HACK, Mr. Joshua The owner of the store on Mauly’s island, Kalua. 1590
HACKENBACK, Herr The owner of Hackenback's circus. 232
HACKENBACK, Herr The elephant trainer at Muller's Menagerie that visited Courtfield. 278
HACKER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 46
HACKER, Mr. Horace Manfred A Greyfriars Form-Master of the Shell. From his mean and spiteful nature he is known to all as the Acid Drop. He carries no respect in his form, or even by his fellow members of staff. 171
HACKER, Mr. The door-keeper at the Theatre Royal Lantham. 409
HADDOCK, Mr. Bill A seaman on the tramp steamer Pomerania on which the Famous Four were forced to work at salvaging stolen gold ingots. 231
HAECKEL, Herr A German master at Greyfriars who preceded Herr Gans. 295
HAFIZ Egyptian donkey boy at Port Said where the juniors stopped on their way to China. His donkeys included Ramsay MacDonald, Queen Victoria, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Admiral Nelson & Lord Wellington. 1179
HAFIZ One of a family of donkey boys in Cairo. Their scam was to sell a donkey to an unsuspecting tourist and then the donkey would run away, back to the gang. 1281
HALKETT, Mr. A South American adventurer who had been thrown into a crevice by Pedro Ijurra. He followed the man to England, and he finally got his revenge by killing Pedro at Black Rock. 114
HALL, Mr. Barney The captain of a dirty lugger who made his living by transporting people and goods (not always honestly) among the islands of the Pacific. 1590
HALL, Jim A Texas Ranger with a strong punch, hence his nickname of Mulekick. He helped the Famous Five and Smithy to trap Barney Stone during their trip to Texas. 1579
HAMBURGER, Franz A member of the German scout troop that visited Greyfriars. 80
HAMID An African guide employed by Bou Saoud. He was responsible for leading Marjorie Hazeldene and Clara Trevelyn into captivity in the desert. 867
HAMID, Dost A horse trader encountered by the Greyfriars party during their trip to India. 967
HAMMER, Mr. The owner of a coffee stall in the slums of London where Percy Bolsover was raised. 228
HAMMERSLEY, Vincent A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 520
HAMPDEN, John A winger for the Ironsides football team. 726
HAMZA An agent of Baji Rao who tried drug Inky with a drink, but Bunter drank it instead. 964
HAMZA A camel driver encountered by the Famous Five during their trip to the Sahara. 866
HAMZA A pickpocket employed by Kalizelos in his quest to steal the Scarab of A-Menah from Mauly. 1279
HANDLEY, Mr. One of Captain Donovan's gang of raiders that attempted to raid Storm Island. 712
HANDLEY, Tom A steward's boy on the ship "The Adler". When that ship was wrecked in Pegg Bay, Tom joined Greyfriars under the assumed name of a passenger on the ship who was assumed to have drowned. 301
HANK The cook at the Kicking Cayuse Ranch where the Famous Five and Smithy stayed during their trip to Texas. 1575
HANKEY, Mr. Rat After robbing the Lantham Post Office with Soames, he injured himself in a motorcycle accident before being arrested by the police. 1609
HANKINS, Mr. Bill A longshoreman who frequents the Anchor Inn at Pegg. 264
HANKS A Schoolboy at Rylcombe Grammar School. 118
HIGGINS, Mr. Ted A village youth from Pegg described as “a gawky youth who did not take kindly to work”. He taunted Cora Quelch as she walked from Friardale to Greyfriars until Bunter fought and beat him. 460
HANSON, Mr. The ship’s steward on the Hope. 179
HANWAY, Mr. The landlord of the Waterside Inn near Greyfriars. 107
HARDING, Mr. A solicitor to Algernon Darrell, who arranged for the schoolboy to enter Greyfriars. 310
HARDINGE, Mr. Owner of a Jam and Pickle factory built at Courtfield End near Greyfriars. He closed the public footpath between Greyfriars and Courtfield and started a feud with the school. 225
HARDSTAFF, Mr. A member of the MCC cricket team that visited Greyfriars and played the First XI. 702
HARKER, Mr. Bill A longshoreman and a henchman of Mr Rance during his attempts to persuade the Famous Five to leave Blackrock Island. 1627
HARKER, Mr. Bill A tramp who met Bunter in Friardale Woods when the Fat Owl thought he was a bold bandit. 1137
HARKER, Detective Inspector A Scotland Yard detective who arrested the two Russian bolsheviks trying to get hold of Bunter. 741
HARNESS, Mr. A chauffeur to Dr. Locke. 345
HAROLD Hired with his friend Huggins by Cherry to attack Inky so that Bull could rescue him, he spent too long in the pub and was too drunk to be useful. 497
HARPER The Head keeper at Wharton Lodge. 47
HARPER, Jack The alias used by Vernon-Smith when he was looking for work, so that he should not be associated with his father. 623
HARPER, Second-Lieutenant Percy Coker's cousin. Coker was given leave from Greyfriars to see him off to the front. 535
HARRINGTON, Mr. Henry An old soldier that Mauly helped by paying for his treatment at a nursing home. 807
HARRIS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 20
HARRIS A servant of Lord Cavandale at Cavandale Abbey. 1192
HARRIS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourt 161.
HARRIS A keeper for Sir Gilbert Frump at Frump Park. 1338
HARRIS, Mr. An attendant at Grimwood Mental Asylum who was searching for the escaped lunatic posing as Mr. Lanthrop at Greyfriars. 82
HARRIS, Mr. The make-up man at the Perfection studios in Hollywood. 1104
HARRIS, Mrs. A deaf lady who lives by herself in a cottage near Pegg. She rented a room in her cottage to Five-Hundred-Dollar Smith who used the alias of Mr. Jackson. 345
HARRIS, Mrs A charlady who lives in Courtfield. Bunter tried to sell tickets for a concert to Mrs Harris and her friend. As Bunter had handwritten the tickets, the two ladies were suspicious and refused them. 645
HARRIS, Miss Betty The daughter of Jacob Harris, the owner of Warren Farm near Courtfield. Coker met her casually a couple of times and imagined that he was in love with her. 479
HARRIS, Mr. William A tramp who travelled with his friend Alfred Snooks when they tried to steal the trike from the Famous Five during their hiking holiday. 1118
HARRIS, Mr. George A tramp who tried to help Harold Hinks to recover Bunter’s boater that contained hidden money. 1326
HARRIS, Mr. Herbert A tramp who tried to plunder Mr. Prout’s study. 1187
HARRIS, Mr. Jacob Owner of Warren Farm at Courtfield. He was very protective of his daughter Betty when Coker tried to be friendly with her. 480
HARRIS, Mr. William A man the juniors met in London who tried to steal the dog belonging to Algernon D'Arcy. 78
HARRISON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 143
HARRY A stableman at the Cross Keys Inn, Friardale. 887
HART, Inspector A policemen sent from London to find a gang of jewel thieves. He was captured by the gang, but later released by the Famous Five. 816
HARVEY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 56
HASSAN A dragoman, or guide in Egypt who appointed himself the protector of the Greyfriars party during their trip to that country. He was tempted at one point to betray the party, but was “persuaded” to change his mind. 1279
HASTINGS, The Hon. Roy A rich boy who ran away from home at the same time that Jack Brown was appointed Boot-Boy at Greyfriars. This sparked the rumour that Jack Brown was Roy Hastings. 509
HATCH, Mr. The owner and racer of a power boat. When the Sea Nymph set sail without him, Coker hired the boat to catch up with the cruise boat. 1314
HAVE, Mr. Miss Tabitha Bull's Lawyer responsible for delivering the £500 gift from her to Johnny Bull. 154
HAVE, Mr. Lord Mauleverer's lawyer. 184
HAWES, Mr. A member of Scaife’s smuggling gang at Pengarth. 809
HAWK, Mr. Harry The owner of Harry Hawk’s Circus. He gave a job to Bunter when the Owl ran away from Greyfriars. 449
HAWKE A Redclyffe schoolboy. 198
HAWKE, Captain The ship’s captain of the Silver Scud. 756
HAWKE, Dalton A schoolboy detective and master of disguise, he joined the Remove as “Armitage” to investigate the disappearance of Mr. Capper's valuable stamp. 230
HAWKE, Inspector The father of Dalton Hawke. 230
HAWKE, Mr. Jeremiah A bookmaker and friend of Ben Cobb at the Cross Keys in Friardale. A thorough bad hat who is not afraid of using blackmail to obtain money. 334
HAWKINS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 223
HAWKINS, Mr. Bill A taxi driver at Cliff Edge near Hawkscliffe. 530
HAWKINS, Mr. A farm worker on Mr Percival’s farm near Friardale. 644
HAYES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 203
HAYES, Mr. Barney A member of Nosey Clark’s gang when they tried to kidnap Jim Valentine from Greyfriars. 1297
HAYNES, Inspector Stationed at Courtfield, he was responsible for arresting the gang that was using Hiraka Okito to burgle places, including Greyfriars. 778
HAZELDENE, Mr. The father of Peter and Marjorie Hazeldene who lives at Brighton. 340
HAZELDENE, Mrs. The mother of Peter and Marjorie Hazeldene. 340
HAZELDENE, Colonel The grandfather of Peter and Marjorie Hazeldene who helped to clear the name of his son, John when he was suspected of bank robbery. 1417
HAZELDENE, Mr. John James The uncle of Peter and Marjorie Hazeldene. He hid near Greyfriars when he was suspected of robbing the bank where he worked as a clerk. With the help of Marjorie and his father he was able to clear his name. 1413
HAZELDENE, Miss Marjorie A Cliff House schoolgirl in the Fourth Form. She is a brother of Peter Hazeldene and friend of Clara Trevelyn. A very sweet, kind person and a special girl chum of both Harry Wharton and Bob Cherry. 5
HAZELDENE, Peter A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. His early nickname of ‘Vaseline” is a good indication of his character. A weak-willed person that gets into frequent scrapes by betting money that he doesn’t have on losers. Whenever he is in one of his scrapes he always blames somebody else and has to rely on either his sister, Marjorie, or Harry Wharton to bail him out. 2
HEARD, Mr. Daniel The caretaker at Polpelly, one of Mr Vernon Smith’s properties. A one-legged, deaf ex-seaman who looked after the Famous Five during their holiday there. 1453
HEARD, Mr. Peter A fisherman at Combe Bay in Devon. He had recently been killed, and Harry Wharton bought his boat to escape from Pedro Ijurra. 114
HEARNE, Mr. Jack A member of the MCC cricket team that visited Greyfriars and played the First XI. 702
HEATH, Esau A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A nasty new boy who tried to get his revenge on Bob Cherry by trying to get him expelled for theft and forgery. After a campaign by Major Cherry and the Famous Five, the truth was discovered and Heath was expelled. 173
HEDGE, Mr. Albert After saying that he could identify Black Edgar, he was taken by the Famous Five to Ravenspur Grange. Before they reached the house he was killed by a shot from within. 1125
HEMSLEY, Mr. Caleb A fisherman who was killed in a shipwreck in Pegg Bay. Knowing that the end was near, he wrote a confession and put it in a bottle that Bunter found on the beach. 790
HEMSLEY, Sid A fisher boy, rescued from a shipwreck in Pegg Bay is proved to be Cyril Lembolt, the rightful owner of The Towers at Courtfield. 790
HEMSTETTER, Mr. Gabriel A marine store dealer from Courtfield who purchased the weighing machine from Bunter for £2. 941
HENRI A sailor on the Belle Marie that rescued the juniors when their air balloon crashed in the Channel. 111
HENRI A nephew of Monsieur Charpentier. 438
HENRIETTE A niece of Monsieur Charpentier. 1538
HENRY A tramp who was enjoying a poached rabbit with his friend Herbert when they were accused by D’Arcy of kidnapping Bulstrode. 103
HENRY A day-tripper to France with his friend George. They thought it was easy to win at the casino until they lost all their money. 332
HENRY A billiard marker at the Cross Keys. 418
HENRY A servant of Sir George Tipton at Tipton Lodge. 1646
HENRY, John Charles A sailor who was rescued from a shipwreck in Pegg Bay. 280
HENSHALL, Mr. A member of a gang that burgled Abbeydale Grange, a country home of Mr. Vernon-Smith. The gang escaped with a diary belonging to Smithy's father that contained information about his early financial dealings. 746
HERBERT Known as 'Erb he was one of a group of day-trippers travelling to Blackpool in the raiway carriage with the Famour Four. 234
HERBERT A tramp and a friend of Henry. 103
HERBERT A footman at Bunter Court (Combermere Lodge). 916
HERBERT A card sharp who joined with his friend Charley to relieve Bunter of 3 Pounds during a train journey from Canterbury to Reigate. 916
HERRICK, Professor A Greyfriars school governor living in South Africa. He recommended Paul Tyrrell (Bob's cousin) for the post of Football coach whilst unaware of his bad character. 266
HERRIES, George A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 39
HERRING A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 11
HICHENS, Mr. Bill Also known a "Scaly Bill". A former associate of Jimmy Vivian at Carker's Rents. Whilst employed at Wapshot camp he stole some money from the Major and the theft was blamed on Bob Cherry's cousin, Paul Tyrell. 483
HICKS, Mr. R.C. A Master at Highcliffe school. One of four masters who replaced Greyfriars masters for a week whilst the Greyfriars masters were at Oxford taking exams. Mr Hicks took control of the Remove. He was a bully who was jealous that the Remove always triumphed over Highcliffe and he tried to make the Remove suffer for it. 659
HICKS, Mr. Tom A seaman on the tramp steamer Pomerania on which the Famous Four were forced to work at salvaging stolen gold ingots. 231
HIGGINS, Mr. Bill A longshoreman from Pegg who was injured when Pete Hooker started a fight in The Anchor. 458
HIGGINS, Mr. A farmer that the Famous Five met when on holiday. He was rescued by them when he fell in the river. 707
HIGGINS, Mr. The owner of Redclyffe Farm. 597
HIGGINS, Mr. The owner of Fernford Farm. He employed several Greyfriars juniors to replace the men that had been conscripted. 441
HIGGINS, Mrs The wife of Farmer Higgins of Fernford Farm. 441
HIGGINS, Mr. Ted The assistant stage manager of Mr Whiffle’s pantomime at the Royal Lantham Theatre. 409
HIGGS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 76
HIGGS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 97
HIGGS, Mr. A keeper at Ponsonby Park. 1336
HIGGS, Mr. Bill A tramp who was staying in the old priory ruins and Temple & Co thought he was a German spy. 437
HIGGS, Mr. Herbert A tramp who helped Ponsonby in his attempts to steal the Holiday Annual from the Famous Five during their Hiking Holiday. 1334
HIGGS, Mr. Percy A “local nut” that visits the Cross Keys for a game of cards. 367
HILARY, Mr. Paul The father of Richard Hilary. When Richard first came to Greyfriars, his father was a conciencious objector during the First World War. Eventually both he and his son changed their views and Paul joined the army. 560
HILARY, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Not a leading light in the Remove, but not a bad hat either, he tends to steer a middle course. He shares study 5 with Kipps. 559
HILL A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
HILLIGAN, Mike The deputy sheriff at Packsaddle in Texas when Smithy’s party visited the town. 1578
HILTON A Bolsover School schoolboy. 104
HILTON A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 109
HILTON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 435
HILTON, Cedric A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. He shares study 6 with Stephen Price. When his good side is ascending he can be a useful member of the First Eleven but, all too often he allows himself to be influenced by the cunning Price. Has more money than is good for him and most of it passes to the local bookmakers. 529
HILTON, Sir Gilbert The father of Cedric Hilton and owner of Hilton Hall at Blackmoor in Devon. 1401
HILTON, Lady The mother of Cedric and the wife of Sir Gilbert. 1402
HINDLE, Tommy One of a group of 12 working lads from Lancashire that visited Greyfriars to challenge the Remove to a series of sporting contests. 696
HINK, Mr. A worker for the Friardale Gazette. One of his tasks is to accept ads to be placed in the paper. 407
HINKS, Mr. Harold A tramp in the locality of Greyfriars. When he found a 100 Pound note belonging to Mr Vernon-Smith, he hid it in the lining of Bunter’s straw boater and then had great difficulty in trying to retrieve it. 1325
HOBBINSON, Mr. Alured A temporary form-master of the Remove during Mr. Quelch's absence. He was a brutal dog-hater with a particular down on the Famous Five. 670
HOBBS A schoolboy at Abbeyside school, probably a senior. 451
HOBBS, Captain George The captain of the tramp steamer Pomerania on which the Famous Four were forced to work at salvaging stolen gold ingots. 231
HOBBS, Mrs. A landlady in the East End of London. She gave Wally Bunter a room for the night when he was searching for the runaway Willie Newman. She charges 9d for a night's lodging 734
HOBSON, James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. Affectionately known as ‘Hobby’ he is the Form captain. He shares study 5 with Hoskins and is a good natured fellow. 143
HOBSON, Sir James The father of James Hobson. Fond of his son, he is not adverse to criminal acts to get what he wants. 945
HOBSON, Peter He was working as an acrobat under the name of Pedrillo when he was treated at Greyfriars following an accident. He was later found to be the cousin of James Hobson of the Shell. 948
HOCKS, Mr. An employee of Mr Gordon engaged in re-possessing furniture. 387
HODD, Mr. The owner of a second-hand shop in a side street in Courtfield. Squiff bought a cricket bat there after his bat had been broken. 448
HODGE, Mr. The Landlord of The Old Oak Inn at Wharton Magnus, near Wharton Lodge. 1367
HODGE, Will A shop assistant at the Grocers in Friardale and a volunteer member of the Friardale Fire Brigade. 48
HODGSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 188
HODSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 188
HODSON, Mr. A police constable at Seacliff. John Mainwaring surrendered to him. 664
HOFFMANN, Fritz One of the Aliens that were pupils at Herr Rosenblaum’s Foreign Acadamy in Friardale. 6
HOGBEN, Sir Julius The owner of Hogben Grange, near Greyfriars. 1139
HOGG A village youth from Friardale. He delivers medicines for his father, the chemist. He was a good friend of Penfold before the cobbler's son joined Greyfriars, but now accuses him of putting on airs. 273
HOGG, Mr. A chemist in Friardale and also a baliff. On the orders of Mr. Snooks he attempted to "put a man (Mr. Snider) in" when Mr. Penfold was unable to pay his rent. 277
HOLDEN, Captain The captain of the Comet, a ship which was used in an illegal salvaging operation in Pegg Bay. 762
HOLLIS, James A village youth in Friardale. He was one of the leaders in the feud with Greyfriars. 635
HOLMES, Mr. The factory commissionaire at Mr. Hardinge's factory 225
HOLMES, Mrs. The Headmaster at St Jim’s College. 103
HOLMES, Mrs. The wife of the St Jim’s headmaster. 64
HOLROYD, Dr. The headmaster of Oldcroft School, and father of Richard Holroyd. 1082
HOLROYD, Dick The son of Dr Holroyd. Having played a trick for which his friend Christopher Carboy was sent away from Oldcroft School, he was scared to admit the truth to his father, but eventally he admitted his crime. 1082
HOLSTERN, Captain He kidnapped, and held Harry Wharton and his uncle prisoners because he blamed Colonel Wharton for his prison sentence. 1053
HOLT, Mr. The tenant of a farm near Lantham owned by Sir Harry Beauclere. He has a son, Jack. 329
HOLT, Jack Raised on a farm with his step brother, Sir Harry Beauclere, he was persuaded to join Greyfriars in Sir Harry’s name. He was very popular in the Remove, but was forced to leave when the truth was discovered. 329
HONK, Mr. Darius The director of Magic Films in Hollywood. 1098
HOOK, Mr. A bookmaker at Wapshot. 1057
HOOKER, Mr. A con man who got the Famous Five to pay for camping on land which he did not own during their hiking holiday. 1332
HOOKER, Mr. A con-man who pretended to search for proof that the Bunter clan had a claim to a title. He was eventually found out and arrested. 474
HOOKER, Miss She answered the ad that Coker had placed in the Friardale Gazette intended for his cousin Amy. 342
HOOKER, Jim A boxer known as “The Bermondsey Slogger”. One of the boxers beaten by Larry Lascelles before he joined Greyfriars. He wanted a return match to get his revenge but Larry declined. 331
HOOKER, Mr. Joshua A farmer at Fernford. When Mauly had an accident in a farm cart, Mr. Hooker sold the junior a clapped out horse worth about 3 pounds, for 25 pounds. 441
HOOKER, Mr. Peter A longshoreman from Pegg, and a ruffian. He started a fight at The Anchor and caused a lot of damage. Whilst on the run, hiding out on the Shoulder, he was mistaken by Coker for a spy and was captured. 458
HOOKEY, Mr. A member of Dandy Sanders gang. He searched Greyfriars for loot left there by Jerry The Rat. 1272
HOOKEY, Mr. A local ruffian who was engaged with his friends to attack the Famous Five. Luckily for them there were other Removites in the area who were able to come to their rescue. 959
HOOKEY, Mr. James A tramp who had been sacked from The Regency Boarding House at Brighton. He met Carlow (with whom he had previously worked) in Friardale and attempted to blackmail the youth, threatening to reveal his previous employment. 1239
HOOKIT, Mr. A partner in the firm of Have & Hookit where Wally Bunter is an an office clerk. 333
HOPKINS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 889
HOPKINS, Mr. A keeper on Sir Hilton Popper's estate. 186
HOPKINS, Alfred A tramp who discovered Bunter preparing breakfast during their boating holiday. He ate the whole breakfast and the Famous Five, naturally, blamed Bunter. 1644
HOPKINS, Mr. George The driver of the station hack at Rylcome station (local station for St Jim's school). He was bribed by Levison to keep Mr. Quelch away from the school when Mr. Quelch called to take Smithy back to Greyfriars for breaking detention. 297
HOPKINS, Mr. John The lease holder at the Sanford Arms and father of Henry Hopkins (aka Cecil Leigh). 188
HORROCKS, Mr. The assistant to Doctor Woods of Leyford. 1123
HORROCKS, Mr. A circus performer in Swinger’s Circus. 1160
HORROCKS, Mr. A butcher at Combermere. He was one of the traders that was cheated by Bunter during his stay at Combermere Lodge (aka Bunter Court). 914
HORROCKS, Matthew A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form 220.
HOSKINS, Claude A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. A friend of Hobson with whom he shares study number 5. He is convinced that he is a musical genius, a conviction that nobody else shares, and is devoted to his musical compositions, usually to the detriment of anything else. 43
HOTHAM, Inspector A police inspector at Woodford who was in charge of the search for the escaped convict 19. 1039
HOWARD A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 138
HOWELL, Archibald A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove and brother of Phyllis Howell of Cliff House school. 628
HOWELL, Lieutenant Dalton An elder brother of Archie and Phyllis who served in the RFC in the First World War. 430
HOWELL, Miss Phyllis A Cliff House schoolgirl in the Fourth Form. The sister of Archie Howell and a friend of Marjorie Hazeldene. 414
HOWLETT, Mr. An estate agent near Greyfriars and a special constable. 375
HUBBARD A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form 850.
HUBBARD, Walter A rider at Lantham Speedway. 1220
HUDSON A Topham schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 121
HUDSON, Mr. The chauffeur to Lord Cavandale. 1191
HUDSON, Kit The ship’s mate on the Dawn. 1598
HUGGETT, Mr. A grocer at Pegg. One of his boxes was buried in a cave at Pegg as a jape on Coker. 235
HUGGINS, Mr. The landlord of the Red Cow in Friardale. 617
HUGGINS, Mr. Bill A tramp who was hired by Bob Cherry to attack Inky, so that he could be “rescued” by Johnny Bull and thus heal a rift in the Famous Five. 459
HUGGINS, Mr. Bill A ruffian who was stalking Whiffles Circus in an attempt to assault Mr. Whiffles who had been responsible for his prison sentence. 1071
HUGGINS, Mr. Bobby An ex-boxer who became a boxing manager and trainer. One of his trainees was Richard Drury. 985
HUGGINS, Mr. Joshua Snoop's uncle who lives in Canada. He took responsibility for Snoop when the junior's father was sent to prison. When visiting Greyfriars he played a trick on Snoop to pay him a lesson for being ashamed of him. Regarded with scorn by Snoop's family, he nevertheless offered Snoop's father a new life in Canada when he leaves the army. 315
HUGHES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 3
HUGHES, Maurice A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. Hw was responsible for sending a spoof telegram to Wharton signed M.H. which Wharton naturally assumed came from Marjorie Hazeldene. 220
HULKES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 145
HUMPHREYS A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
HUNKER, Mr. Cyrus A film director who visited Greyfriars and invited some of the schoolboys to his estate to act in a movie. 660
HUNKER, Mr. A bailiff that The Greyfriars Hikers encountered at Chupham. 1333
HUNKS, Mr. Herbert A tramp that Skinner paid to call at Greyfriars pretending to be Linley's father in order to embarrass Linley. Linley was overjoyed when his real father appeared. 543
HUNT, Mr. A manservant to Captain Vernon when Vernon-Smith was being held captive at Lantham Chase. 1635
HUNT, Mr. Harry The driver of a lorry belonging to Canter & Co, Courtfield contractors. He was bribed by Ponsonby to give a lift to Penfold during a marathon run, so that he would be disqualified. 786
HUNT, Mr. William Chief Cashier at Bentley’s Engineering Works, Courtfield. He stole the firm’s payroll and tried to frame his assistant, Dick Grahame. He was captured with his confederate, Charlie Pengelly before he could escape to France with his loot. 847
HUNTER, Tom A speedway rider at Lantham speedway. 1220
HUNTER, W. G. A new fag in the Second Form at Greyfriars. Bunter opened his letters and took his money, making out that the letters were wrongly addressed. Master Hunter's rich Aunt soon took him away from the school because of his harsh treatment. 544