KA-A-HA-HUA-HINA, Captain Captain of the ship Flamingo, one of Mauly’s ships that work in the Pacific. 1593
KALASHTI The bosun’s mate on the Aloha, one of Mr Vernon-Smith’s ships in the Pacific. 1023
KALIZELOS, Mr. Konstantinos An Egyptian art dealer who knew the secret of a scarab which was in the possession of Mauly. During the trip to Egypt of the Famous Five and Mauly, he made numerous attempts to steal the scarab. He was finally arrested with the help of Hilmi Maroudi. 1277
KALOUTH The head of Inky’s staff at his London home. 723
KALOUTH An agent of Baji Rao. Under the direction of Nally Das, he made several attempts to kidnap Inky, both at Greyfriars and during the trip to India. 960
KALULU'ULULO A kanaka boy from the South Seas. He came to England as the servant to Soames when he tried to get his revenge on Redwing. 1089
KAMINENGO The cannibal chief on the island of Baloo in the South Seas. 1589
KANG An agent of Tang Wang. He made several attempts to kidnap Wun Lung during the trip to China before he was finally captured and beheaded. 1182
KASMIR One of the tutors that taught Inky to speak English. He came to England to help Inky in his fight against the agents of Mahbad Singh who was trying to overthrow the schoolboy prince. 845
KATIE A schoolgirl at Cliff House School. 410
KEARNERY, Mr. A film producer at Enterprise Films in Hollywood. 1097
KEARY, Mr. Tug One of Chick Chew’s gang that tried to kidnap Fishy. 1474
KEBBLE, Mrs. The housekeeper and head cook at Greyfriars. 38
KEELEY, Black A smuggler member of Scaife’s gang at Pengarth where he is employed as the caretaker. 809
KEELEY, Peter A longeshoreman from Pegg who was a member of a gang that tried to claim salvage on the boat that ran aground near the Shoulder. Wharton & Co. (aided by a snake) managed to fight them off. 239
KEEN, Mr. A farmer near Freyfriars. The Famous Four raised their hats to his donkey in a lane, believing it to be the Cliff House girls. 113
KEENE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 180
KEENE, Mr. Kirkby A detective skilled in the art of Ju-Jitsu. He joined the Greyfriars Remove in order to protect kidnap target Buddy Yonk. Despite his efforts Yonk was kidnapped but Keene eventually effected his release. 677
KELLY, Mr. A Greyfriars Form Master of the Second Form at the time of Sammy Bunter’s arrival at the school. 144
KELLY, Red The Irish landlord of the Red Flare at Packsaddle. 1578
KEMP, Inspector A police inspector from Courtfield who was called to Greyfriars to investigate the stolen Craven Cup. 198
KENNEDY The captain of the Hampshire Boys Football team that the Remove played when on tour of southern England. 405
KENNEDY A Friardale County School schoolboy and also a member of their junior football team. 792
KENNEY, Philip A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth form. One of the black sheep, he shares study 6 with Aubrey Angel. 545
KENWIGG, Mrs. The cook at St Jim's. 64
KERR, George Francis A St Jims schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 39
KETTLE A Greyfriars scchoolboy in the Remove. 66
KETTLE, Mrs The owner of the tuckshop at Rookwood School. 1328
KICK, Mr. Hiram A tutor of Bertie Sylvester. He accompanied Bertie when the fag joined Greyfriars. 345
KIDD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 66
KIKOLOBO A chief of the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya. When on holiday in Nairobi, Smithy saved Kicky from an attack by a lion. To show his gratitude, the kikuyu protected the Greyfriars party from attacks by Ludwig Kranz. 1228
KILDARE, Eric A St Jim's schoolboy in the Sixth Form. He is a prefect and school captain. 64
KILDARE, Mr. Michael A cousin of the St Jim’s skipper. He met the Famous Five when they spent a holiday at Eastwood as the guests of D’Arcy. 450
KILLICK, Mr. A farmer in the vicinity of Greyfriars. He is a poor man and, when his bull escaped and destroyed Bob Cherry's bike, he could only offer £2 in compensation. 127
KILLIP, Mr. Joseph The owner of a garage in Friardale. Hazeldene hired a motorcycle from him and couldn’t pay the cost of repairs after he had crashed it. 949
KING A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 4
KING, Captain Ken The captain and owner of the Dawn ,a boat used for trading in the South Seas. Known as King of the Islands, he rescued the Famous Five following Ysabel Dick’s attempt on their lives. 1593
KING, Sergeant A policeman at Blistworth. He was sent to arrest George Royce, but the Famous Five managed to delay the arrest long enough for news of Mr Royce’s innocence to be known. 691
KIPPERS A boot boy at Highcliffe school and a Bunter lookalike. On the day he joined the school he was persuaded by the "knuts" to visit Greyfriars and rag some Remove studies as he would be mistaken for Bunter. On the way to the school, he stopped a runaway trap containing Mr. Quelch. Bunter, of course, took the credit for the deed. 657
KIPPS, Oliver A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. An accomplished conjurer and practical joker, usually combining the two to amuse and annoy his fellow Removeites. He shares study 5 with Hilary. 268
KIPPS, Mr. Oliver The father of Oliver Kipps, he is a conjurer and circus performer. Having made some money, he sent his son to Greyfriars to get a good education. 268
KIRKMAN The captain of Latcham Town cricket team and a good bowler. 695
KLACK, Mr. A musical director and conductor at Mr Whiffle’s pantomime company. 409
KLEIN, Franz A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove, where he was known as Franz von Limburg. 356
KNOGGS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 300
KNOWLES A Rookwood schoolboy in the Sixth Form and a member of their cricket First XI. 1154
KNOWLES, Mr. John Father of Ulick Stone. When Arthur Durance was left a fortune by his mother, Knowles kidnapped Durance and sent Stone to Greyfriars in his place. 1131
KNOX A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 634
KNUTT, Mr. A tutor to Lord Charles Lovelace. He was appointed as a temporary replacement for Mr. Quelch, but Sir Charles persuaded him to change places so that Sir Charles could act as Form-Master. 289
KOKO A kanaka who worked on the Dawn in the South Seas. 1598
KOLOLOO The chief of police in Kalua in the South Seas. 1590
KOMOO A cannibal in the South Seas. 1596
KONSTANTINOPOULOUS, Mr. A Greek friend of Colonel Wharton. He was unable to translate the inscription inside the cigarette case belonging to Soames. The inscription was written in Greek characters but was a code used by Soames. 1611
KOO-KOO A cannibal chief in the South Seas. 1595
KOTOO A kanaka who worked in Captain Parsons boat, the Sea Cat, in the South Seas. 1595
KRANZ, Mr. Franz A Greyfriars Old Boy who returned to the school to get details of Major Cherry’s invention. In order to persuade Major Cherry, he kidnapped Bob and held him prisoner in the vaults under the school. 1354
KRANZ, Herr One of 4 German sailors who the Famous Five rescued when their barge was set adrift in the Channel. The sailors mutinied and captured the Famous Five, but finally the tables were turned again resulting in the sailors being handed over to the British forces as Prisoners of War. 363
KRANZ, Ludwig A slave-trader operating in East Africa. He made several attempts to kidnap Smithy when the Greyfriars party toured that part of Africa. Eventually he managed to sell them into slavery in the Congo, but Kikolobo freed them and killed Kranz. 1228
KUDI, Ram A fellow countryman of Inky and a member of a sect called The Red Heart. He visited Greyfriars with the intention of kidnapping Inky and taking him back to Bhanipur as a prisoner of the sect. He was foiled by Ferrers Locke and the Famous Five. 609
KULOO A kanaka in the South Seas. 1593