VAHADURMAND, Jam Inky's Uncle. 966
VALDEZ, Signor Chico A mexican who Mauly helped by paying his fare after he was discovered illegally riding on a train. Later when the Greyfriars party were in Hollywood he warned them of an impending attack on Coker. 1098
VALENCE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 817
VALENCE, Mr. Archie A cousin of Mr Lascelles. A professional gambler and a boxing promoter. He announced a fight between his cousin and The Game Chicken without first telling Lascelles directly (Bunter took his telephone call). Later he kidnapped the maths master to force him to agree to the fight. 1321
VALENCE, Mr. An escaped lunatic from Grimwood Asylum who kidnapped Mr. Lothrop, the temporary headmaster of Greyfriars, and arrived at the school in his place. 82
VALENCE, Rupert Wingfield A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. He was one of the bad-hats, even taking to crime to settle his debts. He was in the Cross Keys when it was struck by a German bomb during a Zeppelin attack. Courtney saved him from injury at the cost of his own life. Unable to stay at the school, he left before he was expelled. 186
VALENCE, Miss Violet A sister of Rupert and a very close friend of Courtney. She never recovered from his death and died shortly afterwards. 186
VALENTINE, James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A master forger in Nosey Parker’s gang, he joined the school to try to break with his previous life and survived several attempts by the gang to get him to return to his life of crime. His uncle, believed dead, arrived at the school and Jim left to start a new life with him in Brazil. Later he invited the Famous Five to join him on a holiday in South America. 1297
VALENTINE, Mr. Peter The uncle of Jim Valentine, he owns a coffee plantation in Brazil. 1307
VAN DINK, Mr. A Dutch freebooter who worked in the South Seas Islands. When Mauly and his Greyfriars party journeyed to the South Seas, Van Dink recognised the Earl and set about several attempts to kill him so that Mauly’s cousin would succeed to the title and Van Dink would profit by it. He never managed it and was killed by a shark after he fell into the water. 1589
VAN DUCK, Mr. A film director at Perfection Pictures in Hollywood, and was in charge of the film that starred the Greyfriars school party. 1099
VAN DUCK, Putnam A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Son of an American millionaire, he came to Greyfriars to escape Poker Pike who had been engaged as a bodyguard to prevent Van Duck from being kidnapped. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Van Duck, his father sent Pike to Greyfriars to protect his son. Pike was able to stop several attempts until the kidnappers were eventually captured and Van Duck was able to return to the USA. 1468
VAN DUCK, Mr. Vanderdecken A Chicago millionaire and father of Putnum Van Duck. 1468
VALENTINE, James James Valentine Greyfriars Schoolboy (Remove) 1297
VAN SCHUYLER, Mr. Ralph A con-man who met the Greyfriars party en route to Chicago. He took Mauly and Smithy on a trip around Chicago where they were held up and robbed. Later he took Smithy to a speakeasy where he was lucky to escape when the place was raided. 1095
VAN TROMP, Otto A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. A bully and a coward who struck Dr Locke which forced the Dr to leave Greyfriars for a time. His uncle Mr Brander was appointed a temporary headmaster until Dr Locke was able to return. Van Tromp was appointed head boy and bullied everyone. 1169
VANDER, Jake Q An American schoolboy who visited the school at the invitation of the temporary head Hiram T. Parks to play the Remove at baseball. 901
VANDERPECK, Mr. Jan A sailor who was rescued by the Greyfriars party returning from China when discovered drifting in a dinghy. Later it was established that he had stolen his Captain’s money and pitched him overboard. 1186
VANE, Cyril Bob Cherry's cousin. He arrived at Greyfriars a real rotter with a strong dislike of Cherry. His father's serious illness caused him to change his way of life. 191
VANE, Mr. George The father of Cyril Vane and the uncle of Bob Cherry. His son’s behaviour when he joined Greyfriars made his father very ill. 191
VANE, Mr. Herbert The brother of Paul Vane, he lives in Friardale at a house called Barvale. 717
VANE, Mr. Paul An inventor who lives in a house called Barvale in Friardale with his brother Herbert. 717
VASCO, Senhor Joao Engaged by Mr Vernon-Smith to translate some papers written in Portuguese concerning a business that the millionaire was thinking of buying. On his way to the meeting, Vasco was attacked by Nessuno who tied him up and took his place to study the papers in which he was also interested. Luckilly Vasco was discovered by Smithy and the Famous Five. 1525
VAVASOUR A Highcliffe Old Boy who played for Highcliffe against the Remove. 138
VAVASOUR, Aldophus Theodore A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form, and a staunch supporter of Ponsonby. 109
VERNEY A schoolboy at Abbeyside school, probably a senior. 451
VERNEY, Jack A boy in search of a challenge. He took the place of Archie Drake at Greyfriars for a short spell. 527
VERNON, Bertie A distant poor relative of Vernon-Smith who he hated. He was Smithy’s double and agreed to join Greyfriars to please his father. Later his father imprisoned Smithy and Bertie was persuaded to take the Bounder’s identity. When he discovered that Tom Redwing had also been taken prisoner he decided he couldn’t continue and he and his father fled the country. 1631
VERNON, Captain The uncle of Bertie Vernon and a poor relation of Vernon-Smith. Bertie was a double of the Bounder and the Captain had the idea that Bertie should join Greyfriars as Vernon-Smith while the Bounder was held prisoner at Lantham Chase. 1632
VERNON, Mr. Jack An alias used by Herbert Russell when he posed as an Old Boy re-visiting the school. He was, in fact, "casing the joint" prior to attempting to plunder the school. 716
VERNON-SMITH, Herbert Tudor A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study no 4 with his best friend Tom Redwing. Started his Greyfriars career off by arriving at the school drunk and his wild ways quickly earnt him his nickname of “The Bounder”. When under the good influence of his chum he can be one of the best men in the Remove, but it isn’t long before his wild reckless side will take over. He will chum with Ponsonby & Co nearly as easily as he chums with Wharton & Co. 119
VERNON-SMITH, Mr. Samuel Samuel The father of the Bounder. He is a wealthy stockbroker who made his early money in shady moneylending deals. He gives his son as much money as he wants and stands by him when needed. He has business interests in many parts of the world and his son is his choice to take over his empire when he is old enough. 124
VERNON-TRACEY, Mr. Arthur Arthur A cousin of Vernon-Smith. He was trying to impress Miss Bell at the pantomime at Lantham and ended up fighting with Wingate. 200
VERNON-TRACY, Richard A cousin of Smithy, and a schoolboy at Hexham, Northumberland. When he visited Greyfriars, Smithy persuaded Wharton to let him play for the Remove team. It was, however, Wibley impersonating Vernon-Tracey that played in the match and played badly. 1308
VESEY A member of the Wapford Cricket Club. 274
VEVY, Monsieur Pierre An identity assumed by Loder when he wanted to enter Greyfriars disguised as a temporary French Master. 892
VILLEFORT A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
VILLEMOND, Mr. Rupert A Greyfriars Old Boy who escaped from Courtfield police station. He was planning to use his resemblance to Mr. Quelch, to help him escape. 936
VILLEMONDE, Sir Humphrey The owner of “The Haunted Manor” at Black Point near Greyfriars during the Civil Wars. His ghost is said to haunt the remains, and Bunter used his ventriloquism to scare off a kidnapper by causing the ghost to “speak”. 1053
VINCENT, Mr. An alias used by Five-Hundred-Dollar Smith when he posed as a friend of Mr. Sylvester in the plot to kidnap Bertie Sylvester from Greyfriars. 345
VINEY, Mr. A solicitor employed by Sir Reginald Brooke when Sir Jimmy Vivian was inheriting his property at Pengarth. He visited Greyfriars in order to see Sir Jimmy so that he could kidnap him later. Unfortunately he mistook Bunter for Sir Jimmy. 809
VINO, Senhor Joaz The foreman on the Boa Vista estate in Kenya. He tried to pose as the owner in order to sell the estate to Mr Vernon-Smith. 1230
VIVIAN, Sir Francis An uncle of Jimmy Vivian and a scientist. He sent Vivian some powders to be kept until he arrived from South America. Wharton gave one of the powders to Mauly by mistake. 718
VIVIAN, Sir James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A cousin of Mauly with whom he shares study no 12. Rescued from an early life in the slums of Carker’s Rents in London, he still finds it difficult to lose his accent and manners. 471
VON KROOK, Herr The commander of a German zeppelin that was forced to land on the top of the Black Pike for repairs. Some juniors discovered the zeppelin but Von Krook abducted them in the zeppelin to prevent them from telling the authorities about the ideal landing place on top of the Pike. 373
VON LIMBURG, Franz The name assumed by Franz Klein, a German schoolboy who briefly joined the Remove during the First World War. He was of a noble family and a snob of the highest order. Skinner discovered that he had been a waiter in a hotel at Brighton, and he left under a cloud. 356
VON RATTENSTEIN, Prince Rupprecht A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. The son of a naturalised Briton, he despised the British way of life and tried to make trouble between the members of the Remove. Exposed by Bunter in a plot to disgrace Harry Wharton, he was expelled. 422
VOYSEY, The Reverend Patrick Rhodes The headmaster of Highcliffe School. A figurehead who is not really up to the running of a public school. 255