M'TOKO A cannibal ju-ju man in the tribe of Tofoloko. 1235
MABEL A maid employed by Mr. Pecker. 736
MACDOUGALL, Ronald A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 620
MACFEE, Dr. A medical doctor in Courtfield & Pegg. He was called to Cliff House school to treat Wharton after he was rescued from the Smuggler's cave. 140
MACLAREN, Boy A speedway rider at Lantham races. 1220
MACLAREN, Ken A cousin of Boy MacLaren. 1220
MACDONALD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 54
MACEY, Mr. A schoolmaster at St Agar's school which Blundell and his cousin Leonard attended before Blundell came to Greyfriars. When Blundell and his cousin were caught breaking bounds, Leonard attacked Mr. Macey and injured him. 683
MACK The school porter at Rookwood. 1328
MACKENZIE, Dr. A medical doctor in Friardale. He was consulted by the juniors when they had food poisoning after cooking their own food in the school kitchens. 18
MACKENZIE, Mr. A cousin of Mauly and owner of a cottage near Gunthorpe. Mauly and the Famous Five planned to visit the cottage. Skinner & Co overheard them and arrived at the cottage before them, posing as Mauly and friends. 326
MACPHERSON, Uncle An uncle of Ogilvy’s who sent him a postal order for 5/- which Ogilvy splashed out in the tuck shop. 447
MADDISON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 49
MADDOX, Mr. A Greyfriars Maths Master, the predecessor of Larry Lascalles. 57
MAHBUB The chief hunter at Inky’s palace at Bhanipur. He tracked down and beheaded Baji Rao following his failed coup. 968
MAINWARING, Miss Elsie A film star with Mr. Hunker’s film company. Wingate fell in love with her and helped her to clear her father’s name. 660
MAINWARING, Mr. John Elsie’s father. He escaped from prison when found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Eventually he surrendered to police and was cleared of the crime. 661
MALCOLM, Captain Arnold A glider pilot and friend of Colonel Wharton. He organised a gliding competition at Greyfriars in which the boys not only flew the gliders but built them. 824
MALCOLM, Captain The father of Roy & Connie Malcolm. He sent Roy to Greyfriars against his wishes. 535
MALCOLM, Miss Connie The sister of Roy Malcolm. She was rescued by Coker in a house in London following an air-raid. She made Coker promise to look after her brother when he arrived at Greyfriars. 535
MALCOLM, Roy A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He was sent to Greyfriars against his will as he wanted to join the army like his father. Coker had promised Roy's sister to look after Roy and his patience was tested to the full. His father finally relented and Roy left Greyfriars to enlist in a military college. 535
MALEK A camel driver hired by the Greyfriars party in the Sahara when searching for Major Cherry. In the pay of Bou Saoud, he tried to delay the boys in their search. 866
MALLET, Mr. John A sailor on the Spindrift who joined the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
MALTBY A footballer with Lantham Corinthians. 943
MANDERS, Mr. A Form-Master at Rookwood school. His absence from the school was filled by Mr. Spofford, who was then unable to take the place of Mr. Quelch who was suffering from a cold. This gave Wibley a chance to spoof the Remove. 1341
MANNERING A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 82
MANNERS, Harry A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Shell. He is a close friend of Tom Merry and a keen photographer. 39
MANNERS, Reginald A St Jim's schoolboy in the Third Form, the younger brother of Harry. 569
MANTON An alias used by Leonard Lembolt when he was sent to Greyfriars. 790
MARCELLE A nephew of Monsieur Charpentier 1242
MARCHANT, Mr. One of Captain Donovan's gang of raiders that attempted to raid Storm Island. 712
MARCHBANKS, Mr. The butler to Lord Trant at Trant Elms. 1526
MARCO A sailor shipwrecked with the juniors on an island just outside Pegg Bay. 62
MARCO The lion tamer at Muccolini’s Circus. Believing Bunter to have courage to face his lions he hired the Owl as his assistant until he finally discovered the truth. His real name is Bill Williams. 1481
MARCO A member of a gang hired by Dr O to kidnap Wun Lung. 1544
MARGARET, Aunt An aunt of Harry Wharton who lives at Bournemouth. 1192
MARIA One of the girls in the party of day-trippers to Blackpool that Mauly danced with. 234
MARIA, Aunt An aunt of Bob Cherry. She made him a cake which was indigestible. 206
MARKER, Mrs. A housekeeper at Greyfriars. 18
MARKER, Captain Eric He sent da Costa to Greyfriars in order to get Harry Wharton disgraced. Wharton had been made heir to a distant relative, Mr Cortolvin, and Marker (who was the nephew of Mr Cortolvin) hoped that with Wharton disgraced the money would revert to him. The plot failed and Captain Marker left the country in disgrace. 1059
MARKER, Mr. Gideon An antiques dealer. He sent Mr. Quelch an old book on approval but Gosling failed to deliver it. As a result, Mr. Marker visited the school and Bolsover wrongly assumed he was there to harm the Remove master. 676
MARKOFF, Captain Ship’s captain of the Seamew. He and his crew are a gang that specialise in lightning raids and fast escapes. They raided Greyfriars and Wharton and Cherry were carried off in their escaping ship. 309
MARKS, Mr. A bookmaker in Courtfield. Sir Harry Beauclere forged a letter to him in Bolsover’s handwriting in an attempt to get Bolsover expelled. 330
MAROUDI, Mr. Hilmi An Egyptian landowner and trader. He met the Greyfriars party on their trip to Egypt and was very helpful in thwarting the attempts of Kalizelos to kidnap Mauly in his quest for the scarab. 1279
MARRIS, Mr. A friend of George Roff. 388
MARSDEN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 545
MARSDEN, Mr. A private secretary to Sir William Cherry who embezzeled his employer’s money. 1108
MARSH, Douglas A forger who rented a cottage near Greyfriars. He convinced Wharton & Co. that he was a detective and nearly succeeded until Ferrers Locke appeared. 495
MARSH, Jack A Claremont schoolboy, he is a member of the junior football team. 421
MARSH, Miss An office girl in the office of Philip P Parsons, a music hall booking agent. 619
MARSH, Mr. Tony A bookmaker who specialises in Football Results. He has an office above the George & Dragon pub in Courtfield. Tom Redwing was seen by Skinner entering the pub and was expelled. When it was discovered that he had been trying to help his friend, his expulsion was cancelled. 724
MARSHALL, Mr. The gardener at Riversdale, a house on the banks of the Sark. When Sammy Bunter broke the ice and fell in, he provided a ladder to help Bob Cherry & Sammy crawl to safety. 837
MARTHA, Aunt An aunt of Billy Bunter. She was given the task of looking after Bessie Bunter for Christmas 1933. She agreed, only on the condition that neither of Bessie's brothers was to join her. 1349
MARTHA, Aunt An aunt of Bob Cherry. She stayed for a while at the Croft, a house at Latchley, about 5 miles from Greyfriars. 870
MARTIN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 29
MARTIN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 87
MARTIN The captain of Courtfield Ramblers football team. 562
MARTIN, Mr. Snippins newspaper ran a competition by burying a treasure token and printing a clue to it's whereabouts. The Co. buried a box containing "treasure" for Bunter to find. Mr Martin arrived at the school from the Editor's office to complain about the "dead and decaying cat" he had received in the post from Bunter. 523
MARTYN, General A soldier and Greyfriars old boy. He came to the school to present a shooting prize and discovered that the drill-sergeant was an imposter. 424
MARY A parlourmaid at Wharton Lodge. 1177
MARY JANE A housemaid at Greyfriars. 56
MARY BEATRICE WINIFRED A housemaid at Greyfriars. 9
MASON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 18
MASON A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
MASON A servant to Major Thresher. 1153
MASON, Mr. A personal secretary to Mr Vernon-Smith. 1525
MASON, Mrs. She runs the boarding house in Courtfield where Stott’s brother, Clifford stayed when he was working at the bank. 788
MASON, Mrs The mother of Richard Mason who was a budding author called into the army. With a mortgage to pay, she turned to Vernon-Smith to type her son’s novel so that it could be published. 411
MASON, Mr. Richard An author who was called into the army before his first novel could be published. Vernon-Smith typed the manuscript to help his mother. 411
MATTER, Mr. Watts D. A patent medicine seller with his friend Hunk P. Dunk who tried to sell hair restorer to Fisher T. Fish. 920
MATTHEWS, Captain A soldier who was in charge of showing the party from the Remove around the battlefields of the First World War. 602
MAUD A Cliff House schoolgirl. 151
MAULEVERER, Mr. Brian A cousin of Lord Mauleverer who tried to kill Mauly when he visited Mauleverer Towers for Christmas. After that he left to seek his fortune in the islands of the South Seas. Under an alias of Ysabel Dick he plotted to kidnap Mauly when he visited the islands with the Famous Five in order to inherit Mauly’s title and money. The plots failed and he was pardoned by Mauly. 776
MAULEVERER, Sir Fulke An ancestor of Mauly's in the time of Richard I. He was a cruel man who was killed by his own brother in a tower at Mauleverer Towers. 776
MAULEVERER, Sir Gilbert An ancestor of Mauly's in the time of Richard I. He killed his own brother to stop his tyranny. 776
MAULEVERER, Lord Herbert Plantagenet Often described as being “too lazy to live” he prefers to spend his free time lazing on a sofa in his luxuriously furnished study to exerting himself. He has one of the sharpest brains at Greyfriars and, when forced into it, he often finds the solution to baffling mysteries. Orphaned early in life, he is brought up by his two uncles who give him a very free hand with his money, trusting in his judgement. 184
MAXWELL, Billy A friend of Vernon-Smith who lives in London. He helped out when Smithy was trying to earn his own living. 674
MAXWELL, Mr. James A Greyfriars Old Boy, he returned to the school with a team of Old Boys to play the First XI at football. 844
MAYNE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 97
MCALPINE, Mr. Angus An inventor who asked Harry Wharton to deliver the plans for his new invention to Mr Kerr in Edinburgh, so that they would not be stolen by Jerrold Drew. 672
MCCANN, Mr. Barney The leader of an american kidnapping gang that came to Greyfriars to kidnap Fisher T. Fish when his father briefly became wealthy. 1162
MCCANN, Captain A former big game hunter who was assigned the task of capturing Ludwig Kranz during the trip to East Africa. 1162
MCGRATH, Chief Inspector A scotland yard detective who was investigating Howard Curfew. 832
MCILVAINE, Mr. Mr The gardener at Cliff House school. 72
MCKENNA The goalkeeper of the Hampshire Boys Football team that the Remove played when on tour of southern England. 405
MCMANUS A member of the LCC boys football team that played the Remove at Stamford Bridge in aid of charity. 993
MCNAB, Mr. The butler at Lochmuir Castle. He and the rest of the staff were scared away by the Wraith of Lochmuir. 829
MCTAB, Mr. Angus Known as Sandy to his friends, a plantation manager and magistrate on Kalua, Mauly’s island in the South Seas. 1588
MELCHETT, Angelo A member of the Rafia, a secret society. 1108
MELCHIOR A vicious gipsy who, along with Barengo, kidnapped Marjorie Hazeldene on her first visit to Greyfriars 5
MELCROFT A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Sixth Form. He was rescued with Mowbray and Loder by Wally Bunter when the barn in which they were playing cards burnt down. 735
MELLISH, Percy A St Jim's Schoolboy in the Fourth Form (School House). 297
MELOAH A gypsy woman who warned Harry Wharton before he and his uncle were kidnapped by Captain Holsten. 1053
MERCIER A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
MERCY, Tom A boxer who was beaten by Bob Cherry, he later got his revenge. 430
MERIVALE, Dick A Claremont schoolboy, he is a member of the junior football team. 421
MERRICK The captain of the Luxford Athletic Cricket Club. He stole a formula from his employers, Drake’s Cloth Dyeing Works, and concealed it inside his cricket bat until he could sell it to a rival company. When the bat was bought by Squiff, Merrick tried unsuccessfully to steal it back. 448
MERRY, Thomas A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. He is junior captain and a very good friend of the Famous Five. 39
MERTON, John Arthur A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 138
MEUNIER, Adolphe An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 6
MICHAEL A gipsy who was holding Ralph a prisoner in his caravan outside Wharton Lodge. 1038
MICHAEL A gipsy who, together with his friend Joseph, was hired by Ponsonby to kidnap Bob when the juniors were hiking in Yorkshire. 1337
MICK A gypsy who was found to be a brother of Aubrey Angel, his real name being Maurice Angel. He was, for a short time, a member of the Greyfriars Remove, but was unable to adapt to his new life. 819
MICK One of Dandy Sanders’ gang that tried to recover stolen loot from Greyfriars. 1273
MICK A ruffian employed by Cyril Rackstraw to attack Tatters. 1200
MIDDLEMISS A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
MIEL A gypsy boy, the son of Meloah. 1053
MIFFIN, 'Erbert The big brawny labourer son of Mrs Miffin. He ejected Bunter and all his posessions from his mother's house when Bunter could not pay his bill. 856
MIFFIN, Mrs Arabella A landlady in Friardale who rented an unfurnished room to Bunter for 10/- a week. Bunter cleaned out her kitchen of all the food and Mrs Miffin got her son, 'Erbert, to evict him. 856
MIGGS, Mr. The owner of a tobacconist/confectionary shop in Courtfield where Loder buys his smokes. 262
MIKE The stableman at Greyfriars when they kept horses. 73
MIKE A stableman at the Cross Keys Inn. He and Sam Smith were hired by Ponsonby to keep Wharton and Cherry away from the football match with Highcliffe. 192
MIKE One of a gang of tramps who attacked Dr Locke on his way to visit Wharton Lodge. 985
MIKE A poacher who likes to work in Frump Park with his friend Charley. Ponsonby ran into them in the dark and was taken by the keepers in error. 1338
MILDRED A housemaid at Greyfriars. 505
MILLER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 107
MILLER, Mr. Jack Whilst on leave to find his father, his boat was severely damaged 557
MILLER, Mr. Peter Grief at the loss of his son in the First World War turned Peter into a preaching pacifist, and when he thought he had lost another son he tried to commit suicide. 557
MILLERAND, Monsieur A Greyfriars French Master before the arrival of Mossoo. 3
MILLS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 21
MILLS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 73
MILLS, Sergeant A policeman from Courtfield who tried to capture Dick Grahame. 847
MILLY, Miss A Cliff House schoolgirl. 59
MILSOM A greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 946
MILSOM, Mr. The owner of a Livery stables in Friardale. The Famous Four hired a horse from him to pull the Saucy Susan caravan. 73
MILSOM, Mr. A planter in Kenya. The Greyfriars party stayed with him during their trip to East Africa. 1228
MILSON, Mr. A supplier of sports equipment in Friardale from whom Nugent buys supplies for the Remove Sports Club. He gives a discount for prompt payment. 339
MILSUM, Mr. A private detective who tried to arrest Mr Myers. 889
MIMBLE, Mr. Alfred The husband of Mrs Mimble and the Greyfriars School gardener. 18
MIMBLE, Mrs. Jessie The manageress of the school tuckshop and a very astute business woman. 2
MIMBLE, Reginald Bertie Cecil Fitzroy The only son of Alfred & Jessie Mimble. A greedy and dishonest youth. 44
MIMMS, Mrs. The tuckshop owner at St Jim's 64
MINNA, Miss A gypsy girl that Bunter saved from being hit by a train at a level crossing. 1016
MINTER A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
MITCHELL, Mr. A glazier in Friardale who always gets called out when they break the window in Study No. 1. (5 times in one term). 116
MITCHELL, Dr. Wilfred A replacement for Dr Locke when the head was on holiday. When Wibley found out that Dr Mitchell was unable to join Greyfriars as arranged, he proceeded to impersonate him until he was discovered by Aunt Judy. 1153
MITCHISON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
MITFORD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 327
MIX, Mr. George An attendant in Whiffles Circus. 1069
MOBBS, Mr. Albert Hicks The snobby master of the Fourth Form at Highcliffe School. He makes favourites of those with titled relations and Ponsonby is especially honoured. He turns a blind eye to any indiscretions by Pon and his pals and tries to prevent contact with the boys from Greyfriars espcially the Famous Five whom he detests. 255
MOFOBO A Moteli tribesman, and captain of the guard to King Tofoloko. 1235
MOHAMMED One of a family of donkey boys in Cairo. Their scam was to sell a donkey to an unsuspecting tourist and then the donkey would run away, back to the gang to be sold again. 1280
MOLDY, Mr. The owner of an Undertaker's shop in Rylcombe High Street. 738
MOLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 49
MOLES, Inspector A police inspector who was called in to take charge of the hunt for Huggins after he attacked Cardew of St Jim’s. 1074
MOLLY A cousin of Loder. When staying near Courtfield she fell through thin ice and was saved by Coker. 780
MOLLY, Mother The owner of a boarding house in Angel Alley. It was more expensive than most, charging tuppence a night. 228
MONK, Dr. The headmaster of Rylcombe Grammar School. 118
MONK, Frank A Rylcombe schoolboy and a member of their junior cricket team. His father is headmaster. 118
MONK, Miss Phyllis The cousin of Frank Monk. 118
MONSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 107
MONSON A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fifth Form. Elder brother of Richard Monson. 255
MONSON, Mr The father of Richard Monson. 1648
MONSON, Richard Middleton A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. One of Ponsonby’s group of bad hats, he’s not the worst of the lot but joins in most of their little schemes. 168
MONTAGUE, Mr. A shop assistant in the pawnbroker’s department of Mr. Lazarus’s shop. He spotted that the silver teapot that Bunter was trying to sell was stolen, and kept the fat owl talking until inspector Grimes arrived. 380
MONTANA, Senhor Pedro A sailor on the Castille. In order to get the smuggled diamonds that were hidden on board, he murdered most of the crew. He died when trying to escape. 1077
MONTEITH, James A St Jim's schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 436
MONTGOMERY A Courtfield School schoolboy in Dick Trumper's gang. 573
MONTGOMERY, Mr. The manager of the Theatre Royal at Courtfield. He wanted Teddie Tenniel to appear for a week at the theatre, but Teddie had to stay at Greyfriars. 653
MOOCHER, The A ruffian who came to the Greyfriars area to extort money from Bolsover Minor who had known him in the London slums. 219
MOOKERJEE, Mook A wise Moonshee of Bhanipur who taught Inky his own unique form of the English language. 969
MOON, Mr. The manager of the Courtfield Bunshop. 1416
MOON, Mr. A temporary replacement for Mr Prout as Fifth Form master. 1190
MOORE, Alderman A local dignitary who offered 100 pounds to the best local amateur football team in Courtfield. A prize that was won by Dick Trumper’s Courtfield School team. 785
MORGAN, David A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A Welsh boy who shares study 6 with Desmond & Wibley. Although keen on sports he is not up to the standard needed to be in the Remove teams. 8
MORNAY, Monsieur Although primarily the assistant to Herr Rosenblaum, he did also do some teaching in French at Greyfriars. 6
MORNINGTON, Valentine A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form, on the Classical side. Shares a study with Kit Erroll. 453
MORRISON, Miss Madge A box office girl at Manton Hippodrome. She was distracted from her post whilst two men escaped with the contents of her till. 619
MOSES A Pawnbroker in Angel Alley. He bought Bolsover Minor's etons when he bolted from school. 228
MOSES, Mr. The owner of a second hand shop in Friardale. 174
MOSES, Mr. Isaac The proprietor of the Courtfield Finance Company. 955
MOTANGO A native from Maboude in the Congo. He carried a message from Kikolobo to Mr Vernon-Smith informing him of Kranz’s intention of enslaving the Greyfriars juniors. 1235
MOUSSA The reis (or captain) of Mr. Hilmi Maroudi’s dahabiyeh on the Nile 1282
MOWBRAY A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Sixth Form. He was rescued with Melcroft and Loder by Wally Bunter when the barn in which they were playing cards burnt down 735
MPOCA A cannibal who acted as an interpreter for Bunter when he was briefly king during the trip to Africa with Captain Corkran. He later attacked the Greyfriars party and was killed. 772
MUCCOLINI, Signor Pietro The owner of “Muccolini’s Magnificent Circus and Managerie”. He lived a double life as a spy in the days before the Second World War, using the touring circus company as a cover to take photos of air camps. Bunter discovered his secret, and blackmailed Muccolini into giving him a job in the circus. Eventually he was arrested by Ferrers Locke. 1481
MUCKLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 66
MUFFIN, Reginald A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form on the Classical side. 739
MUFFINS, Dame The owner of the tuckshop in Friardale before Uncle Clegg. 25
MUGDEN, Mr. Alfred Owner of a Livery Stable in Friardale, described as "rather a rough show". 943
MUGG A Redclyffe schoolboy. 198
MUGG, Peter A loafer at the Cross Keys and a friend of Ben Cobb. 149
MUGGINS, Signor The owner of “Muggins Famous Circus”. A cruel man, he had a grudge against Greyfriars following the Famous Five's intervention to stop him being cruel to his animals. 740
MUHLBACH, Herr Fritz A cousin of Herr Gans, he came to Greyfriars as a German master when Herr Gans left for a short time. Coker suspected him of being a German spy and the Famous Five found the proof that was needed for him to be arrested. 348
MULBERRY, Mr. Jack A card sharp at the Feathers Inn. Hazel got into debt with him. 795
MULLER, Herr An elderly uncle of Herr Gans who was staying in a cottage at Pegg. When Herr Gans visited him, it caused Smithy to suspect the German master of spying. 295
MULLER, Mr. The owner of “Muller's Menagerie” that visited Courtfield. 278
MUMBY, Dr. A medical doctor in Friardale. 57
MUMMER, Mr. Cornelius A fading actor who likes a drink of rum. He was a friend of Wibley and he persuaded the junior actor to join him in a theatre touring company. 832
MUNROE, Dr. A medical doctor in Courtfield. He was called when Sir William Cherry was poisoned by the Rafia. 1108
MURPHY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 265
MURPHY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 277
MURPHY A St. Judes’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. He is the junior cricket captain. 334
MURPHY The ship’s mate on the Sally Ann. When she was docked at Pegg, Bunter ran away from school and got himself a job as a cook on the boat. He soon learned that it was no easy job. 802
MURPHY, Mother The owner of the tuckshop in Rylcombe village. 118
MURPHY, Shamus A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 215
MURPHY, Uncle An uncle of Micky Desmond. He sent Desmond some stamps, one of which was believed to be valuable. 425
MURRAY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 230
MUSGRAVE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 81
MUSTAPHA A member of Ludwig Kranz’s slave trading gang. He was killed by Kikolobo. 1234
MUSTAPHA A donkey boy in Alexandria when the Greyfriars party visited Egypt. 1279
MUSTAPHA An orange grower in Egypt. After being swindled by Bunter with a phoney gold piece, he found Bunter in his orange farm eating his oranges. 1282
MYERS, Edwin A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. A close friend of Gatty and Dicky Nugent. 100
MYERS, Mr. Father of Edwin Myers. He was suspected of a crime and came to Greyfriars in disguise as a Form-Master. He was later cleared of suspicion when the real criminal was captured. 889