TABITHA, Aunt The aunt of Alonzo & Peter Todd. 1439
TADD, Mr. William The bus driver who was part of the gang that kidnapped the Greyfriars schoolboys and made them dig for the smuggler's treasure. 236
TADGER One of a couple of tramps, the other being Duffy, who stole the caravan named Saucy Susan from the juniors. 73
TADGER A friend of Bolsover Minor from the London slum where he grew up. 219
TADGER A tramp hired by Loder to keep some members of the First XI from playing in a match at Lantham. 435
TADGER A member of Slimy Sugden’s gang that tried to persuade Dick Lancaster to leave Greyfriars. He tried to shoot Ferrers Locke, but Lancaster intervened and got hurt. 1217
TADGER, Mr. Montgomery An actor who played the leading role in Mr Whiffles’ pantomime at Lantham. 409
TADPOLE A nickname given to a Rylcombe Grammar School schoolboy who is friendly with Gordon Gay. 215
TADPOLE A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 918
TAGGLES, Dame The owner of the tuckshop at St. Jim’s. 592
TAGGLES, Mr. The school porter at St Jim’s. 297
TALBOT, Alan The brother of Arthur Talbot. He had already been commited to a mental asylum with the same mental illness that was to affect his brother. 202
TALBOT, Arthur Unaware of an inherited mental problem, he enters a stressful exam against his father's wishes. 202
TALBOT, Jack The Boy King of the Tigers at Tomsonio's circus. 93
TALBOT, Reginald A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 374
TALBOT, Mr. The father of Arthur Talbot. 202
TALBOYS A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. He helped Smithy in his attempts to get the Famous Five expelled. 247
TALUPA A kanaka cook on the Aloha in the South Seas. 1023
TAMINABO A cannibal chief of an island at which the Greyfriars party stopped to buy fruit. He wanted to trade for Bunter. 1021
TANG LAO The son of Tang Wang. He was in an aeroplane that attacked the Silver Star carrying the Greyfriars party to China. He was killed when the plane crashed in a storm. 1179
TANG SING The son of Tang Lao and grandson of Tang Wang. 1183
TANG WANG A powerful Chinese Mandarin. He demanded money from all the wealthy merchants to fund his bid to become Emperor of China. Wun Lung’s father, Wun Chung Lung refused, and the Mandarin tried to take his revenge by having Wun Lung killed. He was eventually murdered by his own secretary who had been sentenced to death. 1175
TARRANT, Mr. An insurance agent who called to see Mr. Biggs to settle a claim. 260
TATE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form, he was selected for the First XI when Coker was captain. 263
TATTON, Rowland A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 117
TAWNO A gipsy who drove the caravan belonging to Telengro to Greyfriars to give to Nadesha. 73
TAYLOR A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 206
TAYLOR A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 173
TAYLOR, Inspector A policeman from Courtfield. He was called in by Mr. Lazarus to prevent the Gander from stealing the school plate. 204
TED An ex-boxer who worked for Archie Valence, and member of the gang that kidnapped Mr Lascelles. 1322
TED One of Slimy Sugden’s gang. He pretended to be a taxi driver in order to kidnap Wharton. 1157
TED A lounger in the Red Cow. 46
TED, Uncle An uncle of the Bunters. He was going on a trip to Africa and Skinner got Bunter to believe that he would be taking the fat owl with him. 1091
TEDDY The postman based at Cliff Edge who delivers letters to Hawkscliff. 533
TEGGERS, Mr. Lucius A partner in the firm Leggett & Teggers that supplied temporary masters to Greyfriars. He used his position to obtain a temporary post as Remove Form Master. He was a cousin of Vernon-Smith and tried to get him expelled from the school so that he would take Smithy’s place in his father’s will. 1362
TELENGRO The owner of a caravan that was given to Nadesha. 73
TEMPLE, Cecil Reginald A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. Captain of his form, he shares a study with Dabney and Fry. A dandy who spends a lot of money on clothes and is full of his own importance. He thinks he is superior at games and believes he should be the captain of the junior teams. 9
TEMPLE, Mr. Edward A “poor cousin” of Cecil Reginald, Teddy who runs a motor company in Lantham. Temple made use of him to lure the Remove XI cricket team away from Greyfriars so that the Upper Fourth could bag the match against St. Jim’s. 338
TEMPLE, Sir Reginald The father of Cecil Reginald and a Governor of Greyfriars. A very rich man who makes sure that he son has a plentiful supply of money. 978
TENNIEL, Teddie A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. He is a quick-draw artist and earnt the money for his school fees by performing in theatres all over the UK. 653
TEWSON, Sir Wilfred An eminent Harley Street Specialist. Dr Locke called him to Greyfriars to investigate strange cases of pupils falling unconcious. 697
THOMAS A footman at Wharton Lodge. 152
THOMAS A footman at Portercliffe Hall. 1437
THOMAS A pageboy at Wharton Lodge. At one time he was suspected of small thefts at Wharton Lodge until Bunter was unmasked as the culprit. 1349
THOMAS A footman at Mr. Skelton’s Park Lane mansion. 1037
THOMAS A coachman to Mr. Welford. When he dismounted from the coach, the horse got scared and bolted, but Blundell was able to avert a disaster. 317
THOMAS A footman at Combermere Lodge. 912
THOMAS A servant of Sir George Tipton at Tipton Lodge. 1646
THOMPSON A Greyfriars schoolboy, possibly in the Remove. 164
THOMPSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 262
THOMPSON A member of the Wapford Cricket Club. 274
THOMPSON A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 340
THOMPSON A St. Wode’s schoolboy and junior skipper. 369
THOMPSON, Mr. Albert A farm worker in Little Puddleton. 1333
THOMPSON, Mr. Frank A farm worker in Little Puddleton. 1333
THOMPSON, Mr. George A worker in the blacksmith's at Little Puddleton. 1333
THOMPSON, Mr. A sports outfitter in Friardale. 130
THOMPSON, Mr. An ironmonger in Leyford. 1123
THOMPSON, Mr. Ratty A bookmaker based at the Bird in Hand pub. He was used by Gilmore in his plot against Mark Linley. 226
THOMPSON, Mr. Tom A carter in Little Puddleton. 1333
THOMPSON, Mr. Tommy A circus performer in Mr Whiffles circus. 1069
THOMPSON, Mr. A sailor on the Spindrift who joined the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
THOMPSON, Mr. Chauffeur to Sir Reginald Brooke. 287
THOMPSON, Mr. A chauffeur at Live Oaks, a cottage owned by Mauly’s cousin, Mr Mackenzie. 326
THOMSON, Mr. A shop assistant in the Nairobi Stores in Nairobi Kenya. 1231
THORNTON, Ted A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A first class cricketer, who became very popular. When stolen goods were found on him, he was condemned as a thief, but really he was only trying to protect his half-brother who was a kleptomaniac. 861
THORPE, Mr. John A former Greyfriars Form Master of the Remove. Whilst at Greyfriars he had hidden a copy of his will. Following his death Mr Bright and Mr Levison were keen to find the will and sent their sons to Greyfriars to search for it. The will was eventually found in the vaults. 1028
THRESHER, Cecil A nephew of Major Thresher. Whilst at Greyfriars as a Day-Boarder, he fell in with the wrong crowd. After one of the crowd was caught trying to burgle Major Thresher’s house, he decided to mend his ways. 801
THRESHER, Miss Connie A niece of Major Thresher and a sister of Cyril, she is an attractive girl who is concerned about her brother keeping bad friends. She is also friendly with Marjorie Hazeldene and the girls of Cliff House. 801
THRESHER, Major Thorndyke He owns a house next door to Greyfriars. 588
TIGG, Mr. Henry A tramp who appeared at the junior's picnic on the banks of the Sark when only Bunter was present. He forced Bunter to feed him and then, of course, when the others arrived they thought that Billy had eaten all the food. 63
TIGHE, Mr. A moneylender and blackmailer. 1133
TIN BONG A monk in a chinese temple. Wharton, Cherry, and Bunter hid in the temple after escaping from Tang Wang. After telling Tang Wang’s men where they were hiding, part of the temple collapsed and killed him. 1184
TINKER The assistant to the famous detective Sexton Blake. 818
TIPER, Mr. The editor of the Friardale Gazette. He accepted an advert from Bunter. The Removites then replied to the ad, not knowing they were sending money to Bunter. 142
TIPPETY TIP A clown in Muccolini’s Circus. He ran a side show ventriloquism act with 2 dolls. When Bunter’s talent for ventriloquism was discovered he was given the sideshow instead of Tippety. 1481
TIPTON, Sir George An uncle of Stephen Price who lives at Tipton Lodge, on the Thames. The famous Five prevented a robbery at his house when sheltering from the rain. 1646
TIRIDDU An Italian bandit who kidnapped Bunter after his plane was forced to land in Italy. 1387
TO SUN A gardener of Tang Wang at his house at Pan Shan. Ferrers Locke took his place so that he could help free the Greyfriars captives. 1185
TOBY A pageboy at Greyfriars. When Smithy and Redwing were captured during the High Oaks rebellion, Toby brought them a meal in the punishment room (obviously Trotter’s day off) 1046
TOBY The pageboy at St Jim's school. 738
TODD, Alozo Theophilus A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study no 7 with his cousin Peter, Bunter, and Tom Dutton. An honest simple person, his ambition is to help everyone. Very easily tricked by Skinner or other bad hats to “help” others when he is doing just the opposite. 125
TODD, Mr. Benjamin An uncle of Peter and Alonzo. A kindly old man who is Alonzo’s guardian and has taught him all he knows. Alonzo never tires of speaking about him much to the anguish of other Removites. 125
TODD, Ernest A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. No relation of Peter and Alonzo, he is a bit of a practical joker. 100
TODD, Peter Hastings A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. The self-appointed leader of study no 7 which he shares with his cousin Alozo, Bunter and Tom Dutton. The son of a Bloomsbury solicitor, he has great ambitions to follow in his father’s footsteps and spends a fair part of his spare time studying law, often using his knowledge to settle disputes in the Remove. He keeps a cricket stump handy to keep his study mates up to the mark. 204
TODDLES A baby whose mother (Mrs. Corder) was having money problems. Harry Wharton "adopted" him and brought him to Greyfriars. Eventually Toddles and his mother were able to travel to Australia to be re-united with his father. 67
TODGEY, Mr. The owner of a brake that Coker & the Fifth Formers hired to take them over to Highcliffe. 213
TOFOLOKO A cannibal chief of the Mateli tribe in the Congo. He bought the Greyfriars party from Kranz to be used as slaves, apart from Bunter who was destined for the cooking-pot. 1234
TOM A lounger in the bar at the Cross Keys who joined in the struggle to evict Bolsover when he came there to thrash Snaith. 418
TOM A shop assistant at Warder & Whichely's Athletic Shop in Courtfield where The Famous Five bought cricket bats. 702
TOMKINS A Redclyffe schoolboy and member of their junior cricket team. 445
TOMLIN A boatman who hires out boats on the River Sark from his yard near Courtfield Bridge. 1586
TOMLIN, Mr. A clerk to Elias Rance at his estate agent’s office. 1628
TOMLIN, Mr. A second-hand furniture dealer in Courtfield. He sold a bust of Caeser to Fish and then discovered he had left his shop takings inside it. 898
TOMLINSON A village youth at Wharton Magnus and member of the village cricket team. 340
TOMLINSON, Dr. A consultant from Courtfield who was called in to examine Sir William Cherry following an attempt on his life by poisoning. 1108
TOMLINSON, Edward Edwin Edward Edwin A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth form. He shares a stdy with Scott and is the younger brother of Thomas. 949
TOMLINSON, Mr. A chauffeur to Mr Vernon-Smith. 1522
TOMLINSON, Mr. A private detective who was hired by Sir Peter Lanchester to catch those responsible for the attempts to kidnap Lord Reynham. 1557
TOMLINSON, Thomas Trotter A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth form. 374
TOMLYN, Mr. Tobias The Mayor of Courtfield. He posted a notice offering a reward for the capture of a "monster" that was scaring people in the district. 678
TOMMY A billiards marker at the Three Fishers. 1264
TOMONGO An evil cannibal ju-ju man, or witch-doctor in Koo-Koo’s tribe. It was his job to fatten Bunter and prepare him for the cooking pot. 1595
TOMPKINS, Mr. A coastguard based at Pegg. He was shot by Pedro Montana as he made his escape from Black Rock Island. 1077
TOMPSONIO, Signor Signor The owner of a travelling circus that visited Friardale 894
TOMSONIO, Signor The owner of a travelling circus that visited Friardale. 93
TOMSONIO, Tomasso The stage name of Tommy Thompson, the trapeze artist im Mr Whiffle’s circus. 1069
TONI A member of the Rafia, a secret society. 1108
TONY, Tiny The clown at Chumgum’s Celebrated Circus. 378
TOODLE, Mr. A Greyfriars Form Master of the Second form who succeeded Mr Kelly. 183
TOODLES An old boxer who was a friend of Larry Lascelles. 331
TOODLES, Mr. A "horsey looking gentleman". In order to prevent Coker from catching a train at Courtfield Junction, Bunter used his ventriloquism to start a fight between Coker & Mr Toodles. 769
TOPHAM, Mr. A master at Redclyffe School who gave Wingate a tip about his minor being at the Cross Keys. 925
TOPHAM, Mr. Jabez A friend of Mr Vernon-Smith, he lives at Topham Croft, about 4 miles from Greyfriars. One of the houses that the Courtfield Cracksman robbed. Fortunately, the plunder was recovered by Vernon-Smith. 1148
TOPHAM, Sir Timothy A local landowner and govenor of Greyfriars, who donated a cup to be contested during the Greyfriars Sports Week. 674
TOPMAN, Mr. Ben The servant of Captain Cunliffe at his home at Black Rock, Devon. 115
TOPP, Mr. A Mathematics master at Greyfriars prior to the arrival of Larry Lascelles. 263
TOTO A kanaka deck hand on the Mindanao in the South Pacific. 1590
TOTOTOTO One of the canibals that captured Bunter and the Greyfriars party but he later helped them to escape. 1595
TOTUA The ship’s cook on the Flamingo. 1593
TOWERS, Lieutenant A retired county cricketer and Old Boy of Greyfriars, he visited the school with other Old Boys to play the First XI at cricket. 385
TOWLE, John Frederick A Rookwood Schoolboy in the Modern side of the Fourth Form. 382
TOWLER A Friardale County School schoolboy and also the skipper of their junior football team. 792
TOWLER, Richard The skipper of the Pegg Boys Football team. 835
TOWNSEND, Mr. An Old Boy of Greyfriars, he visited the school with other Old Boys to play the First XI at cricket. 385
TOZER, Mr. Horatio A policeman in Friardale. A plump officer of the law who often deals with local complaints. 130
TOZER, Mrs The wife of PC Tozer. 687
TRACEY, Bernard B. An obnoxious American new boy in the Remove. He had a hold over Smithy with a secret concerning his father and he tried to use it to force Smithy to help him become form captain. 484
TRACEY, Mr. John The father of Bernard P. Tracey and former secretary to Mr. Vernon-Smith. He had been dismissed from the post for dishonesty. 484
TRACEY, Mr. A comedian in the pantomime company that was hired to perform at the school. He was detained by Coker & Co. in order to mess up the performance, but he got his chance to appear when the pantomime was performed again the following night. 256
TRACY, Captain The father of Gilbert Tracy. His recovery from illness helped Gilbert to reform his character. 1606
TRACY, Gilbert A nephew of Sir Giles Oakwood who was sent to Greyfriars to get some discipline. He tried his hardest to get expelled, but Mr Quelch resisted the temptation. Eventually his father recovered from a long illness and Gilbert left the school to go abroad with him. 1599
TRADDLES, Mr. He arranged to send his son, Tony, to Greyfriars but then changed his mind and arranged for him to be privately tutored. 626
TRADDLES, Tony A cousin of the Caterpillar, he joined Greyfriars as a weedy, youth who then proceeded to carry out a big jape on the Remove. 626
TRAILL, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A delicate boy, not able to stand the rigours of public school life, he was prone to sleep-walking. 1317
TRANT, Earl Of Bunter saved the Earl from a footpad and, as a reward, was invied to form a party to visit his London house at the time of the Coronation. 1526
TRAVERS A member of the LCC boys football team that played the Remove at Stamford Bridge in aid of charity. 993
TRAVERS, Miss Clara A Cliff House schoolgirl. 59
TRAVERS, James A cousin of Bob Cherry. Down on his luck and sacked for a crime he did not commit, he visited Courtfield and enlisted Bob's help while he got his life back in order. 633
TRAVERS, Private Jimmy The captain of the Bantams Regiment Football team that the Remove played when on tour of southern England. 405
TREGELLIS, Mr. The landlord of the Rose Inn at Polpen which Sir Jimmy Vivian and his party visited on their way to Pengarth. 811
TREGELLY, Mr. Tom A fisherman who rowed Bunter and the Famous Five to Blackrock Island. 1626
TRELAWNEY, Sir Charles A person in charge of organising parties to visit the battlefields of Flanders just after the end of the First World War. 601
TRELUCE, Anthony A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study no 9 with Penfold, Newland and Trevor. He does not participate much in Remove life. 100
TREMAINE A Greyfriars schoolboy and prefect in the 6th Form. 656
TREMAINE, Reverend John The curate at Friardale and also the founder of the Friardale Boy’s Club. 792
TRENT A sailor on the Sally Ann. 802
TRENT, Mr. Imprisoned for his part in a robbery at Popper Court, he falsely incriminated Daniel Ashley as his boss. When Daniel escaped from prison, Trent tried to recover some stolen property but fell over a cliff and later died. 686
TREVELLY, Inspector A police inspector in charge of the search for Convict 33 who escaped from Blackmoor Prison at the time the Famous Five were staying at nearby Hilton Hall. 1402
TREVLYN, Mr. Clara's father who was rescued by Wally Bunter when he got trapped on a ledge on a cliff. 575
TREVLYN, Miss Clara A Cliff House schoolgirl and best friend of Marjorie Hazeldene. The tomboy of Cliff House, her actions often cause Marjorie to say “Oh, Clara”. 69
TREVOR, Herbert Beauchamp A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Shares study no 9 with Penfold, Newland and his great friend Treluce. 2
TRIMBLE A temporary Page at Greyfriars whilst Trotter was on holiday. He knew Leigh before he came to Greyfriars. 188
TRIMBLE, Bagley A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form, known as Baggy. 738
TRIPPER, Mr. A dancing master from Friardale. He was engaged by Miss Primrose to arrange the dance held at Cliff House school to celebrate it's opening. 59
TROOPER, Mr. The butler at Live Oaks, a cottage owned by Mauly’s cousin, Mr Mackenzie. 326
TROTMAN, Mr. Timothy Owner of a livery stable in Friardale where Bob Cherry hired a hansom cab in order to kidnap Clara Trevelyn when she arrived at Friardale station. 902
TROTTER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 212
TROTTER, Mr. Ebenezer An uncle of the pageboy, Trotter. He left Trotter £100 in his will but the pageboy couldn’t touch the money until his 21st birthday. 1010
TROTTER, Frederick A pageboy and general servant at Greyfriars. 119
TRUMPER, Mr. David A fisherman from Pegg and father of Dick Trumper. The Greyfriars boys often hire out boats from him. 95
TRUMPER, Mrs. The wife of Dave Trumper and mother of Dick Trumper. 350
TRUMPER, Richard Arthur The leader of the Courtfield Grammar School Juniors and captain of their sporting sides. A good friend of Harry Wharton & The Famous Five. 56
TRUMPER, Mr. Silas A fisherman from Pegg from whom Wharton & Co used to borrow a boat sometimes. 212
TRUMPINGTON, Dr. A former headmaster of Greyfriars in the early 19th century. When Mr Quelch was updating his History Of Greyfriars with reference to Dr Trumpington, Skinner used part of his notes to start the High Oaks Rebellion. 1043
TUBB, George A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. The leader of the Third Form, he has the misforune to be Loder’s fag. 172
TUCKER An old boy of Rookwood School and a good footballer. He was sprung on the Remove as a surprise player in a match. 357
TUCKER, Mr. A woodcutter who has a hut in Friardale Wood. 792
TUCKER, Mr. A tobacconist and confectioner in Friardale. His shop is out of bounds to Greyfriars schoolboys but Loder still manages to buy his smokes there. He also seems to stock cricket supplies as Wharton called there on behalf of the Cricket Club. 129
TUCQUET, Monsieur Alphonse A member of the French party with whom The Famous Five shared a camp site in France. 709
TUDOR, Miss Mirabel An actress who played the part of the Prince at the Theatre Royal, Courtfield. 200
TUFF, Miss Enphemia The owner of the milliner’s shop in Friardale. She was one of the ladies who answered Skinner’s advertisement for a wife for Mr. Quelch. 407
TULKE, Miss A Cliff House school mistress. 61
TUNSTALL A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth form. 10
TUNSTALL, Frederick Guest A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth form. A fringe member of Ponsonby’s set. 138
TUPPER A Greyfriars pageboy, probably a mistake for Trotter. 1394
TUPPER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. He took a hand in the campaign against Wingate Minor who was branded a sneak. 269
TUPPER, Mr. A greengrocer in Friardale. He sold 21 pounds of seed potatoes to Fish when the Remove were digging for victory. 482
TURNBULL, Mr. A temporary Remove Form Master at Greyfriars, before the days of Harry Wharton & Co. who was dismissed for brutality. 844
TURNER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 25
TURNER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 49
TURNER, Maurice A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 105
TURPLE, Mr. Attacked on a train, he threw £500 out of the window. Buter found the money and tried to pass it off as a tip from home until Todd noticed the number of one of the notes and realised where it had come from. 1014
TURVEY, Mr. The captain of Tyneside Rovers football team that played a match against Lantham. 919
TUTT, Mr. A fishmonger in Courtfield. 657
TUTTON, Mr. Tim A boxer in Chilford. When Larry Lynx (Larry Lascelles) beat him, his career was finished and he tried to visit Greyfriars to take his revenge. 324
TWIDDLES, Mr. A tailor from Friardale. He was asked to "let out" some of Wharton's evening clothes so that Bunter could wear them to Cliff House. 140
TWIGG, Mr. Bernard Morrison A Greyfriars Form-Master of the Second form. 318
TWIGG, Mr. Eusebius A Grefriars Form-Master of the Third form and brother of Bernard. 201
TWIGG, Mr. The chemist in Friardale. 816
TWIST, Mr. A Shop assistant at Walker's drapery department store at Courtfield 159
TWIST, Mr. When Fish ordered goods from Brown, Jones & Robinson and then could not pay the bill, the firm sent Mr. Twist to Greyfriars to collect the money. 320
TYRRELL, Paul A bad-hat and a cousin of Bob Cherry. He has got into several bad scrapes and has resorted to forgery at one point. 266