IBRAHIM A tour guide employed by the Greyfriars party when searching for Major Cherry in the Sahara. 865
IBRAHIM A camel driver in Egypt. 1282
IJURRA, Signor Pedro A South American adventurer who came to England to seek out Hazeldene's Uncle, Captain Cunliffe, in order to settle a feud. He was killed after falling from a cliff. 114
IKE A tramp who was employed by Roger Crompton to capture Ragged Dick. 909
IKE One of the tramps engaged by Mr Hacker to quell the Tuckshop Rebellion. 1513
IKEY A member of Lorrell's Lambs, a mob that spent some time at the Anchor Inn at Pegg. 131
INKPEN, Mr. One of the many farmers in the vicinity of Greyfriars. His orchard is a favourite haunt of Greyfriars boys. 845
IONIDES, Heracles A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. A Greek fop and bully who was close to Loder and his crew. 49
IRONS, Inspector Richard An inspector from Scotland Yard who was in charge of the hunt for the Courtfield Cracksman. He took temporary charge of the Remove to hide his identity. 1148
ISAACS A billiards marker at the Cross Keys Inn. 923
ISAACS A fence in Puggins Alley when Flip was living there. 1250
ISAACS, Mr. An investment adviser who was robbed of a valuable diamond ring by Sniggerson. 1352
ISAACS, Mr. An inhabitant of Courtfield. He always starts the bidding at Mr. Grimes auction rooms with a bid of half a sovereign. 729
ISAACS, Mr. Ikey A Moneylender in Dale, a village a couple of miles from Greyfriars. Hazeldene borrowed money from him and couldn't pay it back. Harry Wharton stepped in and settled the debt for him. 12
ISAACS, Mr. Isac A moneylender who was trying to recover a debt from Sir Charles Lovelace. 289
ISAACS, Jacob The son and assistant of the moneylender Ikey Isaacs 12
ISAACS, Mr. Sammy A Stamp dealer in Friardale. He suggested to Gadsby of the Shell that he steal Mr Capper's valuable stamp and sell it to him. 233
ISAACS, Shem A name assumed by the convict Howard Devarney when running a business consultancy in the city. 1126
ITO A japanese servant of Cyrus Parker. 1097
IVANOVITCH Along with Dimitri, he was a Russian Bolshevik in England assigned to kill any Rusian aristocrats fleeing the revolution, or their family in England. When Bunter purchased his Russian title, the two men tried to get him but were arrested. 741
IVES, Mr. Seth A brutal poacher who operated in the area surrounding Wharton Lodge. 47