PACKER, Mr. The butler at Popper Court. 819
PACKINGTON, Mr. The butler at Ravenspur Grange. Known as Black Edgar during his life in Australia, he was tracked to the Grange by former associates. He murdered them and two policemen before the truth was finally discovered by Ferrers Locke. 1122
PAGET, Mr. Freddy Whilst staying and gambling with Vernon-Smith at Riverside Bungalow Wimford, he robbed the local bank and the Famous Five captured him based on Bunter’s information. 1260
PAGET, Mr. The father of Percival Paget of the Third Form. Whilst visiting his son, he volunteered to provide prizes to be presented to the winners of a Third Form bicycle race. 650
PAGET, Percival Spencer A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. A great friend of Tubb and one of the leading lights of the form. 206
PALMER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 1493
PANHANDLE A cow puncher on the Kicking Cayuse Ranch in Texas, but also a member of Barney Stone’s gang of cattle rustlers. He was captured along with the rest of the gang. 1576
PARKER A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
PARKER An animal attendant at Muccolini’s Circus. 1481
PARKER, Mr. Alfred Also known as Micky The Sprat. He staged a smash and grab raid on Mr Lasarus’ shop with his friend, Skid Smith. He hid the loot and then tried to get a message to his friend to tell him where to find it by using a Holiday Annual. Mr Smith had been arrested and the Famous Five took the book on their camping holiday. 1331
PARKER, Mr. Alfred Herbert A “carpenter by trade”, he stole a wallet from Sir Hilton Popper, ran into Greyfriars to evade capture and hid the wallet in Temple’s Guy Fawke’s effigy. He made several efforts to recover his loot, but the wallet was discovered when the Famous Five destroyed the guy. 1238
PARKER, Mr. Bud One of the members of Chick Chew’s gang when they tried to kidnap Puttnam van Duck. 1471
PARKER, Mr. Cyrus The head of Enterprise Films in Hollywood. 1097
PARKER, Inspector A police inspector who was called to Cherry Place from Dorchester to investigate the disappearance of Jack Drake. 1420
PARKER, Mr. He bet all his money on a horse and tried to prevent his employer’s horse (who was the favourite) from running in the same race. He was arrested by Ferrers Locke. 1191
PARKER, Mr. The owner of a toy and sports shop in Friardale. He rented a mechanical goose to Bulstrode. The goose got smashed and he called at the school for payment. 153
PARKER, Mr. The head keeper at Sir Hilton Popper's estate. He caught Valence when that youth was poaching Sir Hilton's pheasants. 186
PARKER, Mr. An office clerk at Mr Pilkins’ estate agency in Combermere. He was suspicious of Bunter’s activities at Bunter Court and raised his suspicions with the Famous Five. 912
PARKER, Nobby An accomplice of Slim Jim when he was cracking cribs in the vicinity of Greyfriars. He was in charge of Mr Quelch when he was being held captive. 1666
PARKER, Pedlar A ruffian who befriended Ragged Dick before Dick went to Greyfriars. 906
PARKINS, Mr. Ship's Mate on the Aloha. He was shot by Soames and then thrown overboard during the juniors trip to the South Seas. 1022
PARKINS, Mr. The owner of a hatters and outfitters shop in Courtfield that is the supplier of hats and accessories to Greyfriars. 1325
PARKINSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 1217
PARKINSON, General The owner of Parkinson Place near Greyfriars. In a robbery, the General lost a valuable necklace which was later discovered hidden in an armchair in No 1 study in the Remove passage. 1311
PARKINSON, Mr. A chauffeur at Chunkleys stores hired, with his car, by Jervish on behalf of Bunter. 1384
PARKINSON, Mr. The butler to Mr Skelton. 1037
PARKS, Mr. Hiram Kempleton An American, appointed by the governors as temporary headmaster whilst Dr. Locke was resting in the south of France. His revolutionary ideas included knickerbockers instead of Etons and baseball instead of cricket. 901
PARROTT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 144
PARSONS, Jim The lookout man for the illegal casino that was held for a short time on an island in the Sark. 149
PARSONS, Miss A Post Lady from Friardale during the First World War. 601
PARSONS, Captain Peter Known as the Dandy. He was the owner and skipper of the Black Cat, a trading boat in the South Seas. 1589
PARSONS, Mr. Philip P A music hall booking agent in the Strand who got Bunter a job in a music hall as a ventriloquist. 619
PASCALL, Mr. Alfred Whilst visiting his brother when on holiday from Melbourne Australia, he was attacked by thugs and rescued by the Famous Five. Due to a misunderstanding, Bunter was given the credit and a reward of a trip to the Wembley Exhibition. 870
PATCHAM, Mr. A doctor in Courtfield. He treated Bunter's injuries after the Owl had been badly ragged by Pon & Co. 767
PAULA A schoolgirl at Cliff House School. 408
PAWKER, Mr. A Butcher in Friardale. His "boy" takes great delight in smearing Mauly's clothes with pork chops. 188
PAWKER, Professor Employed at Harry Hawk’s cicus as “A man with boundless appetite”, he was arrested in Courtfield for theft and ended up in the stone jug. 449
PAWLINGS, Mr. The steward on the Sea Nymph. 1314
PAWSON, Mr. The butler at Gadsby Croft. He tried to use the Greyfriars party who camped in the grounds as suspects in a robbery that he had planned. His scheme was overheard by Vernon-Smith. 1339
PAXTON, Mr. A timber merchant. The remove hired him to make some rugby goalposts when they tried their hand at the game. 730
PAYNE, Dr. A medical doctor in Friardale before the arrival of Dr Pillbury. 178
PAYNE, Mr. An alias used by Packington in his attempts to murder Sir Richard Ravenspur. 1123
PEAK, Mr. A member of a gang that burgled Abbeydale Grange, a country home of Mr. Vernon-Smith. The gang escaped with a diary belonging to Smithy's father that contained information about his early financial dealings. 746
PECKER, Mr. Phillip The owner and Film Producer of of Pecker Productions. He mistook Bunter for a an actor named Fatty Fisher that he employed previously, and gave Bunter the starring part in his movie. 736
PEDRILLO A young acrobat in Zorro’s Circus when it visied Friardale. When he fell and injured himself, he was taken to the sanatorium at Greyfriars. When he was refused permission to rejoin the circus, he was allowed to join Greyfriars. Eventually he was found to be a nephew of Sir James Hobson. 945
PEDRO A servant of Peter Valentine at the Boa Vista in Brazil. 1466
PEDRO A Spanish member of a gang who robbed Coker & his pals before leaving them tied up in a forest. 1315
PEEK, Dr. A doctor who was called when Vernon-Smith received a blow on the head from Nessuno at Seahill. 1524
PEGGY, Aunt Bunter's aunt. She wrote to him enclosing thirty shillings to tell him that Sammy would be joining Greyfriars. The money was taken by the Remove to settle some of the fat Owl's debts. 143
JOHNSTONE, Mr. A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form, an occasional member of Ponsonby’s set. 572
PELLY, Dame An infirm old lady who lives in a cottage situated between Greyfriars and Cliff House. Harry Wharton & Co. visited the cottage to clean-up after a rag with Highcliffe. 109
PENFOLD, Mr. John He runs a bootmaker shop in Friardale and is the father of Dick Penfold of the Remove. An honest and hardworking man who is often hard up. 194
PENFOLD, Kate Younger sister of Dick Penfold. 194
PENFOLD, Mrs Mary Mother of Dick Penfold. 277
PENFOLD, Richard The son of the bootmaker in Friardale. He won a scholarship to Greyfriars and, like Mark Linley, he is often given a bad time by the bad hats for being poor. His hobbies include photography, and he is an accomplished poet. 194
PENGELLY, Mr. Charles A fisherman from Pegg, and a bad character. He was trying to help William Hunt escape to France with his plunder but was caught and arrested. 847
PENGELLY, Mr. Dick A fisherman at Polpen in Cornwall who directed the Famous Five and Jimmy Vivian to Pengarth House. 811
PENMAN, Mr. Wally Bunter’s employer at Canterbury. 569
PENNY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 9
PENSELEY, Miss Mabel The daughter of Sir Thomas Penseley. Whilst out riding, her horse (Peggy) was scared by a car and bolted. Luckilly Linley was on the spot and stopped the horse. 349
PENSELEY, Sir Thomas The father of Mabel. He was following when Linley saved his daughter’s life. In gratitude he gave Linley 10 pounds which was badly needed by Linley’s family. 349
PERCIVAL A Greyfriars Schoolboy in the Remove. 135
PERCIVAL, Mr. A farmer who owns a farm near Greyfriars. 644
PEREIRA, O Capitao The ship’s captain of the Ganso on which Captain Corkran and his party travelled from Lagos. 770
PEREZ An employee on the Boa Vista plantation in Kenya. Together with Vino he tried to sell the ranch and pocket the money but was foiled by Vernon-Smith. 1230
PERKINS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 27
PERKINS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 9
PERKINS A pot-boy at the Cross Keys Inn, Friardale. 887
PERKINS, Mr. One of Mr Vernon-Smiths’s servants. 1261
PERKINS, Mr. A grocer in Combermere who was bilked by Bunter when the fat owl was staying at Combermere Court. 917
PERKINS, Mr. Henry An uncle of Algernon de Vere who bought a greengrocers business in Courtfield. Algernon was embarrased by a member of his family being a “common tradesman”, and was also worried in case his true identity was revealed. 751
PERKINS, Larry A cousin of Algernon de Vere and a complete outsider. He blackmailed Algernon, threatening to reveal his true identity. 751
PERKINS, Miss A shop assistant in a drapers near Greyfriars. She answered the ad that Coker had placed in the Friardale Gazette intended for his cousin Amy. 342
PERKINS, Mrs A landlady in the Waterloo area of London. She let a room to Vernon-Smith when he was earning a living. 623
PERKINS, Miss Primrose A young lady that Billy Bunter met in Courtfield whilst disguised as his cousin Wally. He invited her and 2 other young ladies to tea with Wally at Greyfriars to embarrass his cousin. 732
PERKINS, Tommy A cousin of Algernon de Vere and member of the Courtfield Junior Eleven. 751
PERKINS, William Father of Timothy Perkins, alias Algernon de Vere. Amassed a fortune by listening to tips whilst in service as a Butler. 751
PERRIN, Mr. The private secretary to Mr. Locke at the Wessex Institute. He was always on the receiving end of pranks by the office boy and, after taking as much as he could stand, he got a new job with a MP, Mr. Potter-Stoley. When he left, Vernon-Smith got his job. 623
PETE, Frio A cowhand on the Kicking Cayuse Ranch in Texas. 1577
PETE, Nosey The jailer at the Packsaddle gaol. 1579
PETE, Pecos A cattle rustler in Barney Stone’s gang at Packsaddle. 1579
PETER A porter at Friardale Station. 415
PETER A footman at Portercliffe Hall. 1435
PETER A porter on Wharton Magnus station. 723
PETERS A Redclyffe schoolboy and member of their junior cricket team. 445
PETERS, Mr. A coachman to Mauly. 184
PETERS, George A sparring partner for Russell when he was in training for an inter-school boxing tournament. 394
PETERS, Miss Gwenllian An 8 year old film actress with Mr. Jamfrey’s film company. Known as “The Kid”, she becomes attached to Bob Cherry and announces that she’s engaged to him. 690
PETERS, Mrs. Laura A film actress with Mr. Jamfrey’s film company, and mother of Gwenllian (“The Kid”). Her stage name is Laura Laurel. 690
PETTIFER, James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 545
PETUKA, Mr. Carlo A photographer and the owner of Petuka’s Studios in Courtfield. 620
PETUKA, Miss Connie The niece of Carlo Petuka. Both Coker and Bunter were convinced she fancied them, but really she was just trying to attract business for her uncle. 620
PETULENGRO, Mother A Gypsy friend of Barengo who kidnapped Marjorie Hazledene and Vernon-Smith. 212
PETULENGRO, Mr. A Gypsy who stole a horse belonging to Coote the carrier. 1408
PFALZ, Herr Max A German spy who signalled to zeppelins from the Black Pike. He had discovered a hidden room in the old Priory and used it as his base. 437
PHADBURY, Sir Philip A Governor of Greyfriars. He had the idea of creating a School Proctor and Coker was elected to the post. 935
PHIL, Uncle An uncle of Hazel & Marjorie. He is described as "the only rich relation" the Hazeldene's have got. He travelled in India where he collected some asian goods including jewelery that he gives as presents to Marjorie. He gives nothing to Hazel because he doesn't like him. 284
PHILIP A cousin of Wingate who is very like him in appearance. Whilst staying at Pegg he was seen by several Remove schoolboys pub-hunting and gambling and they thought that he was Wingate. 314
PHILLIPS, Mr. A groom at Courtfield stables. He bought a pony to Greyfriars for Coker. 232
PHILLIPS A village youth in Friardale and captain of their football team. 635
PHILPOT, Mr. The Fifth Form master at Oakshott School. Mr Hacker invited him to Greyfriars to expose Jim Warren as a fraud but circumstances prevented him from seeing Jim. 1445
PHIPPS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 201
PHIPPS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form who took part in the Sixth Form Rebellion. 262
PHIPPS, Mr. A Mathmatics master at Greyfriars before Mr. Lascelles. He was thought to be attracted to Miss Primrose of Cliff House. 132
PHIPPS, Mr. A porter at Friardale Station. 295
PHRUMP, Miss A shop assistant at the Courtfield bun shop. She and her friend Miss Spriggs joined Coker and friends for a picnic, only to find that Fishy had palmed off rotten food on them. 290
PHYLLIS The cousin of Jimmy Silver. 881
PHYLLIS, Miss The neice of Major Thresher. 918
PICKERING, Mr. A retired schoolmaster who lives at Ampinge in Kent and gives private tutoring. Mr Vernon Smith thought that his son would benefit from extra lessons, but the Bounder arranged for Bunter to take his place. 1365
PICKFORD, Inspector A policeman engaged on pursuing Jimmy The Fox. 1421
PICKINGS, Mr. A servant of Sir George Tipton. 1646
PICKLE JAR The boatswain on the Ganso who helped the Greyfriars party during their trip to the Congo, and who later arrived at Greyfriars determined to be Wharton’s servant. 770
PIERRE A french smuggler and friend of Rawlings aboard the Firefly. 1508
PIETRO An agent of Baji Rao who disabled the Fanny Jones in an attempt to prevent the Greyfriars party from reaching India. 964
PIETRO An italian smuggler and a friend of Rawlings during the Famous Five cruise on the Firefly. 1509
PIETRO A gondolier in Venice who was hired by Tiger Bronx to kidnap Bunter. 1386
PIGGOTT A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Third-Form. He put fireworks in a Form-Master’s fire and the blame was laid on Levison Minor. When Levison ran away from St Jim’s the truth was discovered. 793
PIKE, Mr. Poker An ex-gangster from Chicago employed by Mr Van Duck to protect his son while he was at Greyfriars. 1468
PIKE, Mr. Richard A prisoner who escaped from Blackmoor Prison and visited Hilton Hall whilst the Famous Five were spending Christmas there as guests of Cedric Hilton. 1401
PIKER, Mr. A farmer living near Greyfriars. Stacey set fire to his barn with a cigarette. 1432
PILBROW, Lord The owner of a racehorse stable between Courtfield and Wapshot. 680
PILKINGHAM, Mr. The butler at Cavandale Abbey. 1191
PILKINS, Mr. A taxi driver from Friardale, He was hired by Bunter to take him to Cliff House but Skinner tipped him to land Bunter in a ditch. 140
PILKINS, Mr. An estate agent who has several officies in the vicinity of Greyfriars. 910
PILKINSON, Pug An ex-boxer and currently a trainer who tried to prevent Lascelles from fighting The Game Chicken. 1321
PILLBURY, Dr. A doctor in Friardale and medical officer to Greyfriars. 301
PILLBURY, Mrs. The wife of Dr Pillbury, the doctor in Friardale. 806
PIMBLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 145
PIMENTA Ship's mate on the Ganso. 770
PIMM, Mr. John A garage owner in Pegg. He hires out cars and, in the summer months, power boats. 835
PINNER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. In the early days he was in the same study as Hobson & Hoskins. 316
PIPER A Highcliffe schoolboy in the second Form. 147
PIPER, Mr. The school porter at Cliff House School. 749
PIPER, Mr. A policeman at Wharton Magnus who was sent to arrest Mr Smedley when Vernon-Smith was being pursued by the bogus schoolmaster. 1367
PIRANDELLI, Signor The owner of the Osteria Aquilla Nera in Umbria Italy. The Famous Five stayed there when their plane was forced to land. 1387
PIXIE KID, The A boxer in Ben Adams’ boxing booth. 414
PLUMMER, Mr. J. Stuart A con man who posed as the Treasurer of the Courtfield Branch of the British Unemployment Benevolent Fund. He persuaded Bunter to raise a subscription amongst the boys of Greyfriars and then disappeared with the profits. Bunter was expelled, but was re-instated when he exposed Plummer who was trying to defraud Courtfield Cottage Hospital. 856
PLUMMY, Mr. The butler at Wharton Lodge prior to the arrival of Wells. 152
PODGE, Mr. A police constable at Gunthorpe. 326
POINDEXTER, Mr. Elias J. An American embezzler who was pursued by Richard Wilmont and was rescued from a fire at Wimford Mill by the Famous Five. 1207
POINTER, Captain A card sharp who made money from Mauly during a train journey to Blackpool. 234
POLK, Mr. Myron The top actor at the Perfection Studios in Hollywood when the Greyfriars party went to make a movie. Vain and paranoid, he also indulged in a little bootlegging on the side, for which he was arrested. 1092
PONCET, Monsieur A french business friend of Mr Vernon-Smith. 1366
PONG, Mr. An agent of Tang Wang posing as a clerk to Wun Lung’s father in Hong Kong. 1181
PONKER, Mr. A theatrical agent in the Strand. His agency is responsible for arranging bookings for “Crum’s House Of Magic”. 1050
PONS, Monsieur A passenger on the Comet during the Famous Five’s journey to Brazil. Bunter mistakingly believed him to be O Lobo in disguise. 1463
PONSONBY, Cecil A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. Son of Sir Cecil Ponsonby and cousin of Frank Courtenay the Fourth Form captain. A thorough bad hat, stopping at nothing to achive his aims. The leader of a group of knuts that would easily have been expelled from any other school, and have only escaped their due punishment because of the protection of their form-master Mr Mobbs. 138
PONSONBY, Sir Cecil The father of Cecil Ponsonby. 853
PONSONBY, Colonel An uncle of Cecil Ponsonby. Harry Wharton saved his life when he nearly drowned during an argument when the Famous Five camped on his land during their hiking holiday 1336
PONSONBY, Sir Gerald The owner of several factories in Lancashire including the one at which Mark Linley worked before he joined Greyfriars. 103
PONSONBY, Mr. Walter A cousin of Cecil Ponsonby who works in a bank in Bowdsley, Lancs. An unknowing accomplice in Pon’s plot to disgrace Linley, he quickly made amends when he discovered the truth. 939
POOKS, Mr. The landlord of the Golden Pig Inn at Hoad where the Famous Five stayed during their hiking tour. 1335
POPHAM, General The Famous Five encounter him on a railway journey from Lexham to Courtfield. He complained about their behaviour and exchanged blows with Cherry. Everybody visited the police station where both parties accused the other of assault, but Inspector Grimes dismissed the whole affair. 452
POPHAM, Major The owner of some land near Greyfriars. The Co. had some trouble with him when they camped on his land. 74
POPOO-LO-LINGA-LULO Usually known just as Popoo. A kanaka who Bunter adopted as his faithful servant during the Mauly vacation in the South Seas. 1589
POPPER, Mr. Owner of a second-hand clothes shop in Friardale where the Operatic and Dramatic Society purchased a lot of their stage costumes. 65
POPPER, Archibald A nephew of Sir Hilton Popper. Wibley used his identity to return to Greyfriars after he had been expelled. 1536
POPPER, Cecil A nephew of Sir Hilton Popper. Raised in a circus following the death of his father, he was placed at Greyfriars by Sir Hilton. He never took to school life and left to rejoin the circus. 1166
POPPER, Miss Cecily A neice of Sir Hilton Popper. Bob Cherry saved her life when she was nearly knocked down by a train at Friardale. Bunter claimed the credit, but the truth came out via Marjorie Hazeldene. 431
POPPER, Gerald A nephew of Sir Hilton Popper. He joined company with Ponsonby & Co to poach his uncle's pheasants. He eventually changed his ways and became friends with Wharton & Co instead. 871
POPPER, Sir Hilton The owner of Popper Court, a large estate between Greyfriars and the River Sark, and Chairman of the Board Of Governors of Greyfriars. He likes to meddle in the affairs of the school and is a strong believer in strict discipline. He hates the boys trespassing on his land and “disturbing his pheasants” and has claimed a local island in the Sark as his property, despite local knowledge to the contrary. 183
PORKINS, Mr. Joseph Porcival An uncle of the Bunter Brothers, known as Uncle Joe. Bunter had been telling him that he was top of the Remove. When Uncle Joe visited the school and discovered the truth, he bestowed a generous tip on Sammy Bunter. 684
PORRITT, Mr. The butler to Monson’s father at Monson Chalet near Wallingford in Oxfordshire. The Famous Five encountered him during their boat trip on the Thames. 1648
PORSON, Mr. The butler at Mauleverer Towers in Hampshire. 1244
PORTAL, Mr. The Fourth Form-Master at Abbeyside School. 451
PORTER, Mr. A red-headed member of a gang of jewel thieves that were using Black Rock Island as a hideout until discovered by the Famous Five. 816
PORTER, Mr. The father of James Porter, he is almost an invalid. 632
PORTER A footballer for Courtfield Rovers. 136
PORTER, James A schoolboy at Courtfield County School and one of Dick Trumper’s friends 146
PORTERCLIFFE, Lord The owner of Portercliffe Hall near Margate in Kent. The Famous Five spent a holiday there with the Fish family, who were intent on finding the late Earl’s hidden fortune. Just after the hoarde had been found, the current Lord Portercliffe arrived and claimed his money 1434
PORTERS, Inspector A member of the Courtfield police who was helping Inspector Grimes to capture Rupert Villemond, an Old Boy of Greyfriars who was on the run. 936
PORTIA, Aunt An aunt of the cousins Todd. She lives at Acacia Lodge. 205
POTTER, George A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. Shares study 4 with Greene and Coker. Accepts most insults from Coker so that he can share in Aunt Judy’s lavish spreads. A good sportsman who sometimes features in First Eleven matches. 145
POTTER-STOLEY, Mr. A Member of Parliament who gave a job to Mr. Perrin when he left the Wessex Institute. 623
POTTS, Mr. The boatkeeper at Greyfriars. 279
POTTS, Peter A temporary page boy at Greyfriars. He arrived at the same time as Arthur Jolly who persuaded him to change places as a jape. 165
POUNDS, Mr. A grocer in Friardale. 137
POUNDS, Jim A schoolboy at Courtfield School in Dick Trumper's gang. 573
POWELL, Mrs. On the occasion of a party from the Remove leaving the school early in the morning, she arranged for sandwiches to be prepared for them to take on the journey. 601
POWER, Mr. Roger The owner of Power Brothers, a new company that manufactures cricket bats. To advertise the company they numbered each bat and gave cash prizes to the owners of lucky numbered bats. 702
POWSER, Mr. A chauffeur employed by Mr. Vernon-Smith. 1643
POWSER, Mr. A chauffeur who works for Courtfield Garage. 1148
POYNINGS, Mr. Secretary to Henry Coker. He tried to blackmail and then poison his employer and also kidnapped Horace Coker. 981
POYNINGS, Mr. Master Of Arts at Oxford who fell on hard times. During his time on the road as a tramp he educated Ragged Dick who was later to use his education at Greyfriars. 906
POYNINGS, Mr. Arthur An ex-prisoner who obtained a position of chauffeur to Dr Locke using the name Barnes. He was later exposed as the Courtfield Cracksman. 1140
POYNINGS, Mr. Edgar A cousin of Cecil Ponsonby. He was working as mate on the Silver Scud when Mauly’s party sailed on her and he tried to blackmail Mauly under the name of Gideon Gaunt. 756
PRATT Mentioned, but no indication of who he is. 168
PRATT A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 340
PRATT, Mr. The chauffeur/boat driver of Colonel Bland. He was tempted into stealing a necklace belonging to Mrs Bland, but he was spotted by Bunter when he was hiding his loot. 698
PRATT, Mr. A chauffeur at Courtfield Garage. 1321
PREECE, Mr. Jim A sailor on the Nancy which rescued the juniors when their boat was wrecked. 84
PRESTON A Rylcombe Grammar schoolboy 118.
PRICE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 25
PRICE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 144
PRICE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 222
PRICE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 215
PRICE, Mr. A Greyfriars Form-Master, in charge of the Sixth Form. He shared his teaching duties with the headmaster. 172
PRICE, Sergeant A soldier who came to Harry Wharton's aid when he was attacked by the gipsy Melchior during a visit to Aldershot. 42
PRICE, Stephen A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. A shady character who shares a study with Cedric Hilton and is happy when Hilton has one of his shady spells and is able to support Price financially backing horses or pub haunting. 529
PRIDE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form, he was selected for the First XI when Coker was captain. 263
PRIMROSE, Miss Penelope The headmistress of Cliff House School. A kindly soul but perfectly capable of performing her duties. A close friend of Dr Locke. 58
PRINGLE, Sir John A governor of Greyfriars. 703
PRIOR A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
PROUT, Captain Eustace A nephew of Paul Prout. He forged a signature on a cheque and Mr Tighe used this to try to blackmail the Fifth Form master. 1133
PROUT, Mr. Paul Pontifex The portly form master of the Fifth Form. Known by the form as “Old Pompous”, he tells anyone who can’t get away about his time shooting bears in the backwoods of Canada. Tries to be friendly with his form by paying surprise visits to the Fifth Form Games Room, and has the misfortune to have Coker as one of his pupils. 38
PRYE, Mr. Joe Ship's mate on the Nancy which rescued the juniors when their boat was wrecked. 84
PRYSON, Mr. A chemist in Friardale. 196
PUCCI, Signore The private secretary to Cardinal Colonna in Rome. He showed the Famous Five the sights of Rome in gratitude for their intervention to save Brother Antonio from attack. 1388
PUDSEY, Mr. A local ruffian employed by Mr. Lothrop to eject the Remove, who were on strike in the Gym. 172
PUGG, Jimmy An ex professional footballer who liked to drink too much. Vernon-Smith invited him to join the Greyfriars Crusaders for their match against the Remove. 249
PUGGLES A juggler in Tomsonio's circus. 93
PUGSLEY, Mr. Snub A bookmaker who took bets from Loder. After Loder stopped contacting him, he resorted to blackmail and was later arrested at Ramsgate. 892
PULTNEY, Sir Fulke A completely ficticious character invented by Montague Snooks to prove his connections to the aristocracy. 814
PUNCE, Mr. The stationmaster at Friardale at the time Mauly joined the school. 184
PUNTER, Mr. Bernard R. A business man who sent his son Wilfred to Greyfriars to seach for the Greyfriars Treasure. Their plot was discovered by Bunter. 952
PUNTER, Captain The owner of a travelling circus that camped on Courtfield Common. A shady individual, he employed Jenkins the Joker as a drunken Lion Tamer. 636
PUNTER, Captain A card-sharp that met the Famous Five on a railway journey. By pretending to be a Greyfriars old boy and a soldier, he managed to persuade Cherry & Inky to play cards with him and they lost money. 450
PUNTER, Mr. Percy A friend of Mr. Quelch's brother Herbert. When Herbert was suspected of theft, Percy contacted Quelch for money to keep quiet about his whereabouts. 238
PUNTER, Professor He came to Greyfriars to try to sell hair-restorer to Mr Prout. 763
PUNTER, Wilfred The son of Bernard Punter. He was sent to the school to find the Greyfriars Treasure, but failed. 952
PURFITT, Mr. A costumier in Lantham that Wibley often visits. 1308
PURKISS, Mr. Billy A very early landlord of the Three Fishers pub. 453
PURKISS, Smudge A tramp who found Mauly’s bike and sold it to Bunter. 1659
PURKISS, Mr. One of a gang in New York thugs who kidnapped Coker during the visit of the Greyfriars party en route to Hollywood. 1094
PURKISS, Mr. A ruffian and a tramp in the Wimford area. 47
PURKISS, Mr. A fisherman in Pegg that the Famous Five often visit to help out. 1068
PYCROFT, Mr. The ship’s mate on the Sea Nymph during the Famous Five’s cruise. 1312
PYE, Mr. Joseph Montgomery A comedian at Tomsonio's circus. 93
PYE-SMITH, Mr. Percival Pomfrey Reginald's father. 591
PYE-SMITH, Reginald Aubrey An upper class twit who joined the Remove. He was the subject of many japes including squirting Coker & Co. with sooty water. Eventually it was discovered that he had joined the wrong school and he departed for Greyfriars Secondary School, Yorkshire. 591
PYLE, Mr. A Greyfriars form-master of the Second Form. 178
PYNSENT, Mr. The tutor who taught Harry Wharton before he joined Greyfriars. 1