Remove to a series of sporting contests. 696
WEST, Bill A Speedway racer at Lantham Speedway. He borrowed a motor cycle from Boy McClaren. 1220
WEST, Simeon The leader of a gang who robbed the Head's safe after using Samuel Benson to "case the joint". 566
WESTBROOK, Captain An Old Boy of Greyfriars. He arrived too late to play in a match against the First XI but he was able to to expose Dick Chester as an imposter. 844
WESTCOTT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 52
WESTCOTT, Detective Inspector He was assigned to recover the share certificates that Frank Nugent's father was alleged to have forged. 671
WESTON A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 730
WESTON A talented footballer in the LCC Schools football team that played the Remove at Stamford Bridge. 405
WESTON One of a group of 12 working lads from Lancashire that visited Greyfriars to challenge the Remove to a series of sporting contests. 696
WESTON, Mr. A farmer near Greyfriars. 85
WHARTON, Miss Amy The sister of Colonel Wharton and aunt of Harry Wharton. A gentle kind lady, she is always ready to help Harry when he needs it and always welcomes his friends when they visit Wharton Lodge. 1
WHARTON, Harry A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Orphaned early in life he was initially brought up by his aunt Amy. Sent to Greyfriars against his wishes by Colonel Wharton, he initially rebelled against it. Gradually he came to terms with the school life and rose to Form Leader and captain of the Junior Games teams. Headstrong, honest, and proud, he often suffers for his pride and refuses to give way. 1
WHARTON, Colonel James Havelock The uncle of Harry Wharton, he served in the army in India, he is a Governor of Greyfriars (his old school), and lives at Wharton Lodge, near Wimford in Surrey. He can be as headstrong and proud as his nephew and this can sometimes lead to friction between them. 1
WHIFFLES, Mr. Montague Montmorency The owner of a theatre company that was performing at Lantham. The Famous Five got parts in the show so that they could use their earnings to buy comforts for the troops at the front. 409
WHIFFLES, Mr. Montgomery St Leger The owner of Whiffles Circus and very much like Bunter in appearance. Bunter stole his clothes when he was swimming in the Sark and impersonated him in his own circus until the truth was eventually discovered. 1069
WHIRTER, Dr. A doctor in Friardale. He was consulted when Bunter lost his memory following an accident at the school's swimming bath 160
WHISKERINA, Madame The bearded lady in Swinger’s Circus. 1160
WHITE, Mr. Dan The owner of an antiques shop in Friardale. He also rents out a room. 719
WHITEMAN, Mr. An Old Boy of Greyfriars, he visited the school with other Old Boys to play the First XI at cricket. 385
WHOOF, Mrs. A charlady in Rottingdean. She did the housework and some cooking for the Famous Five when they stayed in a bungalow on holiday. 1486
WIBLEY, Miss Catherine An aunt of Wibley. She is very rich and lives in a big house in Latcham. 832
WIBLEY, George Wibley's cousin who is in the army. He visited Greyfriars and helped William to impersonate Bunter's Aunt Sally. 599
WIBLEY, Mr. The father of William Wibley. 1539
WIBLEY, William Ernest A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Shares study no 6 with Desmond & Rake. A gifted actor and impersonator. He spends all of his allowance on greasepaint and props and takes little interest in the rest of the affairs of the Remove. He thinks he is a great footballer and cricketer whereas, in reality, he’s not much better than Bunter. 322
WICKERS, William Percival A schoolboy at Courtfield School. Great friends with Dick Trumper and a member of the Courtfield Junior teams. 340
WICKS A Courtfield School schoolboy. 632
WICKS, Mr. Owner of a toy shop in Friardale. Peter Todd bought a rocking horse there to teach Bunter to ride a horse. 286
WIDGERS, Mr. Bartholomew An Old Boy of Greyfriars. When he was expelled, he vowed revenge on Mr Prout. He returned to the school to carry out his threat but was prevented by the Famous Five. 1237
WIDLAKE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 99
WIGGINS, Mr. Herbert A Greyfriars Form-Master of the Third Form. Not a prominent member of staff, his chief hobby being photography. 1010
WIGGINS, Miss A pastrycook near Greyfriars. She answered the ad that Coker had placed in the Friardale Gazette intended for his cousin Amy. 342
WILCOX, Mr. Bill One of the victims that answered the advert placed in a newspaper by Smithy in Coker's name. Coker was inundated by people wanting to buy potatoes which he never had. 498
WILDING, Roger Entered the Greyfriars sixth-form after being sacked from his previous school. He had promised that he would be school captain in a month, so he worked with Loder to sabotage Greyfriars chances in the sports contest with St Jim's in order to discredit Wingate. He was found out and expelled for the second time. 581
WILDRAKE, Kit A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 738
WILKES A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
WILKES, Mr. A police constable at Blistworth. 691
WILKINS A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Shell. 592
WILKINS, Mr. He has a horse and cart and sometimes delivers things for Mr. Grimes following an auction. He delivered the bed that Bunter had bought to Greyfriars and charged 10/-. 729
WILKINSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 1189
WILKINSON, Charles Edward A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 214
WILKINSON, Edgar Wells A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 214
WILKINSON, Edward A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. The goalkeeper for the Upper Fourth and the most studious member of that Form. 333
WILKINSON, Mr. A butler at Wharton Lodge before Wells arrived. 340
WILKS, Mr. Joe A longshoreman from Pegg and a rough character. Skinner promised to pay him 5/- to attack Redwing’s father. When Skinner failed to pay, Wilks attacked and thrashed him, and then Skinner tried to blame Redwing for the attack. 827
WILLESLEY, Cuthbert The twin brother of Quentin, and completely unlike him in anything but looks. He was expelled from Arundel House school and tried to take Quentin’s place at Greyfriars by keeping Quentin away from the school. They struggled on the towpath of the Sark and both fell into the water where Cuthbert drowned. 803
WILLESLEY, Quentin A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 803
WILLIAM Chauffeur to Mr. Whiffles who got his car stuck in the snow in Friardale and needed the Famous Five to dig it out. In his gratitude Mr. Whiffles gave them jobs in his pantomime at Lantham. 409
WILLIAM A trap driver in Friardale who can be hired to transport persons or goods. 126
WILLIAM One of the footmen at Popper Court. 1480
WILLIAM A waiter at a hotel in Shoremouth where the Remove party had a holiday. 340
WILLIAM The delivery man for Bunbury’s Confectioners of Courtfield. 386
WILLIAM The assistant to Mr Grimes at the Courtfield Auctioneers. 729
WILLIAM A footman at Monson Chalet. 1648
WILLIAM A servant of Sir George Tipton at Tipton Lodge. 1646
WILLIAM, Uncle An uncle of Horace & Reggie Coker. 342
WILLIAMS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 228
WILLIAMS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 370
WILLIAMS, Mr. Bill A platelayer on the LMS Railway. When Jerrold Drew threw documents out of the train window it hit Mr Williams. He kept the documents until Harry Wharton recovered them. 672
WILLIAMS, Mr. Bill The real name of Marco, the Lion tamer in Muccolini’s circus. 1481
WILLIAMS, Bob One of 2 brothers who joined the Greyfriars Remove. They used their power to take control, showing no respect for the masters. Eventually they were shown to be 19 years old and in the pay of Ponsonby & Co. 426
WILLIAMS, Grace A Cliff House schoolgirl. 146
WILLIAMS, Herbert A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 15
WILLIAMS, Herbert The assistant to Mr. Thompson in his ironmonger's shop in Leyford. 1123
WILLIAMS, Jack One of 2 brothers who joined the Greyfriars Remove. They used their power to take control, showing no respect for the masters. Eventually they were shown to be 19 years old and in the pay of Ponsonby & Co. 426
WILLIAMS, Mr. A chauffeur to Mr Henry Banthorpe 232
WILLIAMS, Mr. A chauffeur for Courtfield garage. He was a regular driver for Mauly. 236
WILLIAMS, Mr. A chauffeur to Mr Vernon-Smith. 1523
WILLIAMS, Mr. The Landlord of the Friardale Arms. 357
WILLIAMS, Mr. A chauffeur to Mr. Russell. 818
WILLIAMSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 82
WILLIS, Mr. A fisherman in Pegg. He netted the bottle that contained a message from Mauly who was being held prisoner in a cave. 835
WILMOT, Eric A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A nephew of Mr Hacker, admitted to Greyfriars after he had been unjustly expelled from Topham School. Unliked by the form, he eventually returned to Topham when the truth was established. 1457
WILMOT, Mr. Reginald A victim of con-man Elias J Poindexter, he followed Poindexter to Greyfriars and then Wimford to get his revenge. He set fire to Wimford Mill with Poindexter inside and was arrested. 1207
WILSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
WILSON A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
WILSON, Mr. The stationmaster at Friardale. He stopped Wharton and Co. and searched their carriage when Coker reported a lost pocketbook. 230
WILSON, Mr The postmaster at Wimford. 1195
WILSON, Mr. A keeper at Popper Court. 1378
WILSON, Mr. A farmer in the vicinity of Greyfriars. When his wife got ill, Alonzo tried to help him out, even volunteering to look after the farmer's goat in the vaults under the old chapel. 669
WILSON, Slick A member of the bootlegging gang in Hollywood when the Greyfriars party visited. 1101
WILSON, Mr. Tinker A ruffian and a tramp who brought Tatters up as a tramp. After Tatters had joined Greyfriars he made a couple of attempts to take him back before being arrested. 1195
WILTON, Inspector A police inspector called in when a man robbed Gosling and Mrs Mimble and hid in the crypt. 630
WIMBURY, Colonel He presented Wingate with the County Cup which the First XI won by defeating Luxford. 683
WING, Mr. A shop assistant in Chunkley’s stores in Courtfield. 1054
WINGATE, Captain Bert A cousin of Wingate, in charge of recruit training for the Loamshire regiment. 435
WINGATE, George Bernard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. Head of School and Captain of Games, immensly popular with nearly all the boys and Staff. 1
WINGATE, Jack A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. A younger brother of George, he was unpopular at first due to his relationship with the head of school, but eventually got accepted. Likes a bet and a smoke sometimes. 258
WINGATE, Mr. Wingate's father. 931
WINGATE, Robert Wingate's elder brother who saw active service in the First World War. 417
WOGG, Mr. One of the names by which the postman who delivers to Greyfriars is known. 148
WOLF, Lieutenant Ludwig An escaped Prisoner Of War who was recaptured by the Famous Five. 461
WOO FING A chinaman in the Friardale area. When Wharton stopped him from attacking the niece of Uncle Clegg, the chinaman vowed revenge and then tried to frame Wharton for theft. 694
WOOD Captain of the Harley College football team that played the Remove. 353
WOOD, Dr. A doctor in Leyford. He treated Sir Richard Ravenspur for a gun shot wound. 1122
WOOKER, Mr. Herbert Arthur The owner of Wooker’s Jewellery Stores in Tottenham Court Road. He was visiting Courtfield on buisness and spent some time looking for an escaped prisoner of war. The Famous Five japed Coker into believing that Mr. Wooker was the prisoner. 372
WOOSE, Mr. Employed at Greyfriars as Art Master and Librarian, he left to take up employment in the War Ministry. 1392
WOOSTER, Mr. A tailor in Ashwood who made some suits for Bunter when he was staying with Lord Cavandale. 1191
WOOSTER, Mr. The casting director of Magic Films, Hollywood who cast Bunter as a comic waiter. 1099
WOOTON, Harry A Rylcombe schoolboy. 118
WOOTON, Jack A Rylcombe schoolboy. 118
WORTH, Major The governor of Stoneville Prison when Vernon-Smith was sentenced to Borstal. 933
WRIGGLES The contortionist at Muccolini’s Circus. 1483
WRIGHT, Dr. A surgeon at the Courtfield Nursing Home. He was preparing to operate on Bunter for appendicitis until an X-Ray proved that it was only severe indigestion. 838
WU, Mr. An agent of Tang Wang. He tracked the Greyfriars party through France on their way to China. At Marseilles he tried to shoot Wun Lung, but was foiled by Ferrers Locke. 1178
WUN CHUNG LUNG The father of Wun Lung and Hop Hi. 1175
WUN HOP HI A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. The younger brother of Wun Lung. 117
WUN KO The grandfather of Wun Lung and Hop Hi and the head of the family. 1176
WUN LUNG A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A chinese boy who shares study no 13 with Cherry, Hurree Singh and Linley. Likes to play tricks, he is a crafty boy who doesn’t mind lying if it suits his purpose. He was bullied during his early days at the school and looked to Bob Cherry to protect him. 36
WUN SAN The sister of Wun Lung. 1176
WYATT, Dr. The headmaster of St Jude’s School. 1269
WYATT, Mr. Jimmy Landlord of the Blackbird Inn near Greyfriars. Situated by the river, it is discribed as a respectable hostelry. It has a school for training boxers. Archie Drake stayed there whilst Jack Verney took his place at Greyfriars. 394
WYLIE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 271
WYLIE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 312
WYNN, Edgar Llewellyn A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. Known as “Fatty Wynn” for obvious reasons, he is a first class goalkeeper and bowler. 39
WYNNE, Patrick A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form and a prefect. 656