QUELCH, Miss Cora A neice of Mr Quelch. She visited Greyfriars and made a friend of Billy Bunter, they are of a similar size. 364
QUELCH, Mr. Henry Samuel The Remove form-master at Greyfriars. A usually fair and strict schoolmaster who believes that boys go to school to learn. An ardent reader of the classics, he likes nothing better than a long discussion with Dr Locke about some obscure piece of prose. He has devoted his life to Greyfriars and also to his production of The History Of Greyfriars. The right-hand man of Dr Locke. 1
QUELCH, Mr. Herbert A brother of Mr Quelch. 238
QUELCH, Mr. James A brother of the Remove Form-Master. After living a waster's life he visited the school to borrow money from Mr. Quelch to start a new life. He got a job in a timber office in Montreal. 680
QUELCH, Roger A nephew of Mr Quelch. He spent a few weeks at Greyfriars to improve his education but his fondness for practical jokes soon had him returning to his previous school at High Coombe in Devon. 994