GADD, Mr. Jem A thug who caught Skinner poaching pheasants and tried to blackmail him. 282
GADSBY A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 176
GADSBY, Captain An elder brother of Reginald. 395
GADSBY, Cecil A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. He was expelled for theft. 233
GADSBY, General Father of Reginald and his brother, and owner of Gadsby Croft. 1339
GADSBY, Mr. A chemist and relation of Reginald. He helped Ponsonby in a plot to nobble the Remove XI. 138
GADSBY, Reginald Havers A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth form. One of the friends of Ponsonby and a real bad hat. 138
GAFF, Mr. Peter After spending some time at His Majesty's pleasure, he joined his friend Ted Chester to try to recover some incriminating papers that Loder had stolen from Joe Banks. The two rogues burgled the school but were interrupted by Bunter, and they fled empty handed. 658
GALES, Mr. A member of the MCC cricket team that visited Greyfriars and played the First XI. 702
GANDER, The A thief who paid the school fees of Sidney Clavering in order to rob the school and turn Sidney into his accomplice. He was caught whilst stealing the school plate. 204
GANS, Herr Heinrich A nephew of Herr Otto Gans. Whilst serving in the German army in the First World War he was taken prisoner by the Germans for failing to obey an order to destroy a village. 456
GANS, Herr Otto A Greyfriars master teaching German. He was taunted by Skinner and his cronies during the First World War for being a spy, but he was against the war. 295
GARNISH, Inspector A member of the C.I.D. who was sent to Ravenspur Grange to investigate a murder. He solved the case but became the murderer’s second victim before he could reveal his identity. 1124
GARTH, Mr. Owner of ‘The Gables’, a property for rent near Greyfriars, he lives in Courtfield. 388
GASHEM, Dr. A medical doctor at Gunthorpe 326
GATTY, George Adalbert A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second form. With his friends, Myers and Dicky Nugent he is one of the leaders of the Second form 100
GAUNT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 41
GAUNT, Gideon An alias used by Edgar Poynings in his threats against Mauly’s life. 756
GAY, Gordon A Rylcombe Grammar schoolboy in the Fourth Form where he is Captain of the junior teams. A skilled actor to rival Wibley. 118
GEDGE, Mr. J A solicitor who worked for Captain Marker in his attempt to dishonour Wharton in favour of da Costa. 1059
GEDGE, Mr. A man who takes bets on horse races at Brighton. 1486
GEDGE, Mr. A solicitor in Courtfield who advised Mr. Penfold when he bought some bad shares. 843
GELDING, Nurse One of the medical staff engaged when the school was hit by a flu epidemic. 857
GENEVIEVE A niece of Monsieur Charpentier 1242
GEORGE A candy boy on the train that the Co. travelled on to Texas. 1574
GEORGE The driver of the station hack in Friardale. He was engaged by members of the Famous Five in order to leave the coast clear for Bob Cherry to pose as a cabman and kidnap Clara Trevelyn. 599
GEORGE A keeper employed by Sir Hilton Popper at Popper Court. 221
GEORGE A porter at Friardale station. 230
GEORGE A policeman who accompanyed Inspector Wilton of Scotland Yard when he visited Friardale on the hunt for a wanted man. 630
GEORGE An ostler at the Anchor Inn at Pegg at the time of Convict 22’s escape from prison. 1493
GEORGE A keeper for Sir Gilbert Frump at Frump Park. 1338
GEORGE A tramp who attacked Sir Hilton Popper with his friend Squinty. 1309
GEORGE The chauffeur to Snoop’s uncle, Mr. Joshua Huggins. 315
GEORGE A daytripper to France with his friend Henry. They thought it was easy to win at the casino until they lost all their money. 332
GEORGE A farm hand on Fernford Farm, employed by Mr. Higgins. 441
GEORGE A Railway guard on the Courtfield to Friardale line. 947
GEORGE A runner for the butcher in Friardale. 717
GEORGE A waiter at the Golden Pig Inn at Hoad. 1335
GEORGE A footman at Monson Chalet near Wallingford. 1648
GEORGE A farm hand on Mr Redmay’s farm. 1566
GEORGE A youth employed at the cycle shop at Kennet End. 1338
GEORGE, Uncle A shopkeeper at the Tuckshop in Friardale. 9
GEORGE, Uncle Elliott's uncle who lives in Canada. Elliott left Greyfriars to live with him. 539
GEORGE, Uncle Uncle of Frank & Dicky Nugent. He always sends Dicky 5 pounds on his birthday. 339
GEORGE, King The King of England. Wharton was presented to him when he saved the life of Prince Otto. 175
GEORGIANA, Aunt An aunt of Mauly. 471
GIACOMO A bandit from Perni in the Apennines. Together with his friend Tiriddu he kidnapped Bunter and held him to ransom before the Famous Five effected his release. 1387
GIBBS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. He took a hand in the campaign against Wingate Minor who was branded a sneak. 269
GIDDY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 10
GILBERT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 946
GILBERT, Paul An alias used by the detective Kirkby Keene whilst he was at Greyfriars to protect kidnap victim Buddy Yonk. 677
GILES, Mr. A keeper at Popper Court. 392
GILES, Mr. A farmer who owns Giles’ Farm near Greyfriars. 632
GILES, Mr. A keeper at Wharton Lodge. 1038
GILES, Mr. A farmer at Cliff Edge near Hawkscliffe. 530
GILES, Mr. H A farmer who owns the Red Cow Farm at Courtfield 597.
GILES, Mr. Herbert A farmer in Little Puddleton. 1333
GILMORE, Cecil A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fourth Form. When his family lost money, he plotted to get Mark Linley disgraced so that he could take over his scholarship. 226
GILMORE, Mr. Eric A temporary Greyfriars Form Master for the Second Form. He had a half-brother, George Waring and there was a strong resemblance between the two. On the run from the police, Waring stole a passport from Mr. Gilmore in attempt to flee the country, but was prevented by the Famous Five. 1039
GINGER A tramp who was hired by Mr. Hacker as part of a gang to end the Tuckshop strike. 1513
GLENN, Charles George A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 3
GLOBB, Dr. A medical doctor in Friardale. Fishy threatened to call him to inspect Bunter's cut hand when Bunter filed an insurance claim. 257
GLYN, Bernard A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 64
GOBIN Evil dwarf at Tompsonio's circus. 894
GOBIN, Mr. One of a gang of shore-pirates. When Mauly lost his way and called at Sylvester’s house at Cliffdale Heath, he was kept prisoner and put to work digging up their loot which was buried in a cave. 835
GOBONGO A boy from the Baganda tribe in Kenya who helped the Famous Five in their dealings with Ludwig Kranz. 1233
GOGGS, Johnny A schoolboy mentioned as having ‘stayed at Highcliffe School’. 564
GOLOPPI, Signor A dancing master at Whiffles Pantomime company. He coached Wharton for his part in the pantomime. 409
GOMEZ, Jose The head of a gang of bootleggers working for Myron Polk in the hills above Hollywood. He tried to murder Wharton during the making of a movie, but he failed and he was arrested. 1098
GOOCH, Dr. A medical doctor in Friardale. When Bunter had his ears boxed by Walker he pretended to consult Dr Gooch. When Walker visited the Doctor he discovered the truth. 689
GOOCH, Mr. Gideon A solicitor who tried to use his cousin, Arthur Carter, to discredit Bunter so that he might benefit if George Carter left his money to his cousin. 1561
GOOCH, Mrs. The landlady of a boarding house in Lanchester. 661
GOODGE, Mr. A person who repairs watches in Courtfield. Mr. Quelch sent his watch to him for repair. 1079
GOOLIGAN, Mike A tough from New York who was employed by Two Gun Sanders to kidnap Smithy. Like others before him and after him, he managed to kidnap Bunter by mistake. 1574
GORDON, Mr. Israel A moneylender who was trying to recover a debt from Sir Charles Lovelace. 289
GORDON, Jimmy One of the group of spotsmen from the north that visited Greyfriars. 696
GORDON, Mr. Stuart A cousin of Wharton. Upon hearing that Mr. Gordon was to visit Greyfriars, Wibley disguised himself as a Jew and presented himself as Mr. Gordon to embarrass Wharton. The jape backfired when the real Mr. Gordon arrived. 1498
GORDON, Mr. A furniture salesman from Courtfield. He sells furniture on hire purchase and likes to reclaim the furniture if the payments are not maintained so that he can re-sell it. 387
GORE, George A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 64
GOSLING, William The Greyfriars porter. He has a strong dislike for all the inhabitants of the school and enjoys the odd occasion when he can report pupils for misbehaviour or late arrival. Fond of a tipple of gin to keep the cold out he is well past the age for retirement. 11
GOSNELL A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
GOTTFRIED One of a pair of German spies who, with his friend Fritz, used a cave under the old oak on Popper’s Island as a base. After they kidnapped Sir Hilton the Famous Five discovered their lair and captured them. 402
GOUJON, Monsieur Jean Paul Pierre A french gendarme during Bunter's easter cruise. 1316
GRABBETT, Mr. A solicitor from Courtfield who was involved when Coker saved the life of a car driver after an accident. 1058
GRABBLE, Mr. A farmer near Greyfriars. Bunter shot his donkey when practising with Prout’s gun. 1091
GRACE The skipper of the Grandcourt Cricket team that were beaten by the Remove 2nd XI (captained by Bulstrode) in the Puplic Schools Cricket Final which was held at Lord's Cricket Ground. 754
GRACE, Edwin A Rookwood schoolboy in the 4th form (Classical). 739
GRADY The skipper of the Lantham Ramblers football team that recruited Smithy. 294
GRAFTER, Mr. Joseph A bookmaker with whom Loder had an account. 1090
GRAHAM A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
GRAHAME, Mr. Richard An elder brother of Walter Grahame of Courtfield County school. He was an assistant cashier at Bentley’s Engineering Works in Courtfield and was framed by the cashier, William Hunt for robbery. The Famous Five helped to clear his name and capture the thief. 847
GRAHAME, Walter A schoolboy at Courtfield County School. A member of the school’s junior teams and friendly with Trumper. 146
GRANT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third form. 926
GRAY, Molly A schoolgirl with red hair at Cliff House school. 545
GRAY, Ted The brother of Molly Gray. 549
GREAVES A servant to Captain Lankester at Cavandale Abbey. 1192
GREEN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 21
GREEN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 76
GREEN A member of the Courtfield Rovers football team. 136
GREEN, Miss A a shop assistant at a large draperty store in Courtfield that Billy Bunter met in Courtfield whilst disguised as his cousin Wally. He invited her and 2 other young ladies to tea with Wally at Greyfriars to embarrass his cousin. 732
GREEN, Mr. A tailor who came to Greyfriars to measure Harry Wharton & Co. for a set of sailor's uniforms. 53
GREEN, Mr. The ship’s mate on the Silver Star. 1178
GREEN, Mr. The owner of a cottage near Friardale. 1408
GREENE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 183
GREENE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 209
GREENE, Captain The ship’s captain of the Golden Arrow. 1020
GREENE, William Frederick A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. He shares study No. 4 with his friend Potter and Horace Coker. A member of the First XI, he is guilty of sponging off Coker without supporting him in times of need. 199
GRENVILLE The goalkeeper for the Ironsides football team. 726
GRIGGS, General The owner of Friardale park, situated near Greyfriars on the Lantham Road. This was the scene of an attempted burlary by Slippery Jim whose escape was witnessed by Vernon-Smith. 442
GRIGGS, Mr. Jeff A poacher in the grounds of Popper Court who recruited Valance to help him. He was eventually caught and jailed. 221
GRIGGS, Mr. A bookmaker in the vicinity of St. Jim's school. 297
GRIGGS, Mr. He robbed a bank in Folkestone and tried to escape by boat. He was rescued by the Famous Five who were cruising nearby. He was handed over to the police. 1314
GRIMBEY, Mr. The caddie master at the Courtfield Golf Links. 346
GRIMES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 29
GRIMES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourt 161.
GRIMES, Inspector Henry The overweight police Inspector at Courtfield. He’s a plodding type of policeman rather than an active one, and has solved several crimes in and around Greyfriars. 221
GRIMES, Mr. A grocer in Friardale. He also owns the Friardale Assembly Room which he hires out for shows. 209
GRIMES, Mr. An auctioneer at his aution rooms in Courtfield. Bunter bought a four-poster bed there. 729
GROAM, Mr. The driver of a hack based at Friardale station. His horse is called Tishy. 818
GROOM A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 58
GRUBB, Mr. The landlord of some houses in Friardale. 387
GRUBBI, Signor The owner of the Albergo Oriente hotel in Venice. 1386
GRUNDY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 375
GRUNDY, George Alfred A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 390
GRUNDY, Uncle The uncle of George Grundy. 592
GRUNTER, Mr. Jonas A land agent in Friardale. He let a vacant plot to Fishy, which the Remove man used in his stunt to set up a Friendly Society in the Remove. 815
GUGGS, Jimmy A tramp who was used by Signor Muccolini to induce Bunter to leave his circus. 1481
GUISEPPE A member of Kalizelos’s gang trying to steal the Scarab of A-Menah from Mauly. 1278
GUISEPPE A member of Dr Sin’s gang who held up the Famous Five so that Dr Sin could kidnap Wun Lung. 1543
GUMMER, Mr. Gordon A rich man who stole some state secrets. He passed the papers to his accomplice, Judo and fled the country to Austria. Dick Russell’s father was accused of the crime, but cleared by Sexton Blake. Later, Mr. Gummer walked into a police trap when he returned to London. 818
GUNN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 144
GUNN A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 334
GUNN A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 592
GUNN, Mr. John A member of the MCC cricket team that visited Greyfriars and played the First XI. 702
GUNN, Mr. Owns a Hat shop in Friardale where the boys buy their hats. 158
GUNN, Mr. Owner of a Livery Stable in Friardale. 286
GUNNER, Mr. Herbert An alias used by an escaped convict, Wilkinson. He posed as a one-legged ex-serviceman in order to join the Famous Five during their caravan holiday. Upon joining the party, Jack Drake saw through his disguise. 707
GUNNER, Peter Cuthbert A Rookwood schoolboy on the Classical side of the Fouth Form. 1121
GUSTAVE A servant of Mr O Bo. 1543
GUSTAVE A nephew of Monsieur Charpentier 1538
GUSTAVE A chauffeur employed at a hotel in Dieppe. He drove Todd & Smithy in their quest to find Alonzo & Uncle Ben, and later he drove Colonel Wharton & Wharton to find Todd & Smithy. 352
GWYNNE, Patrick A Greyfriars schoolboy In the Sixth Form, and a prefect. A close friend of Wingate, and therefore an enemy of Loder & Co, he is a member of the First XI in all sports. 463