NADESHA, Miss A gypsy woman who told Wharton about Melchior & Barengro’s escape from prison. 9
NALAU A kanaka on the Sea Cat in the South Seas. 1595
NALOUTH, Prince Lal An uncle of Inky, he tried to take over Bhanipur so that his German allies could stop Indian troops fighting in Europe. 379
NATTY A crook operating in Chicago. 1095
NAWKINS, Mr. A Fish & Chip shop owner in Angel Alley. His merchandise was considered inferior to that of Mr. Peter Bird. 228
NAYLOR, Mr. One of a gang of shore-pirates. When Mauly lost his way and called at Sylvester’s house at Cliffdale Heath, he was kept prisoner and put to work digging up their loot which was buried in a cave. 835
NED One of the workmen that were engaged to repair Greyfriars. Working during term time they created havoc and Dr. Locke had to request that the Governors grant the school an extra week’s holiday. 641
NELLY A housemaid at Greyfriars. 132
NESSUNO An Italian who wanted Mr Vernon-Smith to lose interest in a concession in Kenta. He tried several methods, including kidnapping, but was eventually captured by the Famous Five & Smithy. 1523
NEVERS A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
NEVILLE A Rookwood schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a member of the First XI. 1154
NEVILLE, Mr. Jack A professional footballer for Loamshire. He was recruited into the Remove's team to play Highcliffe when Ponsonby fielded 3 Old Boys in his team. 138
NEWCOMBE, Arthur A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form on the Classical side. He is a good friend of Jimmy Silver. 382
NEWCOMBE, Major Wun Lung's guardian in England when he first joined Greyfriars. 35
NEWELL A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 183
NEWLAND, Mr. Joseph The father of Monty Newland. He is a wealthy buisnessman. 216
NEWLAND, Montague A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study 9 with his close friend Penfold. He has plenty of money but Penfold keeps him from spending too much on the study. 216
NEWMAN, Bob An alias of Vernon-Smith during the time he was trying to earn his own living in London. 674
NEWMAN, Mr. William Newman's father. 733
NEWMAN, William A Greyfriars schoolboy in the First Form run by Wally Bunter. He had a peculiar habit of entering studies in order to tidy them. If the study was locked, he simply climbed in down the chimney 733
NIBBY A van boy on a cart that delivered goods for Fish and Alonzo. 618
NIBLICK, Mr. Tom A professional golfer at Courtfield who sometime plays a round with Mr. Prout. 655
NIXON, Captain An officer in the Royal Flying Corps who was stationed near Greyfriars. 476
NIXON, Mr. Nutty A lock-picker who was a member of Nosey Clark’s gang when they tried to persuade Valentine to return to the gang. 1297
NKOLO A Cannibal in Africa. 773
NOBBS, Mrs. Mother of Nobby Nobbs, the strongboy. She looked after Arthur Banthorpe whilst her son was at Greyfriars. 232
NOBBS, Nobby A performer at Herr Hackenback's circus. He was billed as the Strongest Boy on Earth. He came to Greyfriars in place of Arthur Banthorpe 232
NOBBS, Nobby A clown at Whiffles’ circus. 1069
NOBBY One of a group of thugs that attacked Jeff Blake in Lanchester. Wingate came to his rescue. 661
NOBLE A member of the LCC boys football team that played the Remove at Stamford Bridge in aid of charity. 993
NOBLE, Harry A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Shell. An Australian, and a fine sportsman. 79
NOLAN, Mr. An estate agent who tried to swindle Coker's Aunt Judy. When that failed, he robbed her of her wallet. It was recovered by Wibley who was disgused as Aunt Judy for a prank. 895
NORTH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourt 161.
NORTH, Tom A Greyriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form and a prefect. He plays in goal for the First XI. 52
NORTHCOTE A Highcliffe schoolboy. 632
NORTHCOTT A Greyfriars Schoolboy in the Remove. 135
NORTON A Greyfriars schoolboy. 15
NORTON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 144
NORTON A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
NORTON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 213
NORTON A tailor’s apprentice in Friardale who joined with other local youths to capture the Deadshot Gang. 632
NOSEY The driver of a van used by a gang of smash and grab raiders. 1531
NOSEY One of the ruffians hired by Poynings to kidnap Coker. 982
NPONG A cannibal ju-ju man in Africa. 772
NUGENT, Amy A sister of Frank Nugent. 881
NUGENT, Cissy A sister of Frank Nugent. 881
NUGENT, Dolly A sister of Frank Nugent. 1249
NUGENT, Frank A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Already at Greyfriars when Wharton arrived, he was the first to befriend the future leader of the Remove, despite Wharton’s reluctance. Eventually they became best friends, sharing Study No 1 in the Remove passage. 1
NUGENT, Mr. Henry Father of Frank Nugent. 183
NUGENT, Mr. John An uncle of Frank Nugent. His visit to Greyfriars was used by the juniors to teach Fish a lesson. 465
NUGENT, Mrs. Mary The mother of Frank Nugent. 183
NUGENT, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. The younger brother of Frank Nugent and, with Gatty and Myers, one of leaders of the form. 100
NUTTY NAT A criminal who, along with Sly Bill, tried to steal Bob Cherry's invention. 500