JACK, Gentleman A kidnapper who, with his friends, Jake and Jerry, kidnapped Phyllis Howell and Bessie Bunter in order to hold them for ransom. The plot was foiled by Coker and Archie Howell. 700
JACK, Uncle An uncle of Bulstrode. He hasn’t seen Bulstrode for some time and still believes him to be captain of the Remove. 850
JACKS, Colonel George Washington A tourist with Colonel Skink in Egypt. The two of them were able to thwart Kalizelos’ plan to abduct the Greyfriars juniors. 1283
JACKSON A chauffeur to Mauly. 234
JACKSON An alias used by Jack Drake when posing as a chauffeur to the Famous Five whilst being pursued by Jimmy The Fox. 1421
JACKSON, Mr. An alias used by Five-Hundred-Dollar Smith when he posed as a postman in the plot to kidnap Bertie Sylvester from Greyfriars. 345
JACKSON A fisherman from Pegg who was a friend of Caleb Hemsley. 790
JACKSON, Mr. A keeper at Popper Court. 954
JACKSON, Mr. A policeman under Inspector Grimes. When a confederate of the Courtfield Cracksman was cornered in an overflow pipe, Jackson was shot as the man tried to escape. 1149
JACKSON, Mr. The factory manager at Mr. Hardinge's factory 225
JACKSON, Mr. Henry An alias used by Dandy Sanders when he visited Greyfriars disguised as a reporter from the Lantham Advertiser. 1271
JACKY A kanaka who worked on the Aloha during the Greyfriars Party’s visit to the South Seas. He was killed by Soames when he took over the ship. 1022
JACOB A gypsy who, with his friend Charley, attacked Mr Prout until Coker came to the rescue. 1042
JACOB, Mr. Jacob A stockbroker in Courtfield. 671
JACOBS, Mr. David A pawnbroker in Friardale. 233
JACOBSTEIN, Mr. A A secondhand clothes dealer in Waterloo Road in London. He bought Vernon-Smith’s clothes and sold him a cheaper suit when Smithy was trying to earn his way in the world. 933
JAGGERS, Mr. Charles Convict, number 44, at Blackmoor Prison. He was a former old boy of Greyfriars who was jailed for forgery. When he escaped he made for the school in order to hide out in the old chapel. 327
JAGGERS, Mr. Huck He tried to kidnap Mauly but got Bunter instead. He then did capture Mauly and held him to ransom but the Famous Five discovered his hideout and rescued the schoolboy lord. 692
JAKE One of the kidnapping gang run by Gentleman Jack. 700
JAMES A footman at Wharton Lodge. 152
JAMES A manservant at Holly House. 984
JAMES A servant to Lord Mauleverer. 184
JAMES A coachman at Greyfriars. 165
JAMES A footman at Portercliffe Hall. 1435
JAMES A footman at Popper Court. 1480
JAMES A footman at Trant Elms. 1526
JAMES A footman at Ravenspur Grange. 1122
JAMES A chauffeur to Mr. Sempronius Skelton. 1037
JAMES A footman at Live Oaks, a cottage owned by Mauly’s cousin, Mr Mackenzie. 326
JAMES A servant of Reverend Lambe. 413
JAMES A footman at Combermere Lodge. 912
JAMES A servant of Mr. Josiah Stubbs at his house at Courtfield. 724
JAMES A footman at Monson Chalet. 1648
JAMESON A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 340
JAMFREY, Mr. James H. The director of a movie company that was shooting a film near Greyfriars. 690
JAMRACK, Captain The captain of the brig Mindanao on which the Greyfriars party travelled during their second trip to the South Seas. 1589
JANE One of the housemaids at Greyfriars. 1356
JANE A housemaid at Wharton Lodge. 98
JANE A servant girl at Chuckfield Place, Sussex. 538
JANE A maid in the service of Bob Cherry's Aunt Martha at The Croft. 870
JANET A maid at Mr Nugent's house, The Oaks. 881
JANET A housemaid at Wharton Lodge. 1349
JANETH, Mrs. A gypsy who was the mother of Minna, the little girl that Bunter rescued from being hit by a train. 1016
JANG, Lal He was employed by Chunder Run to kidnap Vernon-Smith during the trip to Kenya. 1231
JARDINE, Professor A leading developer of wireless. When testing with a friend in an old tower, the friend became mentally ill and threw the key out of the window. Luckilly, his calls for help over the air-waves were received by the Famous Five who were able to rescue the two men. 775
JARRAM, Mr. An Indian planter of Butiaba on the shore of Lake Victoria. The Greyfriars party visited him on a trip to Africa. 1233
JARVIS, Mr. The butler at Cherry Place. 1142
JARVIS, Mr. A woodcutter in Friardale wood (possibly in error for Joyce). 1135
JARVIS, Mr. A bookmaker in Courtfield who takes bets on school football matches and deals with Ponsonby. 463
JARVIS, Michael The son of Mr Jarvis, the woodcutter. 1135
JARVIS, Mrs. Head cook at Greyfriars before Mrs Kebble arrived. 25
JARVISH, Mr. James A manservant to Mr Shook who persuaded his employer to leave him his fortune. To try to protect himself from Tiger Bronx (the nephew of Mr Shook) he gave all his money to Bunter on condition that Bunter should employ him as a manservant. 1383
JASMOND, Mr. The butler at Reynham Castle. 1557
JASON A butler at Popper Court. He stole the Kilmarnock Diamond belonging to Sir Hilton. His plot had been overheard by the Famous Five when practising signalling, and they were able to foil the plot. 608
JASON, Mr. A farmer near Greyfriars who possesses a headstrong bull. 788
JASON, Mr. Samuel Known locally as ‘Soapy Sam’ he was the son of Farmer Jason. He was a deaf brute who delighted in punishing Greyfriars men when they trespassed on the farm. 788
JEAN A nephew of Monsieur Charpentier 951
JEE, Kasi A servant of Inky at his palace in Bhanipur. He had the misfortune of being chosen by Bunter as his personal servant during the Famous Five’s visit to Inky’s homeland. 968
JEEVES The butler to Major Thresher. 974
JEFFREYS, Mr. A temporary headmaster of Greyfriars. A brutal bully, he forced the Remove to mutiny. Eventually, when he failed to bring the mutiny to an end, he was dismissed. 501
JELKS, Mr. A handyman employed by Wharton's great aunt. He was going to help Bob develop his invention, but was taken ill. 500
JELKS, Mr. A swindler who tried to sell shares to Walker’s Aunt. 954
JELKS A servant of Major Thresher. 1153
JEMIMA Known as Cousin Jimmy, she is Mauly's cousin. She arrived at Greyfriars to ensure that Mauly participated fully in Sports Week. One of her methods was to follow the mile race on a bicycle using a whip to spur his lordship on to the finish. 903
JENKINS A footman of Major Thresher at the Grange. He and the butler wrongly identified Mr. Capper as the thief that attempted a burglary at the Grange. 974
JENKINS The captain of the Lanchester cricket team 849
JENKINS, Mr. A butler at Wharton Lodge when it was situated in Hampshire. 642
JENKINS, Mr. A servant at Popper Court. 819
JENKINS, Mr. A member of the Dandy's gang that tried to kidnap Jack Drake. 1420
JENKINS, Mr. A keeper for Colonel Ponsonby at Ponsonby Park. 1336
JENKINS, Mr. The driver of a hack in Friardale. 326
JENKINS, Mr. The agent in charge of the estate at Eastwood House. 374
JENKINS, Mr. A workman for Canter & Co, Courtfield contractors. He was bribed by Ponsonby to give a lift to Penfold during a marathon run, so that he would be disqualified. 786
JENKINS, Mr. One of Mr Vernon-Smith’s chauffeurs. He called at the school to take Vernon-Smith away when his father decided that it was time for his son to find a job. 622
JENKINS, Mr. Bill A man employed as a lookout by the Society of Good Sports when they met for gambling at 89 High Street, Courtfield. 673
JENKINS, Pete A Horse wrangler at the Kicking Cayuse Ranch in Texas. 1575
JENKINS, Mr. Samuel A performer at Captain Punter’s circus. 636
JENKINS, Mr. William A glazier employed by Chunkleys Stores. He was called to the school to repair a broken window in Wharton’s study. Dandy Sanders had him held prisoner so that he could take his place in order to search for hidden loot from a bank robbery. 1272
JENKS, Mr. A keeper at Compton Hall who was transferred to another of Sir Henry Compton’s estates when he discovered the truth about Ragged Dick. 906
JENKS, Mr. The Owner of Cliff Cottage near Greyfriars. Mr Prout stayed there when he had black eyes, but Coker thought he had been kidnapped. 1187
JERRY A local loafer at the Cross Keys. Together with his pal Joe he was employed by Pon to kidnap Smithy and keep him from participating in the Greyfriars Sports Week. By mistake, they kidnapped Mauly who was so grateful at dodging the exertion that he rewarded the two loafers with a currency note. 903
JERRY The printer’s boy in Friardale who helps to produce the Greyfriars Herald. 792
JERRY The pot-boy at the Cross Keys. 418
JERRY One of the workmen that were engaged to repair Greyfriars. Working during term time they created havoc and Dr. Locke had to request that the Governors grant the school an extra week’s holiday. 641
JERRY One of the kidnapping gang run by Gentleman Jack. 700
JERRY the Pug A tramp who was hired by Joe Banks to hurt Harry Wharton. 1013
JERRY the Rat One of Dandy Sanders gang that robbed the Courtfield County Bank . He hid his loot in Wharton’s study, and several attempts were made to recover it. 1271
JERVIS A valet to Sir Richard Ravenspur. 1123
JERVIS, Mr. A chauffeur employed by Ponsonby during the Greyfriars Hikers holiday. 1333
JESSOP, Mr. The head keeper at Wharton Lodge. 1166
JEX, Mr. Peter Captain of the Nancy which rescued the juniors when their boat was wrecked. He had probably stolen the boat and was using it to escape to South America with the proceeds of a crime. 84
JIGGER The billiard marker at the Anne Boleyn Arms in Courtfield. 681
JIM The driver of the school bus on the first and last days of term. 48
JIM A nephew of Gosling. 395
JIM A confederate of Hunk Jaggers in the attempted kidnap of Mauly. 692
JIM, Dandy An american robber who was trying to take his revenge on Inky. 1096
JIM, Dandy An alias used by Mr. Leggett. 357
JIM, Gentleman A crook who kidnapped a temporary Greyfriars master, Mr Sutcliffe, on his way to the school. He was exposed when the Famous Five rescued the real Mr Sutcliffe. 992
JIM, Gilded A coiner who specialises in making gold sovereigns. Escaping from capture, he tipped Skinner & Stott with 5 coins to ferry him across the Sark. The coins were later discovered as counterfeit and Jim was captured in Brighton. 846
JIM, Slim A burglar who tried to rob Greyfriars and was foiled by Bunter. 1076
JIM, Slim A tramp employed along with Jerry the Pug by Joe Banks to hurt Wharton. 1013
JIM, Slippery A burglar who carries out several burglaries in a district then moves on to a completely different part of the country. He was caught by Vernon-Smith whilst trying to enter the head’s study. 442
JIM, Uncle An Uncle of Squiff who accompanied him on the long journey from Australia to England. 344
JIMMY The stablehand at the Red Cow at Friardale. 209
JIMMY A cousin of Archie & Phyllis Howell, he is a member of The Civil Aviation Corps. He was able to bring Archie in his aeroplane when Archie joined Greyfriars. 646
JIMMY the Fox A crook who had a grudge against Jack Drake and tried to get him when the boy detective took refuge at Greyfriars. 1419
JIMMY the Pincher A tramp employed firstly by Mr Hacker as part of a gang to quell the rebellion of the Remove in the tuckshop, and then by Coker to kidnap Wingate to keep him away from the First XI. 1513
JIMMY the Rat A crook who used Skip to pinch wallets from unsuspecting victims. 1545
JINKS, Mr. Billy One of the ruffians who tried to storm the barricades when the Sixth Form had their sit-in strike against Mr Carnforth. 745
JOBLING, Mr. A bookmaker who stayed at the Cross Keys. He got Loder to trick Hop Hi into taking a short-cut through the woods so that he could be kidnapped. 318
JOBLING, Miss Dolly A Cliff House schoolgirl. 575
JOBSON, Mr. George A tramp. He stole a bicycle from de Courcy and then sold it to Bunter which caused unpleasantness between Greyfriars and Highcliffe. 1056
JOE A local loafer at the Cross Keys. Together with his pal Jerry he was employed by Pon to kidnap Smithy and keep him from participating in the Greyfriars Sports Week. By mistake, they kidnapped Mauly who was so grateful at dodging the exertion that he rewarded the two loafers with a currency note. 903
JOE A farm-hand at Farmer Grabble’s farm, 1091
JOE A labourer who frequents the Cross Keys at Friardale. He helped to eject Vernon-Smith from the pub after an argument with Mr. Cobb. 932
JOE, Blind A villager in Friardale. 792
JOE, Marline A sailor on the ship "Heart's Desire" which ended up as a wreck near Greyfriars. He returned to the ship to search for treasure he believed to be concealed on her. 872
JOE, Mexican One of the cattle rustlers who were stealing cows from the Kicking Cayuse ranch. 1575
JOE, Old A boatkeeper at the Greyfriars boathouse. 918
JOE, Smiley A burglar who robbed Highcliffe School of it’s silver plate and hid it in a wood. He was captured by Inspector Grimes with help from the Famous Five. 380
JOE, Smiley A ruffian that Ferrers Locke sent to prison for 5 years. On his release he tried to attack Mr Locke on his way to Greyfriars, but the detective was saved by the intervention of Paul Dallas. 1002
JOEY A Clown in Tompsonio's circus. 894
JOHN A footman at Eastcliff Lodge. 1677
JOHN A footman at Wharton Lodge. 98
JOHN A servant of Dr Locke. 49
JOHN A footman at Portercliffe Hall. 1435
JOHN A footman at Popper Court. 1480
JOHN A footman at Seahill Park. 1525
JOHN A footman at Gadsby Croft. 1339
JOHN The butler to Major Thresher. 588
JOHN A footman at Mauleverer Towers. 1278
JOHN A coachman at Greyfriars 395
JOHN An old gardener employed by Major Thresher. 801
JOHNSON A manservant at Hawkscliff House. Bunter took a group of friends there posing as Harry Wharton & Co. 693
JOHNSON A Greyfriars Schoolboy in the Remove. 135
JOHNSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the third form. 210
JOHNSON, Mr. A keeper at Popper Court. 1030
JOHNSON, Mr. A keeper at Compton Hall. 909
JOHNSON, Mr. A sailor who was shipwrecked in Pegg Bay. 280
JOHNSON, Mr. A farmer near Greyfriars. 305
JOHNSON, Alf A pickpocket that Vernon-Smith met on the embankment in London. 933
JOHNSON, Smiley He helped to kidnap Coker and hold him prisoner until he was found by the Famous Five. 982
JOHNSTONE, Mr. The owner of a small wood near Greyfriars who doesn’t object to the boys playing there. 557
JOLIFFE, Mr. A boozy layabout in the mould of Jerry Hawke. 97
JOLLIFFE, Mr. The landlord of the Red Cow Inn at Friardale. 46
JOLLIFFE, Mr. The landlord of the Cross Keys pub in Friardale. 635
JOLLY, Arthur A new boy at Greyfriars who swapped places with the temporary page boy who arrived at the same time. 165
JOLLY, Sir Edmund The father of Arthur Jolly who joined Greyfriars as a Remove schoolboy but swapped places with the new page. 165
JOLLY, Ned A kidnapper who was employed by Loder to seize and hold Wingate so that Loder could win the subsequent election for school captain. Loder's plot was discovered and Wharton & Co. found and released Wingate 512
JONAS, Mr. An auctioneer that the Greyfriars Hikers met at Little Puddleton. 1333
JONES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 23
JONES A Greyfriars scchoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 73
JONES A Topham schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 121
JONES A Topham schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 121
JONES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 221
JONES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the First Form, "The Babes". 300
JONES A sailor who was shipwrecked in Pegg Bay. 280
JONES A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 389
JONES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 416
JONES A St Jude’s schoolboy and member of their junior cricket team. 439
JONES A Redclyffe schoolboy and captain of their junior cricket team. 445
JONES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 789
JONES, Mr. Andy The driver of the stagecoach between Prairie Bends and Packsaddle. 1575
JONES, Bert A volunteer fireman in Friardale. 48
JONES, Detective Inspector A police officer in charge of the Shifty Spooner case. 1650
JONES, H A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 362
JONES, Henry The boy at Burchester Reformatory who was brutally attacked by James Carker. 851
JONES, Inspector A policeman at Courtfield before Mr Grimes arrived. 288
JONES, Lieutenant Ivor An Old Boy of Greyfriars, where he was known as The Masher, now a member of the Royal Flying Corps. When stationed near Greyfriars he destroyed a German zeppelin and then his name was cleared in the incident for which he had been expelled. 476
JONES, Joe An alias used by Jack Drake. 1419
JONES, Mr. John One of the victims that answered the advert placed in a newspaper by Smithy in Coker's name. Coker was inundated by people wanting to buy potatoes which he never had. 498
JONES, Mr. Jonas P A salesman of Skinnem's Staminoid Syrup. He arrived at Greyfriars to recifty matters when it was discovered that the wrong potion had been sent to Alonzo. 905
JONES, Mr. In charge of the auction in the Anchor Inn, Pegg, of the wrecked schooner in Pegg Bay. 53
JONES, Mr. A greengrocer in Friardale. 580
JONES, Mr. One of the many farmers nearby Greyfriars school. 140
JONES, Mr. A porter on Friardale station. 184
JONES, Mr. A builder employed by Mr Fish to remove floorboards at Portercliffe Hall in the search for hidden treasure. 1439
JONES, Mr. A chauffeur at a garage in Courtfield that Coker uses. 1133
JONES, Mr. A tobacconist in Courtfield where Mossoo buys his cigars. 302
JONES, Mr. A bookmaker and an aquaintance of Coker who helped him trick the Remove. 325
JONES, Mr. A chauffeur to Ponsonby. 340
JONES, Mr. A workman for Canter & Co, Courtfield contractors. He was bribed by Ponsonby to give a lift to Penfold during a marathon run, so that he would be disqualified. 786
JONES, Mr. The owner of a Sports Outfitters in Courtfield. 954
JONES, Mr. A greengrocer at Combermere, one of the tradesmen that Bunter defrauded at Bunter Court. 917
JONES, Mr. A chauffer to Mr Vernon-Smith. 746
JONES, Mrs. Landlady of the boarding house in Lantham where the Removites stayed while they performed in the pantomime at the Theatre Royal. 409
JONES, Mrs The owner of a teashop near Margate. Harry Wharton fetched her to render first aid to Zara following her fall from a horse. 1489
JONES, Soapy With 2 other tramps he attacked Coker, but Alonzo came to the rescue. 1345
JONES, Miss Susan A schoolgirl at Cliff House School. 408
JONES, Mr. William A boat builder near Friardale Bridge. 1528
JONES, Mr. William The steward on the Comet. 1463
JOOCE, Miss Janet A film actress at the Perfection Film Studios in Hollywood. 1100
JORKINS, Mr. Tom A circus attendant at Harry Hawk’s Circus. 449
JORNINGHAM A butler at Mauleverer Towers. 776
JORROCKS, Mr. The owner of a cycle shop in Lantham. He sold the motor trike to the Famous Five for their use on the hiking holiday. 1118
JOSE A member of O Lobo’s gang. He was killed by a herd of peccaries. 1466
JOSEPH A gipsy that was selling coconuts near Greyfriars when his daughter Minna was saved by Bunter from being hit by a train. 1016
JOSEPH A valet at Mauleverer Hall. 234
JOSEPH A gipsy hired by Ponsonby to steal the Holiday Annual from Bob Cherry. 1337
JOYCE A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
JOYCE, Mr. The head keeper at Popper Court and a brother of Joyce the woodcutter. 402
JOYCE, Mr. A local woodcutter who lives at Lantham but sometimes works near Greyfriars. 1253
JOYCE A keeper at Wharton Lodge. 1038
JOYCE, Mr. The head keeper at Ravenspur Grange. 1122
JUD One of the tramps trying to get the Holiday Annual from Bob Cherry during the hiking holiday. 1334
JUDD, Mr. Kicky A pickpocket who was part of Nosey Clark’s gang when they tried to persuade Valentine to leave Greyfriars. 1305
JUDD, Mr. Lucas 2nd officer on the Norisdale. He met Loder in a pub and played cards. Loder took advantage of Judd being drunk to win 20 pounds. After a long voyage, Judd arrived at Greyfriars to get his revenge. His attempt to kill Loder was foiled by the Famous Five. 377
JUDE, Inspector A Scotland Yard Inspector who was sent to Ravenspur Grange following the murders of two other police inspectors. 1125
JUDKINS, Mr. The ship’s steward on the Silver Scud. 759
JUDKINS, Mr. A workman employed by Mr. Grubb. 387
JUDO, Mr. An accomplice of Gordon Gummer. 818
JUDSON Wharton rested at his cottage after his exertions in rescuing John Redwing from drowning. 886
JUDSON, Mr. A keeper at Wharton Lodge. 1176
JUDSON, Mr. Joe A member of Dandy Sugden’s gang who was sent to Greyfriars to recover the Popper Court Moonstone which Sanders thought he had given to Harry Wharton for safe keeping. 1157
JUGGINS, Albert Brother to Alfred, he was employed as the High Oaks chauffeur despite High Oaks possessing no cars. 1046
JUGGINS, Mr. Albert A tramp that was engaged by Mr Hacker as part of the army to overthrow the Remove rebellion in the tuckshop. 1513
JUGGINS, Mr. Alfred When Mauly started his school at High Oaks, Mr Juggins used his position as caretaker to find employment for the rest of his family. 1044
JUGGINS, Algernon Cecil A pageboy at High Oaks. 1046
JUGGINS, James An ex boxer, he was employed by Mauly to keep order in the classroom at High Oaks. 1046
JUGGINS, Mr. Joseph The editor of the newspaper “Rebel Woman” which carried articles by suffragettes. 341
JUGGINS, Aunt Matilda The cook at High Oaks. 1046
JUGGINS, Percival A second chauffeur at High Oaks. 1046
JUKES, Mr. The owner of a shop near to St. Wode’s school. Bunter took Jack Dutton there to “stand treat” not knowing that Jack was stony. Mr Jukes kept them both prisoner until someone came to settle the bill. 369
JULIAN A St Jim's schoolboy in the 4th Form. 738
JULIO An Italian cab driver in Naples. He pestered the Famous Four for trade when they went walking to the ruins of Pompeii. 218
JUMMER, Miss Sylvia A barmaid at the buffet at Courtfield station. 340