LA RIVIERE, Miss Leonora A film actress in Hollywood whose real name was Jane Snookson. Mauly saved her from a fire at the studio and fancied that he was in love with her. 1100
LA ROCHE A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
LACY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 39
LAGDEN, Abel A forger on the run from the police. He hijacked the hot air balloon containing the Famous Four and tried to escape on the boat the Belle-Marie that rescued them in the channel. He didn't succeed and was arrested when the boat docked in England. Later he escaped from prison and visited Greyfriars for revenge on Wharton. 111
LAGDEN, Mr. Rupert A temporary replacement for Mr Quelch as Remove Form-master. He was a criminal known as Jimmy the One and Flip recognised him from his days in the slums. He was arrested by Inspector Brent. 1250
LAGDEN, Mr Stephen A temporary replacement for Mr Lascelles. He was knocked down on his way to Greyfriars and the escaped convict James Loder took his clothes and joined the staff at Greyfriars in his place. 1494
LAKE, Miss Alice A Cliff House schoolgirl. 68
LAKME An Indian dancing girl at Inkyís palace at Bhanipur. Bunter had a crush on her until his leg was pulled. 968
LAL, Achmet One of two kidnappers, the other being Nana Sewani, who tried to kidnap Hurree Singh from Greyfriars. 514
LAMB, Mr. A temporary replacement for Mr Quelch as Remove Form-master. He was a burglar known as Slim Jim and was, in fact, holding Mr Quelch as a prisoner because Quelch could identify him. After a long feud with Smithy, Mr Lamb was captured by Ferrers Locke when attempting to burgle the Headís safe. 1660
LAMB, Mr. A former boxer known as The Lambury Lamb. He was engaged with other ruffians to put down the rebellion by the Sixth Form. 744
LAMBE, Mrs. The wife of the Vicar of Friardale. 248
LAMBE, Miss The daughter of the Vicar of Friardale. She had an eye for the senior pupils at Greyfriars. 248
LAMBE, Mr. The vicar of Friardale and a close friend of both Mr Quelch and the Head. 248
LAMBERT, Mr. A name given to Mr. Leggett by Dr. Locke when the good Doctor thought that it was his long lost nephew Percy. 357
LANCASTER, Mr. The uncle of Dick Lancaster and a skilled safe cracker who taught Dick his trade. 1209
LANCASTER, Mr. George The father of Dick Lancaster. He was killed in action during the First World War. 1209
LANCASTER, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form also known to the police as "The Wizard" for his exceptional safe-cracking abilities. He was sent to Greyfriars by Slimy Sugden where his cricketing talents made him extremely popular. He saved Ferrers Locke from injury and was pardoned and allowed to emigrate. 1209
LANCHESTER, Sir Peter Due to threats upon his life, Sir Peter decided to create a phoney Lord to fool attackers. Bunter was lucky in impressing Sir Peter and was given the job. 1556
LANCHESTER, Captain William A friend of Lord Trant. Bunter used a letter to Captain Lanchester as an invitation for himself and the Famous Five to visit Lord Trantís home in London to view the Coronation. 1526
LANE A schoolboy at Rylcombe school. 118
LANE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form, he was selected for the First XI when Coker was captain. 263
LANE, Mr. Jim A former member of Black Edgarís gang, he travelled to Ravenspur Grange for revenge. Before he could reach the Grange he was shot and killed. 1125
LANG, Dr. A medical doctor who attended Alan Talbot during his illness. 202
LANG, Mr. Hubert A temporary replacement for Mr Quelch as Remove form-master. He had no idea of how to handle a class with the result that the Remove sent him to Coventry. 189
LANGLEY, Arthur De Bohun A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Sixth Form. He is the Head of School and Captain of Games. 374
LANGTON A St Jim's schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 436
LANKESTER, Captain Gerald Captain Gerald A friend of Lord Cavandale. He attempted to kill Lord Cavandale when staying at Cavandale Abbey in order to prevent his horse running in the Lantham 1,000 Guineas race. He was exposed by Ferrers Locke and forced to flee the country. 1191
LANTHAM A Greyfriars schoolboy. 36
LAPIN, Monsieur The chief of the detectives engaged in the search for Andre Lombard. 725
LARKIN One of the keepers on Sir Gilbert Frumpís estate at Frump Park. 1338
LARKIN, Mr. The butler to Mr Vernon-Smith at his Courtman Square mansion. 1223
LARSON, Mr. A German agent who was helping Ram Das in his attempts to kill Inky. 379
LASALLE An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 40
LASALLE, Monsieur Felix A French circus performer. He kidnapped the head's daughter Rosie and toured with her in the circus. When the circus reached Friardale, Rosie was discovered and rescued. 162
LASCELLES, Miss Amy The sister of Larry Lascelles. She is confined to a wheelchair and Mr. Lascelles was caring for her. This was the reason why he didnít join the army. When Dr. Locke discovered this he arranged for Amy to stay at the school, and Larry was free to enlist. 391
LASCELLES, Lawrence A Greyfriars master teaching Mathematics and Sports. A very popular master amongst the boys where heís known as ďLarryĒ. He was a professional boxer before joining the staff at Greyfriars. 324
LASKER, Herr Fritz A Dutch sailor on the ship "The Adler" that was wrecked in Pegg Bay. 301
LATHOM, Mr. Philip G. A St Jimís Form-master of the Fourth Form. 585
LAUREL, Laura A film actress with Mr. Jamfreyís film company. Her real name is Laura Peters. 690
LAWRENCE A friend of Hurree Singh's before Inky came to Greyfriars. 7
LAWRENCE A St Jimís schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 340
LAWRENCE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 744
LAZAROFF, Serge A Russian agent working to stir trouble in India. He helped Baji Rao in his attempt to usurp the throne of Bhanipur. When the plot faied he was executed. 963
LAZARUS, Mr. Isaac Solomon The owner of a second hand shop and pawnbroker in Courtfield. He is also very good at stage make-up and often helps Wibley with preparations for his stunts. 54
LAZARUS, Solomon Known as Solly, he is the son of Mr Lazarus and a schoolboy at Courtfield Grammar School. He is a good friend of the Famous Five and a member of his schoolís sporting teams. 146
LAZENBY, Mr. The guardian of Sir Harry Beauclere. 329
LEACH, Mr. A loafer at the Three Fishers who will take the occasional bet. 1329
LEACHE, Mr. A sailor on the Spindrift who joined the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
LEARY A member of Two Gun Sandersí gang in New York that tried to kidnap Smithy. 1574
LEBLANC, Monsieur Engaged as a temporary replacement for Mossoo, he was taken to a boxroom on his arrival and locked in by Alonzo, who had been japed into thinking that he was a criminal. 169
LEBON, Louis Joseph Marie Jaques A waiter at the Paris exhibition who was not amused at Bunter calling him ďCochonĒ instead of ďGarconĒ. 1543
LECCHI, Giovanni A gang leader in Italy. He kidnapped the Famous Five on the orders of Dr Sin, but Bunter was able to rescue them. 1544
LEDGEY, Mr. George A tramp and ex-member of The Dandyís gang. He attacked Mr Devarney, and Newland was able to come to his assistance. 1127
LEE, Bob A footballer for Friardale. 509
LEE, James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He was sent to the school so that he could make friends in order that his cousin, Ulick Driver, could rob them. He rebelled against the plan and eventually made a full confession to Inspector Grimes. 779
LEECH, Mr. When he was dismissed from his position as footman at Popper Court, he stole the silver and hid it on Popperís Island where it was found by Coker. 1479
LEFEVRE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 424
LEGGE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 992
LEGGE, Mr. Benjamin The headmaster at Courtfield School. 146
LEGGETT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 1040
LEGGETT A Rookwood schoolboy on the Classical side, and a friend of Skinner. 453
LEGGETT, Mr. A partner in the firm of Leggett & Teggers who supply teachers to the best schools. 1495
LEGGETT, Mr. A thief and a drunken scoundrel. He came to Greyfriars pretending to be the Headís nephew, Peter. Unfortunately, Peter had also returned at the same time and he was exposed. 357
LEGGITT, Mr. Ned A longshoreman who frequents the Anchor Inn at Pegg. 264
LEIGH, Cecil A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. His real name was Henry Hopkins and he was allowed to join Greyfriars using his motherís name. A real snob until his fatherís unexpected visit. 188
LEMBOLT, Cyril The rightful owner of the Towers at Courtfield. As a child he was kidnapped and given to Caleb Hemsley to raise. Meanwhile his uncle, Godfrey Lembolt, inherited the estate. 790
LEMBOLT, Mr. Godfrey The uncle of Cyril Lembolt and the father of Leonard Lembolt. He kidnapped his nephew so that he could inherit the Towers, Courtfield but he was foiled by the Famous Five. 790
LEMBOLT, Leonard The son of Godfrey Lembolt. A fat, obnoxious boy who was sent to Greyfriars under the name of Manson to find documents that proved his cousin Cyril was the owner of The Towers, Courtfield. 790
LENNOX, Captain William The Scottish captain of the Aloha, a sailing ship that was part of Mr Vernon-Smithís fleet in the South Seas. He had thirty years experience when he took the Greyfriars party on their treasure-seeking trip to Caca Island. When his ship was seized by Soames, he was pitched overboard during the night. 1022
LEOPARDI, Signor The tiger trainer at Muller's Menagerie that visited Courtfield. 278
LEROUGE, Alphonse An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 34
LEROUGE, Henri A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
LESTER The captain of Loamshire County Cricket club, of which Larry Lascelles is a member. 1322
LEVINSKI, Mr. Moses A moneylender who nearly forced Dr. Locke into ruin. Monty Newland, a new boy, knew his shady secrets and persuaded him to agree to accepting easy payments from the Doctor. 216
LEVISON, Miss Doris The sister of Ernest & Frank Levison. She is friendly with the girls of Cliff House. 795
LEVISON, Ernest A schoolboy, at one time in the Greyfriars Remove where he was a bad hat and was eventually expelled for pub hunting. He joined St Jimís and reformed his character to become a member of their Junior teams and a good friend of the Famous Five. 18
LEVISON, Francis A St Jimís schoolboy in the Third Form. Known as Frank, he is the younger brother of Ernest Levison. He has spent some time at Greyfriars in the Third Form. 510
LEVISON, Mr. John Father of Ernest, Doris and Frank Levison. In order to find a will made by a former master of Greyfriars, in which he was a beneficiary, he sent his two sons to Greyfriars for a short while. 1031
LICK, Sheriff The sheriff at Packsaddle in Texas. 1576
LIDDELL A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 142
LIGHTFOOT A member of the Tottenham Hotspur football team that played Crawley United. 312
LIMBURGER An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 34
LIMBURGER, Fraulein Wilhelmina A fat German schoolgirl at Cliff House school before Bessie Bunter arrived. 59
LING, Mr. A deputy governor at Stoneville prison at the time that Vernon-Smith was sentenced to a term at Borstal. 933
LINKY A village youth from Friardale who likes to cheek the Remove. 900
LINLEY, Mrs. Alice The mother of Mark Linley of the Remove. 938
LINLEY, Gerald The younger brother of Mark. He spent some time at Grefriars in the Third Form, where he was a snob. After the boys knocked some sense into him, he decided to return home. 468
LINLEY, Miss Mabel A sister of Mark Linley. 65
LINLEY, Mark A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He won a scholarship and earned a place at Greyfriars. Coming from a working class family, he had a battle with the bad hats to establish himself. By self determination he overcame most of the difficulties. Constantly striving to win prizes in order to help his family, he nevertheless has become a valued member of the Remove XI. 45
LINLEY, Mr. Thomas The father of Mark Linley. A working man and proud of his sonís achievements at Greyfriars, he is often ill and is sometimes dependant on what little Mark can provide to help the family. 444
LINLOW A Greyfriars schoolboy. 268
LINX, Mr. The mayor of Holme who presented the prizes at the skating competition held on the frozen river Sark. 96
LISLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 77
LISLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 96
LIZZY, Aunt An aunt of the Bunter brothers. She doesn't like Billy because he ate all of her apple dumplings during one of his visits. 699
LLEWELLYN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 333
LLOYD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth form. 415
LLOYD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth form. 370
LOCKE, Mrs. Eleonora The wife of Dr Locke, the headmaster of Greyfriars. 5
LOCKE, Mr. Ferrers A world famous private detective and a cousin of Dr Locke. Like all famous detectives he has his rooms in Baker Street. He is often at the school when the need arises. Sometimes he uses his assistant, Jack Drake, when he is busy or when it is more appropriate. 345
LOCKE, The Rev. Herbert Henry The headmaster of Greyfriars School. Respected by the staff and boys, he mostly leaves the running of the school to his staff. Often seen as unworldly and sometimes taken in by rogues and criminals, he is a competent headmaster and is sorely missed on the occasions when he is absent from his duties. 1
LOCKE, Miss Herpatia A Cliff House mistress and a graduate of Girton College, Oxford. She is a sister of Dr Locke. 28
LOCKE, Miss Molly The youngest daughter of Dr Locke. 48
LOCKE, Mr. Neville He is a surgeon in the Royal Navy, and a nephew of Dr. Locke. When visting his uncle he was called upon to diagnose Bunter's "illness" after he had been Professor Engersen's guinea pig. 472
LOCKE, Mr. Percy A nephew of Dr. Locke and former pupil at Greyfriars. He was sent away by Dr. Locke for being drunk. He travelled widely as a scoundrel and a thief before becoming a reformed character and returning to Greyfriars. 357
LOCKE, Mr. Ralph A cousin of Dr. Locke, he is the boss of the Wessex Institute in London. The institute helps ex-convicts to start a new life. Vernon-Smith got a job at the Institute as Mr. Lockeís private secretary. 623
LOCKE, Miss Rosalie Lost at an early age, she was discovered, by Wingate, working in a circus. She was rescued and returned to Dr Locke. 162
LODER, Gerald Assheton A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. A prefect, a bully, a smoker, a gambler, a breaker of bounds, and a liar. The worst of the bad hats at Greyfriars, he has a down on the Famous Five and will waste no opportunity to try to find against them. Usually though he comes off worst in his tussles with Harry Wharton & Co. 66
LODER, Mr. James A cousin of Gerald Loder, he escaped from Blackmoor Prison where he had been wrongly sent for theft. He arrived at Greyfriars to take up the post of Games Master by impersonating Stephen Lagden who had been injured in a road accident. Eventually the real culprit was discovered and Convict 22 was cleared, but not until after some embarassing moments for the prefect. 1493
LODER, Major The father of Gerald Loder and owner of Loder Park. 1493
LODER, Major William An uncle of Gerald Loder and owner of Thames Nook on the Thames near Henley. 275
LODGEY, Mr. Bill Known as Bill, he is a horse dealer who stays at the Cross Keys Inn. He deals extensively in off course betting with anybody who wants a flutter including the bad hats at Greyfriars. 579
LONG A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 50
LONGLEY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 50
LONSDALE A Rookwood schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a member of the First XI. 1154
LOO, Foo An aircraft pilot working for Dr Sin who flew the ďAncient And Honourable PigeonĒ when the Famous Five and Wun Lung were aboard. 1544
LORING, Sir John The magistrate for Storm Island. He looked after the Remove football team after they had foiled the raid on the island by Captain Donovan. 712
LORNE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 10
LORRAINE, Monsieur Jean A thief who framed Dupont's cousin Andre Lombard for his crime. Eventually he confessed his guilt to detectives. 725
LOTHROP, Mr. Another temporary headmaster, appointed when Dr. Locke had to leave Greyfriars to look after his daughter Rosie, who was ill. He was a sadist, and quickly lost the respect of the Remove. They went on strike in the Gym and held out until Dr. Locke returned. 171
LOTHROP, Mr. Henry Appointed Headmaster during Dr. Locke's absence, Mr. Lothrop was siezed and imprisoned in the ruins of the old Priory on his way to the school by an escaped lunatic, Valence. The lunatic then arrived at the school posing as Mr. Lothrop. 82
LOUIS A longshoreman who was paid to kidnap the Famous Five during a trip to Marseilles. 1508
LOUIS A ruffian in Paris who kidnapped Bunter on the orders of Tiger Bronx. 1385
LOUIS, Monsieur The head waiter at a hotel in Monte Carlo. He served the Famous Five during their stay there. 270
LOUISE A niece of Monsieur Charpentier 951
LOVELACE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form in the nineteenth century. He was head boy of Greyfriars and led the famous rebellion against the tyrannical Headmaster, Dr Trumpington. 1043
LOVELACE, Lord Charles He persuaded his tutor to let him join Greyfriars as a temporary Form-Master in place of the tutor. 289
LOVELL, Arthur Edward A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form on the Classical side. 382
LOVELL, Lord The son of Lord Ferndale. He joined the Remove in place of Tom Lynn to find out what reception Tom might get. 261
LOWNDES, Mr. Presumably a master at Greyfriars. When Wharton & Co. were preparing to perform the opera Carmen, they borrowed a large mirror from his bedroom whilst he was "away for a few days". 15
LOWTHER, Montague A St Jimís schoolboy in the Shell and a close friend of Tom Merry. 39
LUCAS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 81
LUCAS A Redclyffe schoolboy and captain of their junior football team. 295
LUCAS, Inspector A Police inspector from Courtfield. He was called to the school to investigate the possible drowning of Smithy. 298
LUCAS, Mr. The private secretary to Mr Skelton. He disliked Bunter, and managed to evict the junior from his employerís Park Lane mansion when Mr Skelton took a holiday abroad. 1037
LUGG, Theodore An alias used by Gadsby when he visited Greyfriars as a dentist. In disguise, he removed and filled teeth until Smithy spotted his plot. 353
LUIGI The head waiter at the Hotel Superbo, where the Famous Five & Bunter stayed during their visit to Rome. 1388
LUNN A St Judeís schoolboy and Junior Captain. 439
LUNN, Harold A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 604
LUSCOMBE, Squire The owner of Lantham Chase, he was forced to rent the property to Captain Vernon and live abroad due to high taxation. 1632
LUTZ, Karl One of the alien schoolboys at Herr Rosenblaumís Foreign Academy. 6
LYLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 75
LYNN The captain of the Trojans cricket team. 325
LYNN, Miss Mabel Mabel A Cliff House schoolgirl. 575
LYNN, Thomas Thomas A workhouse boy who saved the life of Lord Lovell. As a reward he was sent to Greyfriars. Afraid of the reception he would find, he allowed Lord Lovell to join the Remove in his place to test the waters. 261
LYTTON, Mr. One of two crooks that stole the Headís silver plate, Having hidden the plunder in the old priory, they were discovered when they returned for it. The Famous Five, assisted by Tozer, captured them. 1006