RABBI, Rab The juggler at Chumgum’s Celebrated Circus. 378
RABBIT A member of the gang of Captain Flash. When his boss was arrested he attempted, with his friend, Stokes, to find the proceeds of a robbery that had been hidden in a caravan. He failed and was arrested. 704
RABY, George A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form on the Classical side. A regular member of the Junior XI. 382
RACKSTRAW, Mr. Cyril A grandson of Sir George Cholmondely. He tried to kidnap Tatters from Greyfriars in order to replace him in Sir George’s will. Having failed in his attempt he went abroad. 1195
RAILTON, Mr. Victor The Housemaster of The School House at St Jim’s school and very popular with his pupils. 64
RAINY FACE An Indian chief in Texas who joined with Barney Stone’s rustling gang when the Famous Five visited the Kicking Cayuse Ranch. 1577
RAKE, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove, sharing study no.6 with Wibley and Morgan. 258
RAKE, Thomas An elder cousin of Dick Rake by 3 years, and a Greyfriars old boy. He was an employee of the City and County Bank and was framed for the theft of 10,000 Pounds. He asked his cousin to hide him in Friardale Wood until his innocence was proved. 445
RALEIGH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 108
RALEIGH A Topham schoolboy in the Fourth Form and junior captain of the school. 1460
RALEIGH A schoolboy at Abbeyside school in the 4th form who shares a study with Aubrey Spencer. 451
RAMON A mexican member of the bootlegging gang let by Gomez in the hills around Hollywood. 1102
RANCE, Mr. Elias Also known as Young Mr. Rance, he ran an Estate Agency in Okeham Devon. When he got into financial difficulties he tried to swindle Mr Vernon-Smith. When Smithy’s father discovered the facts, Rance kidnapped him and the Bounder and held then prisoner in a cave on Blackrock Island until they were freed by the Famous Five. 1627
RANDALL A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a prefect. 49
RANDALL, Mr. Herbert P. An Old Boy who made a lightning visit to the school from the U.S.A. and suggested various methods of attracting more students to Greyfriars. 27
RANSOME, Mr. The accomplice of Captain Spencer in the robbery at Lantham Bank. 1008
RANSOME, Mr. Richard Appointed games master at Greyfriars by Colonel Ranter, he was a tyrant and a bully, but also a very fine cricketer. 440
RANTER, Colonel Appointed to the School Governors in place of Sir Hilton Popper, he set out to bring discipline to the school by introducing Sergeant Burrell as a drill-sergeant. 424
RAO, Baji A cousin of Hurree Singh. He tried to take over the throne of Bhanipur. He first attempted to kidnap Inky in England. He was murdered by one of his accomplices following an abortive coup. 960
RAO, Koumi A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 340
RATTY A ruffian hired by Captain Reynham to kidnap Bunter who was taking the place of Lord Reynham at Cavandale Abbey. 1557
RATTY A member of Slimy Sugden’s gang during Dick Lancaster’s spell at Greyfriars. He was eventually arrested for trying to murder Ferrrers Locke. 1213
RAVENSPUR, Captain Cecil An uncle of Frank Nugent. He lives at Ravenspur Grange with his brother Richard. He was suspected of the murder attempts on Richard but was cleared. 1122
RAVENSPUR, Mr. Edgar An uncle of Frank Nugent. Emigrated to Australia at an early age and became an outlaw. On return to England he tried to murder his brother Richard but was unsuccessful and comitted suicide. 1122
RAVENSPUR, Sir Richard The eldest of 3 brothers and a sister, he lives at Ravenspur Grange. He survived several murder attempts by his younger brother Edgar. 1122
RAWLINGS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 37
RAWLINGS, Mr. A bookmaker who came to Greyfriars to collect a debt from Hazel. Wharton paid some of the debt and gave him a signed promise to pay the rest. Rawlings tried to blackmail Wharton but the truth came out at last. 303
RAWLINGS, Mr. Edward The ship’s steward on the Firefly during the cruise by the Famous Five, and a partner with Captain Compton in the smuggling business. 1506
RAWSON A Lightweight school boxer from Tonbridge school. 394
RAWSON, Mr. The ship’s steward on the Silver Star during the Famous Five’s trip to Hong Kong. 1179
RAWSON, Captain Ship’s Captain of the Sunderband which conveyed the Greyfriars party from Singapore to Suva. 1589
RAWSON, Thomas A Rookwood schoolboy on the Classical side. 739
RAY, Private Richard An Old Boy of Greyfriars, he visited the school with other Old Boys to play the First XI at cricket. 385
RAZINOFF, Mr. A crook who tried to escape in a stolen plane with gold bullion. 980
REBECCA, Aunt Mr. Bunter's sister with whom Bunter was forced to spend Christmas in 1917. Bunter was so unhappy that he prefered to spend his holiday at Greyfriars with other boys who can't travel home. 513
REDDING, Mr. A worker in an armaments factory at Abbotsford. 394
REDFERN A friend of Hurree Singh's before Inky came to Greyfriars. 6
REDFERN, Miss Barbara A schoolgirl at Cliff House and a friend of Marjorie Hazeldene. 575
REDFERN, Richard Henry A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 273
REDMAY, Mr. Owner of a farm near Greyfriars. Whilst chasing Bunter, Mr Quelch was cornered by the farmer’s dog and took refuge on a roof until he was rescued by Bunter. 1566
REDWING, Mr. John The father of Tom Redwing. A seaman who lives in a small cottage at Hawkscliff when he is not sailing. Immensly proud of his son’s achievments at Greyfriars and a good father. 543
REDWING, Thomas A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Originally at Greyfriars on a scholarship he later inherited enough to pay his own way at the school. One of Mr Quelch’s best pupils and a stauch friend of Vernon-Smith, keeping him on a straight path. He also excels at games although not always makes the First XI. 516
REECE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 190
REEVES A Courtfield County schoolboy and a member of their cricket team. 861
REEVES, Mr. Reginald T. A film cameraman with Phillip Perkins film company. 736
REILLY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 889
REILLY, Patrick A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 39
RENTON, K A St Clive’s schoolboy. 735
REUBEN A fisherman at Pegg. He did a brisk trade ferrying would-be buyers out to the wreck of a schooner in Pegg Bay prior to its auction. 53
REYNHAM, Captain Rupert A cousin of Lord Reynham, he attempted the life of his cousin for the inheritance. He did not relise that Bunter had taken his cousin’s place and was protected by the Famous Five. 1556
REYNHAM, Lord William A youth that had spent a great part of his life abroad was in danger of his life. His uncle Sir Peter Lanchester pursuaded Buter to assume the Earl’s position at Cavandale Abbey to trap the villain. 1556
REYNOLDS, Mr. Jack An old friend of Redwing's who lives in Pegg. When he got into arrears with his rent, Redwing chanced his arm at gambling to help out. 724
RHEINBERGER, Herr The German master at Greyfriars. 227
RICE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth-Form. 209
RICHARDS A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
RICHMOND, Mr. Tom A crook who buried his "swag" in Friradale Woods. He sent a message written in invisible ink to his confederate and the message was intercepted and read by the Co. who dug up the stolen goods. 523
RICKETTS, Mr. A theatrical manager and accomplice to Howard Curfew. 832
RIGG, Mr. A moneylender in Lantham that Mossoo borrowed some money from. The moneylender then tried to blackmail Mossoo until the Co saved the day. 951
RIGINALD, Mr. Cyril A film actor with Mr. Jamfrey’s film company. 690
RIO KID, The A outlaw in Texas who helped Vernon-Smith during the trip to the wild west. 1579
RIVERS, Marie She visited Greyfriars from St Jim’s to see a sporting contest. No further details known. 390
ROBBINS, Nurse A nurse to the Willesley brothers before they came to Greyfriars. 803
ROBERT A footman at Wharton Lodge. 1297
ROBERT A page boy at Greyfriars before Trotter. 6
ROBERT A footman at Ravenspur Grange. 1122
ROBERT A footman at Eastcliff Lodge. 1679
ROBIN A baby, aged about 2 or 3. His mother left Robin with Bunter whilst she looked for a lost purse. When she failed to re-appear, Bunter took the baby into Greyfriars for safekeeping. 652
ROBINSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 927
ROBINSON A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
ROBINSON A St Jude’s schoolboy and member of their junior cricket team. 439
ROBINSON, Mr. A chauffeur to Mauly. 1244
ROBINSON, Mr. A chauffeur to Gussy when he collected the Famous Five to stay at Eastwood House for an Easter holiday. 374
ROBINSON, Mr. The head Gamekeeper at Popper Court. 871
ROBINSON, Mr. George A groom at Waggs Farm when the Famous Five were on their hiking trip. 1333
ROBINSON, PC A Police Constable who arrested Vernon-Smith for stealing the watch from Mr. James Stark at a coffe stall on the embankment. 933
RODNEY, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 672
ROFF, Mr. George Whilst renting ‘The Gables’ near Greyfriars he discovered that it sat on an oil deposit and wanted to keep it a secret until he could raise enough money to buy the property, even to the extent of holding members of the Famous Five captive. 388
ROFFEY The ship’s cook on the Sally Ann. He was sacked just before Bunter arrived and applied for his job. 802
ROGER, Mr. A barber in the vicinity of Greyfriars. 607
ROGERS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 39
ROGERS, Mr. The ship’s mate on the Silver Foam. 1386
ROKER, Herbert A footballer for Riverside Rovers. The Rovers, a "gang of roughs who hang about the river at Friardale", wanted to bag the Remove's fixture with Lantham Corinthians. 'Erb visited Greyfriars to persuade the Remove, but was thrown out. 943
ROLLO Billed as “The Fattest Man On Earth” at Swinger’s Circus, he tried to recruit Bunter as “The Fattest Boy On Earth”. 1160
ROMAYNE, Sir William An inventor who lives in a house on the heath. The Famous Five visited his house one Christmas following a railway accident. 461
ROOK, Mr. Esau The director of Phenomonal Films in Hollywood. He makes money from hopeful actors and actresses after promising them stardom. He had the misfortune to encounter Bunter who had no money. 1107
ROOKE, Mr. A man who lives a mile from Cliff Edge and hires out his trap "by the hower" according to the porter at Cliff Edge station. 530
ROOKE, Mr. The solicitor to Miss Judith Coker. He absconded with all her money and hired a bungalow at Pegg where the Co. and Coker tracked him down. 307
ROPER, Mr. Grahame A temporary master at Greyfriars in charge of the Remove. He drank too much and fell in with bad friends. He tried to help his friend the Moocher break into the school and steal the school's silver plate. When the Moocher was arrested he attempted the job himself but was captured. 222
ROPER, Robert A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Sixth Form, he was injured by Loder during a First XI match. 377
ROSENBLAUM, Herr Once a German master at Greyfriars, and headmaster of the Foreign Academy that existed for a short while adjacent to Greyfriars. 6
ROSKILLEY, Mr. One of the many farmers having farms in the vacinity of Greyfriars. His farm borders Friardale Wood and he has a field named "The Leg O'Mutton" where he lets his horses and goats graze. The Bunters went there to practise horse riding when they were learning to be bandits. 699
ROSS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
ROSSER, Miss Iris The daughter of Sir James Rosser. 650
ROSSER, Sir James He lives about 50 miles from Greyfriars. Whilst travelling near the school, his car was involved in an accident with Stott. Stott was riding Tubb’s bike at the time and it was wrecked. In order to escape punishment Stott gave his name as Wingate Minor, causing problems for the fag. 650
ROSSER, Mrs The wife of Sir James Rosser. 650
ROTENAUGEN, Baron A Chamberlain to Prince Otto of Kaltebad. 175
ROTHAMLEY A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 486
ROURKE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 379
ROYCE, Mr. George The brother of Joe Royce. He was on the run from the police and in hiding at his brother’s stables. When the police arrived he found that another man had been arrested for the crime, and that he was innocent. 691
ROYCE, Mr. Joe A horse dealer from Wakehams, Blistworth. Bob Cherry stopped his runaway horse after it was scared by a film cameraman. 690
ROYCE, Mrs Maria The wife of Joe Royce. 691
ROYLANCE, Richard A St. Jims schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 569
RUDGE, Mr. A sailor on the Spindrift who joined the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
RUMBLE, Mr. A porter at Friardale station. 278
RUMFORD, Mr. Harvey An American stockbroker. He was suffering from too much wine when he was knocked down by a car driven by Mr. Vernon-Smith. Mr. Rumford was believed dead and Bernard P. Tracey was able to use this secret against Vernon-Smith. A happy encounter in London proved that Mr. Rumford had not been killed. 484
RUN, Chunder A merchant in Nairobi who kidnapped Bunter in mistake for Vernon-Smith. 1231
RUNNING WATER A red indian and horse thief in Texas. Vernon-Smith saved him from punishment, and he repaid him by saving his life and helping the Bounder to escape capture by the Apaches. 1576
RUSHDEN A Greyfriars schoolboy, probably in the Sixth Form. He was called up by Wingate to help in the search for Bunter when he ran away from school. 802
RUSHDEN, Philip A St. Jims schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 417
RUSSELL, Mr. The father of Richard Russell. 187
RUSSELL, Mr. Herbert An uncle of Russell. He took up a life of crime after leaving the armed forces using the names of Captain Donovan and Jack Vernon. He eventually gave it all up and Dr. Locke found him a position of Secretary to an old friend. 716
RUSSELL, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study no. 3 with Ogilvy and enjoys boxing. 1
RYMER, Inspector A police inspector at Winchester who was in charge of the investigation into the threats made against Mauly by his cousin Brian. 1245