SACHS An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 40
SAL, Old An old woman who lived in Slummock’s Alley. She looked after Skip for a while when he was younger. 1554
SALOMAN, Mr. A temporary replacement master for Mr Quelch. He was kidnapped en route to Greyfriars by Chick Crew who took his place at the school in order to kidnap Putnum van Duck. 1478
SAM A potman at the Cross Keys pub. 923
SAM An office boy at the Friardale Gazette. He was sent to Greyfriars to collect money due from Bunter for placing an advert in the paper. 142
SAM Assisted by his friend Purkiss he tied up Levison to stop him from playing in a cricket match against Highcliffe. 799
SAMPSON, Commander The Commander of HM Vincent, the ship that rescued the Greyfriars scouts from the Black Rock Lifebuoy. 980
SAMPSONIO The strong man at Tompsonio's circus. 894
SAMSON The strongman in Whiffles Circus. 1069
SAMSON The strong man at Tomsonio's circus. 93
SAMSON, Mr. Harry A film actor with Mr. Jamfrey’s film company. 690
SANDEMAN, Mr. A grocer in Friardale. 48
SANDERS, Mr. The tutor to Aubrey Angel who was supposed to accompany him to Greyfriars. Angel managed to "lose" him when he changed trains so that he could visit the Cross Keys before arriving at the school. 546
SANDERS, Mr. Dandy The leader of a gang of crooks. One of his gang hid the proceeds of a bank robbery in Harry Wharton’s study when pursued by the police, and Dandy had the trouble to try to recover it. 1271
SANDERS, Mr. Soapy A bookmaker and ruffian who operates from the Three Fishers pub. 1413
SANDERS, Two-Gun A gunslinger from Texas. He travelled to Greyfriars to persuade Smithy not to travel to the Kicking Cayuse ranch in Texas. After several abortive attempts at stopping the Greyfriars party he was captured. 1573
SANDERSON, Mr. The owner of a sea-going boat which was used to land smuggled goods from the Firefly. 1506
SANDS The grocer’s boy in Friardale who joined with other local youths to capture the Deadshot Gang. 632
SANDS, Mr. A grocer in Friardale. 159
SANDY, Mr. The owner of a theatrical consumier’s in Courtfield, where Wibley buys a lot of his stuff. 1153
SANDY The strong man in Swinger’s Circus. 1160
SANKEY, General A friend of Colonel Wharton. He leives near Wharton Lodge at Sankey Hall. His house was one of those robbed by the Courtfield Cracksman. 1140
SANTLEY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He played in a cricket match which decided the captaincy of the Remove. 6
SAOUD, Lieutenant Bou Son of Mustapha Ben Mohammed. He tried to kill Ali at Greyfriars and then kidnapped him and took him back to Africa. He met his death in a battle with the Famous Five after they had reached the Sahara. 863
SAPOLIO The serpent charmer at Chumgum’s Celebrated Circus. 378
SARAH A housemaid at Bunter Villa. 1352
SARK, Mr. James A customer at an all-night coffee stall on the embankment in London. His watch was stolen and Smithy was arrested and charged with the theft. It was eventually found that another customer was the guilty party. 933
SARLE, Mr. J A solicitor to Coker’s Aunt Judy. He placed Edgar Caffyn at Greyfriars in an attempt to get Coker disgraced and cut from Aunt Judy’s will, but Caffyn repented and confessed all to Aunt Judy. Mr Sarle was dismissed from his position. 1404
SARRAIL, Monsieur Gaston A friend of Mr Quelch who he had not met for some time. A confidence trickster discovered that he was going to visit Greyfriars and took his place at the school. Unfortunately for him, Smithy had met the real Monsieur Gaston and was able to expose the imposter. 1264
SASSO, Signor The owner of a felucca in Venice. Tiger Bronx hired his boat to kidnap Bunter, but the plot was discovered by Lord Conway. 1386
SASSO, Signor Guiseppe An agent of Tang Wang picked up at sea by the Greyfriars party on their way to China. 1179
SAUL One of Johnny Bull's cousins. Johnny wished Aunt Tabitha had given her money to Saul instead of him. 155
SAUNDERS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 25
SAUNDERS, Bobby A boy actor in the Mikado at Courtfield Theatre. He fell sick just before a performance and Ogilvy took his place to earn £5. 552
SAWYER, Mr. Henry An old boxing friend of Larry Lascelles who taught him the ropes. He kidnapped Larry and held him prisoner to try to force him to make one more appearance in the ring. 331
SAWYER, Mr. Sam An actor in the Frivolity Touring Company that was performing Gilbert & Sullivan at the Theatre Royal, Courtfield. He forgot a performance and Archie Howell went to fetch him from the White Heart pub. Archie was caught by Mr. Quelch and expelled before the truth was discovered. 648
SAWYER, Slogger A boxer in Ben Adams’ boxing booth. 414
SCAIFE, Mr. The leader of a gang of smugglers operating at Pengarth in Cornwall. When Sir Jimmy Vivian became the owner of the property, the smuggling operation was in danger, so Vivian and the Famous Five were imprisoned in a cave to keep them quiet until they were rescued by Cardew of St Jims. 809
SCHAUNITZ, Mr. Peter A moneylender who was trying to recover a debt from Sir Charles Lovelace. 289
SCHMIDT, Herr Franz One of 4 German sailors who the Famous Five rescued when their barge was set adrift in the Channel. The sailors mutinied and captured the Famous Five, but finally the tables were turned again resulting in the sailors being handed over to the British forces as Prisoners of War. 363
SCHOOTZ, Mr. Rigg The producer at Perfection Films in Holywood when the Greyfrirs party was making a movie. 1098
SCHWARTZ, Mr. A temporary replacement for Mr Quelch when the form-master was sacked by Mr Carnforth. The remove staged a revolt and forced him to leave the school. 503
SCIPIO The elephant handler at Muccolini’s Circus. He had to endure Bunter’s endless rudeness but got his revenge by making the elephant take Bunter on a long trip. 1483
SCOTT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 142
SCOTT, Mr. The manager of Manton Hippodrome where Bunter appeared as a ventriloquist. 619
SCOTT, Mr. A circus attendant at Harry Hawk’s Circus. 449
SCOTT, James Kenneth A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper fourth where he shares study no 5 with Tomlinson Minor. A regular member of the Upper Fourth’s sporting teams. 10
SCREWE, Mr. Dick A longshoreman from Pegg who prefers to make his living from gambling and accepting bets from Highcliffe schoolboys. 314
SCRIB, Mr. The editor of the Friardale Echo. He printed the story of Bunter inheriting his cousin's Russian title. 741
SCROOGE, Mr. Billy A comedian in Mr Whiffle’s pantomime company. 409
SCRUTTON, Mr. A Solicitor and guardian to the Willesley twins. 803
SEACOMBE, Mr. The sole surviving partner in the firm of Messrs. Seacombe & Fynde. They are the legal firm representing the estate of the late Sir Foulkes Bunter. 538
SELBY, Mr. Henry A St Jim's Form-Master of the Third Form. 794
SELIM A servant of Mr Maroudi, he was sent to Sheik Abdurahman to get him to release the Greyfriars party. 1284
SELINA, Cousin A Cousin of Peter & Alonzo Todd. Alonzo played croquet with her whilst "on leave" from Greyfriars. 1344
SETH, Black A Gypsy, part of the gang that captutred Levison. 21
SEVERN, Robert Annesley Bobbie Severn is a new boy in the Second Form. Devoted to Coker, he becomes his fag. When Coker & Co. get into trouble in a boat in Pegg Bay, Bobbie rushes to the rescue at the cost of his own life. 813
SEWANI, Nana One of two kidnappers, the other being Achmet Lai, who tried to kidnap Hurree Singh from Greyfriars. 514
SHANK, Mr. A lawyer in Packsaddle, Texas. 1580
SHARP, Mr. A Greyfriars Music Master who was conscripted during the First World War. 525
SHARP, Mr. An alias used by a con man who posed as an agent from the Herald’s Office to make Hiram K. & Fisher T. Fish believe that they were descended from the ancient family of de Fyshe who, supposedly, used to live in the vicinity of Greyfriars. 337
SHARP, Sergeant Sam A fitness coach who was employed at the school by Sir Hilton Popper. A cowardly bully, despised by the boys, he was tarred and feathered by them. When Colonel Wharton visited the school to restore order he recognised the man as a deserter from the army. 392
SHARP, Mr. Samuel A private detective who operates from an office in Courtfield. Mauly wrote to him to find his missing wallet but Pon intercepted the letter and impersonated the detective as a jape on Greyfriars and to try to frame Courtenay for theft. 457
SHARP, Miss V An alias for Wharton who led the Remove when they posed as a girl’s school football team to play a Remove XI assembled by Rake. 408
SHARPE, Mr. A representative of the Christmas Dinners Associiation. He visited Greyfriars to assess Bunter as a provider of Christmas dinners. 148
SHARPE, Mr. A lawyer that Major Cherry consulted when Bob was unjustly expelled. 174
SHARPE-BODDY, Mr. An insurance agent for World Wide Assurance. He brought the news to Gosling that he had a £1,000 windfall. 1152
SHARPER, Mr. Mick The leader of a gang of toughs hired by Mr Jeffreys to end the Greyfriars barring-out. 505
SHARPLES, Miss The victim of a prank by Smithy. She arrived at the school to provide a cure for Mr Prout’s baldness. 763
SHELLEY A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 421
SHEPHERD, Mr. A parson who tutored and supported Leonard Clavering following his father’s death. He visited Greyfriars when Redwing was at the school pretending to be Clavering. Smithy used Ponsonby to get Redwing out of the way to prevent the parson from identifying him as an imposter. 517
SHEPPERD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 87
SHOOK, Mr A Chicago billionaire who made his fortune in the canned meat trade. He excluded his nephew Tiger Bronx from his will shortly before he died, and left his fortune to his servant James Jarvish. Then he made another will, leaving everything to a cats home. 1384
SHORT, Dr. A Doctor in Friardale who treats the Greyfriars staff and pupils. 169
SHORT, Mr J A bootmaker and repairer in the High Street at Ramsgate. Bob Cherry used him to repair his shoes. 1682.
SHORT, Sam A grocer's boy to Mr Pounds in Friardale. He took advantage of Alonzo's kindness, making him carry his heavy basket. 137
SHUSTER, Mr. A bidder in the auction at Pegg for the wrecked schooner. 53
SHUTE, Inspector A police inspector from Castlewood, Sussex. He was sent to arrest The Smiler at Cavandale Abbey. 1559
SILVER, James A Rookwood schoolboy at Rookwood. He shares study No 8 with Lovell, Newcome and Raby and is the Junior Captain. 382
SILVER, Mr. Jim The 2nd Mate on the Spindrift. He led a mutiny against Captain Curll for the 2,000 pounds he was taking to South America. 267
SIMMONS, Mr. Flash A bookmaker who operates from the Anne Boleyn Pub on the north side of Courtfield. 680
SIMMONS, Inspector A police Inspector called to Portercliffe Hall to investigate the diappearance of Hiram K. Fish and his son. 1439
SIMMONS, Mr. Longford A partner in the law firm of Merrill & Simmons and an old boy of Greyfriars. He was suspected of cheating Walker’s aunt of £2,000. 953
SIMMONS, Mr. The doorman at Magic Films, Hollywood. After suffering a lot of Bunter’s remarks, he took great pleasure in helping the Fat Owl off the premises with his boot. 1098
SIMON One of a gang of gipsies that kidnapped Ernest Levison. 21
SIMONS, Mr. A man who was buying shares over the telephone from Mr. Bunter. When Mr. Quelch phoned the stockbroker, Mr. Bunter thought he was Mr. Simons. 876
SIMPSON The secretary of Lantham Ramblers F.C. He wrote to Nugent explaining that his team would be fielding a weakened side due to a flu outbreak. 576
SIMPSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 604
SIMPSON, Mr. A keeper at Ponsonby Park. 1336
SINCLAIR, Mr. Bobby An Old Boy of Greyfriars and a star left winger in the First XI. Believed killed in action over France, he returned to the school and was able to confess to the crime for which Ivor Jones had been expelled. 476
SING, Sing A servant of Ferrers Locke at Baker Street. 1421
SINGH, Hurree Jamset Ram A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. The Nabob of Bhanipur, a state to the north of India, He his known affectionately as “Jampot” ot “Inky” to his friends. A member of the Famous Five, he was taught to speak English by Mook Mookerjee but, despite his time in England, has never learnt the language properly. He has a very sharp brain and is often the first to see the solutions to difficult problems. 6
SINGH, Mahbad He led a revolt to overthrow Inky and seize the throne of Bhanipur. He sent agents to England to kill the schoolboy prince, but he was eventually arrested. 845
SKELTON, Mr. Sempronius An eccentric millionaire that Bunter helped whilst under the influence of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Mr Skelton decided that Bunter was just the lad he wanted to help him distribute alms to the poor of London and he invited the Fat Owl to spend Christmas with him at his house in Park Lane. 1036
SKEPPLETON, General Frederick A friend of Colonel Wharton. He rented a house at Hawkscliff, and wrote to Harry Wharton inviting him and his friends to tea. Bunter intercepted the letter and took a party of his friends with himself posing as Wharton with inevitable consequencies. 693
SKIMP, Miss A Friardale villager who called on Mrs Chirpey to help look after her daughter Lucy. 443
SKIMPOLE, Herbert A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 64
SKINK, Colonel Ephraim A tourist with Colonel Jacks in Egypt. The two of them were able to thwart Kalizelos’ plan to abduct the Greyfriars juniors. 1283
SKINNEM, Professor Inventor of Skinnem's Staminoid Syrup. The syrup was ordered by Alonzo Todd to give him extra strength. Unfortunately he was sent a potion designed for dray horses which made him a near superman. 905
SKINNER, Anthony A cousin of Harold Skinner and just as nasty. 513
SKINNER, Harold A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove and he shares study No 11 with Snoop & Stott. One of the nasty snobs of the form, he gets most pleasure from the misfortunes of others. He smokes and gambles and associates with Ponsonby. His only talent that he is good at drawing and is an excellent cartoonist. At one time he was expelled from Greyfriars but wormed his way back in. 1
SKINNER, James A cousin of Harold Skinner and brother of Anthony. 513
SKINNER, Mr. Joseph The father of Harold Skinner. He is a "tall thin gentleman" 274
SKINNER, Miss A Shop assistant at Walker's drapery department store at Courtfield 159
SKINNIVITCH The human skeleton at Tompsonio's circus. 894
SKIPTON, Mr. A Form-Master at Greyfriars for the Fifth Form prior to the arrival of Mr. Prout. 35
SLADE, Mr. A glazier in Friardale. He charged 2 shillings to replace a window in the Gym which was broken by Bunter. 38
SLAGG, Reverend Jeremiah A con man who pretended to be the Treasurer of the Cannibals Conversion Society responsible for providing hymn books and chewing gum to south seas islanders. 618
SLAGG, Jeremy A ruffian who frequents the Cross Keys public house. 792
SLANEY, Mr. A circus hand who was sacked by Mr Whiffles. When Bunter took over the circus he reinstated Slaney to keep unwanted visitors out. 1069
SLATER, Mr. The leader of a gang of jewel thieves that were using Black Rock Island as a hideout until discovered by the Famous Five. 816
SLIMBY A Redclyffe schoolboy. 198
SLIMFAX, Mr. Alfonso A London actor who, whilst resting, was engaged by Coker to perform in the Fifth Form rendition of Julius Caesar. He was persuaded by the Remove to skip the performance and his part was taken by Wharton with hilarious results. 199
SLIMSON, Mr. Wally Bunter's tutor in Canterbury before Wally came to Greyfriars. 570
SLIMY DICK A layabout in Angel Alley. 228
SLINN, Miss A mistress at Cliff House school. She is rather short sighted, which was lucky for Phyllis Howell when she was nearly caught out of bounds in the Courtfield cinema. 837
SLOGGETT, Mr. A farm worker on Mr Percival’s farm near Friardale. 644
SLYMM, Mr. A musician whom Harry Wharton hired to provide musical support for his Operatic Society. 15
SMART, Mr. A Solicitor's clerk who was advising the consortium of Pegg fishermen bidding in the auction at Pegg for the wrecked schooner. 53
SMART, Mr. An estate agent at Friardale who let a bungalow to the criminal Mr. Rooke. 307
SMEDLEY, Mr. Charles An uncle of Eustace Smedley. He wrote to Mr Prout informing him that Eustace was teaching in Canada. As Mr Teggers was at Greyfriars using Eustace’s name, Mr Prout refused to believe him. 1363
SMEDLEY, Mr. Eustace A schoolmaster on the books of Leggett & Teggers. When Mr Teggers found him a teaching position in Canada the way was clear for Mr Teggers to join the staff at Greyfriars using Mr Smedley’s name. 1362
SMELOWISKI, Count A circus performer who had a group of performing monkeys in Tomsonio's circus. 93
SMILER One of the gang employed by Captain Reynham to capture Lord Reynham. 1556
SMILES, Mr. Charley A rogue at the Cross Keys who was threatening Elliot for the repayment of a loan. Bolsover Major fought with him and rolled him into the Sark. He tried to get his revenge by getting Bolsover sacked. 539
SMILEY One of the members of the gang that kidnapped Arthur Durance. 1130
SMITH A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
SMITH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 991
SMITH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 210
SMITH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 262
SMITH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 322
SMITH, Mr. Boozy An inhabitant of Carkers Rents, the slum in which Jimmy Vivian was raised. 471
SMITH, Edward William A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth form, He shares study No 2 with Fitzgerald. 54
SMITH, Five-Hundred-Dollar A famous kidnapper from San Francisco. He came to Greyfriars to kidnap Sylvester of the Second Form, but Ferrers Locke was too much for him. 345
SMITH, Henry A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 178
SMITH, Private Jack Mr. Prout's nephew in the army. He invented something and left the papers in a locked safe in Courtfield. There was a race of pupils to try to get it first. 506
SMITH, Miss Molly A Cliff House schoolgirl. 902
SMITH, Mr. The secretary of the Trojans cricket team. 325
SMITH Known as Smithy, he was the leader of a gang of boys in Angel's Alley. When Bolsover Minor returned there, he and his friend Tadger were attacked by the gang and had their money stolen. 228
SMITH, Mr. The stationmaster at Friardale. 670
SMITH, Percy A "bad-hat" who entered Wally Bunter's First Form. He assisted Loder to get Wally dismissed. When he was found out, he ran away to get a job on a boat at Dover. 733
SMITH, Robert Fortescue A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares sudy no 8 with Elliott. 27
SMITH, Sam A stableman at the Cross Keys Inn. He and Mike were hired by Ponsonby to keep Wharton and Cherry away from the football match with Highcliffe. 192
SMITH, Skid He raided Mr Lazarus’ shop with Micky the Sprat. Micky was captured and put a coded message in a Holiday Annual to let Skid know where the loot was to be found. The Famous Five took the book with them on their hiking holiday and eventually the message was found, and the loot recovered by the police. 1331
SMITH, Mr. Soapy A racing man who frequents the public houses near Greyfriars, always willing to take a bet on a sure thing. 1606
SMITHERS, Mr. A printer in Friardale. He printed Fishy’s newspaper, The Greyfriars News, and then had to chase Fish for his money. 831
SMITHERS, Mr. A horse groom at Mr Royce’s stables at Blistworth. 691
SMITHSON, George A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form and a friend of Courtney. 344
SMITHSON, Mr. A Stage-Hand at the Theatre Royal Courtfield. 200
SMUDGE, Corporal The goalkeeper of the Bantam Regiment Football team that the Remove played when on tour of southern England. 405
SMUGGLER, The A former smuggler of liquor into the USA during prohibition, he led a gang who attempted to kidnap Buddy Yonk for ransom. 677
SMYTH, Montgomery The leader of a group of Eton schoolboys who challenged the Co. to a cricket match at Wharton Magnus convinced they were going to win. 79
SMYTHE, Adolphus A schoolboy at Rookwood, said to be a cad. 357
SMYTHE-POOLE The captain of Wapford Cricket Club. A snobby boy, some 2 years older than the Remove boys, he brought his cricket team to Greyfriars to play the Remove. 274
SMYTHE-POOLE, Miss A schoolgirl at Cliff House school, and the sister of the captain of The Wapford Cricket Club. 274
SNAITH, Cecil A Geyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. A bad-hat who was expelled for theft. He later returned to the vicinity of the school and tried to blackmail Smithy. 403
SNARKER, Mr. The manager of Mr. Bunter’s office. 1076
SNAWKINS, Mrs. One of the victims that answered the advert placed in a newspaper by Smithy in Coker's name. Coker was inundated by people wanting to buy potatoes which he never had. 498
SNELL, Sid A speedway rider at Lantham Speedway. He was engaged in race-rigging with Joe Banks. 1220
SNIDER, Mr. Henry A baliff's man. He was put in possession of properties when tenants were unable to pay their rent. 277
SNIGGERSON, Mr. He stole a valuable diamond from Mr Isaacs and, fearing arrest, he sold the diamond to Bunter for 1/- intending to recover it later. 1352
SNIPE The head trainer at Lord Pilbrow's stables. 680
SNIPEY An old boxer who tried to stop Larry Lascelles from fighting the Game Chicken. 1321
SNOGGS, Mr. Owner of Mill House Farm near Greyfriars. 597
SNOOKS, Mr. Alfred A tramp who joined with Bill Harris to follow the Greyfriars party during their holiday with the trike. He knew that one part of the trike was very valuable and was intent on stealing it. 1118
SNOOKS, Mr. J An estate agent in Friardale. He was the agent representing the landlord (Sir Reginald Brooke) of Mr. Penfold's cobblers shop. 275
SNOOKS, Mr. James One of the victims that answered the advert placed in a newspaper by Smithy in Coker's name. Coker was inundated by people wanting to buy potatoes which he never had. 498
SNOOKS, Montague Wilfred A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A complete day-dreamer, he invented titled relations and, when Wibley had a scheme to expose his fantasies, he had to leave Greyfriars. 814
SNOOKS, Mr. Montgomery An actor who returned to Courtfield after active service. Skinner enlisted his help to ruin the homecoming celebrations for Mr. Lascelles. 397
SNOOKS, Mr. The father of Montgomery Snooks. 814
SNOOKS, Mr. One of the many farmers near Greyfriars who has a bull that likes to attack people. 364
SNOOKS, Mr. The owner of a tailor’s shop at Lantham 369
SNOOP, Mr. Josiah The father of Sydney Snoop. Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for embezzlement, he escaped and fled abroad. He then enlisted and his sentence was commuted due to his bravery. He emigrated to Canada. 261
SNOOP, Sidney James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares Study no 11 with Skinner and Stott. A weak character, he is easily led by Skinner into his devious schemes, He has shown some redeeming qualities but they are very rare. 45
SNOOPE, Inspector A police insepector at Courtfield before Inspector Grimes. 5
SNUFTON, Mr. A stamp dealer in Lantham. He told Desmond that his valuable stamp was a copy. 425
SO FAT The secretary to Wun Chung Lung in Canton who showed the Famous five the sights of the city. 1183
SOAMES, Mr. James He took the job of valet to Mr Vernon-Smith in order to try to find the treasure buried on a South Sea island by Black Peter. He later re-appeared in England in a further attempt to get the treasure. He finally took a hand in capturing a German spy at the beginning of World War II. 1020
SOAPY A member of Lorrell's Lambs. 131
SOLOMONS, Mr. A stamp dealer in Friardale in competition with Mr Isaacs. 233
SOLOMONS, Mr. Ikey A moneylender who was trying to recover a debt from Sir Charles Lovelace. 204
SONG, Dr. Sin The secretary to O Bo. 1541
SOO A kanaka steersman on Barney Hall’s lugger in the South Seas. 1590
SOO A aeroplane steward in the service of Mr O. 1544
SORRELL Someone reported to have deserted. 524
SORRELL, Jim A friend of Delarey. The Rebel was in his debt for having saved his life on the Zambezi river and raised money to help him out. 479
SOURAD DIN, Sheik An arab chief who was paid by Tiger Bronx to keep the Greyfriars party captive until he could persuade Bunter to hand over his millions. 1389
SPADGER A friend of Jimmy Vivian from his days at Carker’s Rents. He visited Greyfriars and Skinner tried to frame him for the theft of The Bounder’s wallet. 471
SPARKINSON, Professor An inventor who rented a house on Courtfield Common. He invented a potion which gave the taker super-human strength. He gave some to Alonzo who used his new powers to try to reform the Remove. 1344
SPARKS, Mr. Jim A longshoreman from Pegg. He rescued Pon & Co from Shark’s Tooth Island after they had wrecked Mr Redwing’s boat and then tried to blackmail Pon. 922
SPARROW, The A friend of Jimmy Vivian from his time at Carker’s Rents. 479
SPENCER A chauffeur to Sir George Cholmondeley. 1195
SPENCER, Aubrey A cousin of Mauly and the twin of the Greyfriars man. He attended Abbeyside School, “a dozen miles or so along the coast”. He was a rank outsider who was sentenced to the sack. By accident, he got the chance to start afresh, which he took. 451
SPENCER, Captain Eric A guest of Dr Locke, he took time out en route to Greyfriars to rob the bank at Lantham. Unfortunately for him, Smithy spotted him removing his disguise in the woods. After initial disbelief, the Captain was arrested. 1007
SPENCER, Eustace Sixth-Form prefect at Highcliffe. A dingy rotter comparable to Loder. He held the stakes when Ponsonby arranged a wager with Skinner. When Skinner went to claim his winnings, Spencer denied everything 576
SPEZZI, Signor Orlando A hypnotist who inspired Coker to engage his services to hypnotize Blundell and make him pick Coker for the Fifth Form football team. 834
SPICER A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
SPINK, Miss A telephone operator at Friardale exchange. 294
SPIVENS, Mr. A servant at Greyfriars. He always waits on the Remove table at meal times. 1583
SPOFF, Mr. A card sharp who was travelling on a train with Mr. Stuckey when Smithy was running away from school. The two of them tried to cheat Smithy, but he was a better cheat than they were. 323
SPOFFORD, Mr. A temporary replacement for Mr Quelch when the Remove master had a cold. At the last minute he was sent to Rookwood and telephoned Greyfriars to inform them. Wibley took the call and used the opportunity to impersonate Mr Spofford and cane the Remove. 1341
SPONGE A card sharp who frequented the hotels in Margate. He and Captain Catcham agreed to share the spoils they got from Bunter the Billionaire. 1384
SPONGE CAKE The ship's mate on the Ganso. 770
SPOONER, Shifty He hid the loot from a robbery at Popper Court before being arrested. After his release he tried to retrieve his plunder from its hiding place on the Water Lily, the boat that the Famous Five had hired for their holiday on the river Thames. After many unsuccesful attemps, he was arrested. 1643
SPOOPHEM, Mr. He convinced Mr Bunter that he represented The College of Heralds and he could help the Bunters to prove their ancestral links to royalty. 897
SPOTT, Inspector A "stout, red faced man" who was in charge of finding Ulick Ferrers. 285
SPOTTY A friend of Bolsover Minor from his days in Angel Alley. He came to live in Courtfield and was given a job by Sir Hilton Popper. 675
SPRATT, Mr. Joseph A bookmaker who Da Costa paid to write to Harry Wharton implicating him in betting. Bob Cherry came to his friend’s rescue by demanding that Mr Spratt identify Wharton. As he had never met him, he was unable to do so. 1062
SPRATT, Mr. Joseph A relative of Bunter's who could obtain food at wholesale prices. Bunter sold shares in a company to buy the grub and then ate most of it himself. 130
SPRIGGS, Jim A Courtfield School schoolboy. 56
SPRIGGS, Miss A shop assistant at the Courtfield bun shop. She and her friend Miss Phrump joined Coker and friends for a picnic, only to find that Fishy had palmed off rotten food on them. 290
SPRIGHTLY, Mr. Jim He described himself as "the late boxing champion of the Southern Fusiliers". He was, in fact, a deserter from the army who gave Bunter boxing lessons at half-a-guinea a lesson from his room above the barber's shop in Friardale High Street. 544
SPRING, Arthur Conrad The younger brother of Herbert Spring. 564
SPRING, Herbert A rotter and a thief. Expelled from his previous school, he entered Greyfriars by posing as his younger brother, Arthur. 545
SPRING, Mrs The mother of the Spring brothers. Herbert is her favourite, and she despises Arthur. 565
SQUIDGE, Mrs. The landlady of Montgomery Snooks, an out of work actor. 397
SQUIDGE, Mr. Tommy He tried to blackmail the Famous Five, without success. He tried the same dodge with Aubrey Angel and was also unsuccesful. 1613
SQUIFF, Miss Bella A shop assistant at Squiff’s Athletic Stores at Courtfield. She answered the ad that Coker had placed in the Friardale Gazette intended for his cousin Amy. 342
SQUINNY Together with his friend Nosey he carried out a series of smash and grab raids. Bunter spotted the van they used and was able to inform the police. 1531
SQUINTY One of a gang of tramps who attacked Sir Hilton Popper because he had imprisoned one of their gang. 1309
ST CLAIR, Mr. A visitor to Friardale who saved Vernon-Smith & Dick Penfold from drowning in the Sark. 194
ST CLAIR, Aubrey A Claremont schoolboy, he is a member of the junior football team. 421
STACEY, Captain The father of Ralph Stacey and a distant relation of Colonel Wharton by marriage. 1422
STACEY, The Honourable Freddie A member of the Society of Good Sports which was a gambling set run by Ponsonby. 673
STACEY, Inspector A police inspector stationed at Wimford. He was involved in several situations concerning Harry Wharton & Co. 1208
STACEY, Ralph A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Identical in appearance to his distant cousin Harry Wharton, he was an accomplished sportsman. Jealous of his relative’s popularity, he took advantage of their similarity to un-seat Wharton from his position as Form Leader. Fond of smoking and pub-haunting for which Wharton usually took the blame, he got to the high position in the form until Mr Quelch overheard a remark by Fish and learnt the truth. 1422
STACPOOLE, Sir Rupert The father of Valentine Mornington of Rookwood school. 453
STAINFORTH, James Wingate's relative who was an escaping bank robber. He hid in the crypt, but eventually repented and returned the money. 108
STANFORD A barber in the vicinity of Greyfriars. 607
STANHOPE, Miss Vera A friend of Phyllis Monk. 118
STARKEKASE, Herr An anarchist who broke into Greyfriars to kidnap Prince Otto. He was captured by our heroes and taken into charge by the local Friardale Fuzz. 175
STATHAM, Mr. Arthur A friend of Henry Coker. When Mr. Statham was hunted by the police, Henry Coker sent him some money and foolishly keept the letter of thanks. Later it was found by his secretary Mr. Poynings who used it to blackmail him. 984
STEEL A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
STEELE, Mr. A butcher in Friardale. John Bull invited him to take out an ad in the first edition of John Bull Jnr's Weekly. 158
STEELE, Mr. A magistrate in the Strand Court. He sentenced Smithy to 3 years in Borstal for theft. 933
STEELE, Mr. Richard An alias used by Inspector Irons whilst investigating the Coutfield Cracksman. He took the post of Form-Master to the Remove until he got his man. 1143
STEER, Samuel A professional footballer who was staying at the Blackbird Inn. When Skinner was Remove captain he tried to get him to play for the Remove against Claremont school 421
STENSON Butler to Sir George Tipton. 1646
STERNDALE, Dr. Samuel A temporary Greyfriars headmaster who was a tyrant. The boys were on the point of rebellion when it was discovered that the Doctor’s real name was James Carker and that he had jumped bail on a charge of brutality at Burchester Reformatory. 851
STEVENSON, Mr. The owner of an aeroplane factory. He was interested in George Wibley's plans for a new passenger aircraft. 599
STEWART A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth or Sixth Form and a stalwart member of the Football First XI. 463
STEWART, Edward A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 416
STEWART, G.F. An Uppingham School schoolboy and member of their boxing team. 394
STIMSON, Mr. A chauffeur to Mr Vernon-Smith. 1222
STOKES The son of a Blacksmith. 39
STOKES, Mr. A member of Captain Flash’s gang who were searching for the jewels hidden in the caravan hired by the Famous Five. 704
STONE, Mr. Barney The foreman at the Kicking Cayuse ranch in Texas. He made a good living by assisting Pete Corcoran to steal some of the cattle he was in charge of. He was finally trapped by Vernon-Smith and arrested. 1573
STONE, Miss Stella A Cliff House schoolgirl. 632
STONE, Ulick A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He was sent to Greyfriars under the name of Arthur Durance whilst the real Arthur was held captive. His task was to be known as Arthur Durance in order to inherit the fortune left by Durance’s mother. 1130
STORK, Mr. Pop The owner of the Pack Hotel, Packsaddle where the Greyfriars party stayed en route to the Kicking Cayuse ranch. 1580
STOTT, Clifford A brother of Willam Stott. He worked hard to help his father pay the school fees for his brother. Overwork and exposure were too much for him and he died whilst saving his brother’s life. 788
STOTT, Mr. The father of William Stott. He arrived at the school with Mr. Snoop to object to a workhouse boy joining the Remove. 261
STOTT, William A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study no 11 with Skinner and Snoop and generally joins in all their shady schemes. 35
STRAUS, Mr. A moneylender in Courtfield that Snoop borrowed money from to pay his gambling debts. 434
STRUTTERS, Mr. Joseph One of the con artists that charged the Greyfriars Hikers to camp on their land although they were not the owner. 1332
STUART A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. A good cricketer. 277
STUBBS, Mr. Josiah A man living in Courtfield who made a good profit from the First World War by buying a lot of propery to rent out. 724
STUBBS, Mr. A cycle dealer that Greyfriars boys used to buy and repair their bikes. 1056
STUCE, Inspector A police inspector in charge of the case against Nessuno who attempted to kill Mr Vernon-Smith at Seahill. 1525
STUCKEY, Mr. A card sharp who was travelling on a train with Mr. Spoff when Smithy was running away from school. The two of them tried to cheat Smithy, but he was a better cheat than they were. 323
STUMMER, Mr. An estate agent in Courtfield where Mauly bought High Oaks to set up his private school after Mr Quelch had been sacked. 1044
STUMP, Captain A sailor rescued by Wharton from a wrecked schooner in Pegg Bay. He took up residence in the Anchor for a time. 52
STUMP, Mr. Tom A retired fisherman at Pegg. An escaped prisoner of war attacked him in his cottage and stole food. 372
STUMPY The one-legged porter at Cliff House school during the First World War. 373
SUGDEN, Dandy A valet to Sir Hilton Popper who stole his famous Moonstone diamond. 1157
SUGDEN, Mr. Sylvester Also known as Slimy Sugden he was apparently a successful business man but was, in reality, the leader of a gang of crooks including Dick Lancaster. 1210
SULEIMAN A sand diviner in Biskra who told the Greyfriars party that Major Cherry had been taken into the desert as a prisoner. 866
SULOO A kanaka steersman on the Sea Cat in the South Pacific. 1594
SUSAN A Greyfriars Housemaid. 137
SUTCLIFFE, Mr. John A temporary Greyfriars Form Master in the Second Form. On his way to Greyfriars he was caputured by Gentleman Jim and imprisoned in a cave, so that the crook could assume his identity at the school. He was later rescued by the Famous Five. 992
SUTTON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form, he was selected for the First XI when Coker was captain. 263
SUTTON A village youth from Friardale, and a friend of Dick Trumper. After snowballing Pon, the Highcliffe knut and Gadsby bullied him by rubbing his face in the snow and twisting his arm. 938
SUTTON, Sir James The owner of Sutton Manor near Courtfield Common. Slim Jim was on his way to burgle the house and Ferrers Locke followed him, Ferrers Locke was attacked and Slim Jim made his getaway empty handed. 1663
SWAIN, Mr. William The ship’s mate on the Firefly when the Famous Five joined it for a cruise. He was part of the smuggling gang led by Captain Compton. 1506
SWEET, Mr. A caterer who supplied the food and drink for the dance that was held to celebrate the opening of Cliff House School. 59
SWINGER, Mr. The owner of Swinger’s Celebrated Circus that camped near Greyfriars. Bunter was offered a job in the “Weird Freaks” but refused to join. 1160
SYDNEY, Paul A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Soon after he arrived at Greyfriars he was suspected of a theft. With a bad past, things looked bad for him until Ferrers Locke found the real culprit. 403
SYKES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a prefect. A regular member of the First XI and a good friend of Wingate. 1154
SYLVESTER, Mr. Abraham The father of Sylvester of the Second Form. He is portrayed as a much nicer man than Hiram K. Fish. 345
SYLVESTER, Roderick A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. Son of an American millionaire, he had to contend with a kidnap attempt by Five-Hundred Dollar Smith. 345
SYLVESTER, Mr. A Greyfriars Old Boy who was ill and had to miss one of the Old Boy’s fixtures with the First XI. 844
SYLVESTER, Mr. Slim A character in a comic read by Sammy Bunter, he is described as "The swell mobesman", a gentleman American crook. He gave the Bunters the inspiration to turn to banditry to get some money. 699
SYLVESTER, Mr. Slim Leader of a gang of shore-pirates. When Mauly lost his way and called at Sylvester’s house at Cliffdale Heath, he was kept prisoner and put to work digging up their loot which was buried in a cave. 835
SYMMONDS, Mr. Silas K. A film property man with Phillip Perkins film company. 736