FAIRLEGH, Mr. A farmer who had borrowed money from Ikey Isaacs and called at his office to protest about the amount of interest due on the loan. 12
FALKE, Mr. Friedrich Secretary to John Bull’s Uncle George and also a partner in his company in Melbourne Australia. Uncle George sent him to Greyfriars to discover Bull’s character. He tried to force Smithy to get Bull discredited in order that George Bull should name himself as his heir. 367
FANE A Redclyffe schoolboy, and junior captain. 298
FANE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a prefect. 275
FANFAIR, Mrs. Kate The sister of Gosling. When she was diagnosed as incurable she wrote to Gosling, and the porter arranged for her son to enter Greyfriars. Later, when the truth was discovered, the boy was forced to leave and join Rookwood, but by that time Mrs. Fanfair was on the road to recovery. 1152
FANFAIR, William Napoleon A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove, also known as Nap. The nephew of Gosling, he was at the school for a short while until Bunter discovered the facts and told the school. Due to an act of bravery, Nap was rewarded by Sir Hilton Popper by being sent to Rookwood. 1152
FAULKNER, Lawrence A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 520
FAWCETT, Miss Priscilla The governess of Tom Merry. 79
FELICITA, Madame A French actress in Mr Whiffle's pantomime company. 409
FELTHAM, Mr. A farm worker on Mr Percival’s farm near Friardale, said to be nearly 80 years old. 644
FERGUSON, Mr. The chief engineer on the Firefly, and member of Mr Compton's smuggling gang. 1506
FERNDALE, Lord The Marquis of Ferndale and the father of Lord Lovell. 261
FERNEY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He spent his time reading detective novels and newspaper reports of police cases. He thought he could be a safecracker and stole the Craven Cup that the Remove football team had won. He was discovered and expelled. 198
FERRERS, Captain An army officer and friend of Colonel Wharton. The Greyfriars party stayed with him on their visit to India. 966
FERRERS, Mr. Ulick A cousin of Mr. Quelch, and very like him in appearance. Whilst tutor to Lord Upshott's son he forged a cheque. When Mr. Quelch refused to give him refuge, he made him a prisoner and took the form-master's place in the Remove form room. The Famous Five discovered his real identity and he was captured. 285
FERRET A kidnapper employed by Captain Reynham in his plot to kidnap Lord Reynham. 1556
FERRETT, The An expert with locks, he was part of Dandy Sanders gang. He was arrested trying to retrieve the loot from a bank raid which had been hidden at Greyfriars. 1271
FICK, Constantine An orphan lad, also known as Tiny 636.
FICK, Gertrude An orphan girl also known as Gerty 636.
FIELD, Norah A Cousin of Squiff. She married Walter Annan, who later committed bigamy and was a "bad hat". Desperate for money to return to Australia she approached Squiff for help. 629
FIELD, Sampson Quincy Iffley A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. His home is in New South Wales, Australia. He is a firm friend with the Famous Five and he was a member of that elite club for a short while when Johhny Bull left on his trip “down-under”. He shares study 14 with Fish & Bull and is usually a member of the Remove XI at sporting events. 343
FIELDER, Mr. A member of the MCC cricket team that visited Greyfriars and played the First XI. 702
FIGGINS, George A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 33
FILES, Mrs The owner of a general shop in Greenleaf, Bucks. The Famous Five and Coker visited her shop whilst touring. The Famous Five left the shop with their purchases, and Coker left the shop coated with lots of “foreign and fruity" eggs. 1120
FILEY, Mr. Bill A poacher who Coker tried to force to join the Army. Later it was revealed that Mr Filey had tried to enlist 3 times and on each occasion had been turned down. 429
FILLOT, Mr. Bill The cook on the Nancy which rescued the juniors when their boat was wrecked. 84
FILMER, Mr. A Second Form Form-master at Greyfriars before Mr Twigg. 117
FINN, Buck A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. His home is in Arizona, and he failed to create a good impression when staying over Christmas at Greyfriars. 64
FINSEN, Mr. A sailor on the Spindrift who joined the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
FIREBRACE, Captain A smuggler from the 19th century reputed to have buried his ill gotten gains in the caves of Pegg. His descendant adopted the name and led a gang that kidnapped the Greyfriars schoolboys and made them dig for the smuggler's treasure. 235
FISH, Mr. Ebeneezer The grandfather of Fisher T. Fish. He emigrated from England to the US. and started the Fish dynasty in New York 337
FISH, Fisher Tarleton A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. His home is in “Noo Yark” and he is driven by an insatiable appetite to make money at any cost. He has no scruples in his persuit of the “Mighty Buck”. He will lend money at high interest and is always looking out for new ways to get money from his fellow form members. His schemes and ideas always end in disaster for Fish, usually with a loss of all his profits. He shares Study 14 with Bull and Field. 150
FISH, Mr. Hiram K The father of Fisher T. Fish. He has passed on his business methods to his son. He is always trying to make a profit by “cornering” one commodity or another so that he can sell at exhorbitant prices. 150
FISHER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 27
FISHER, Art A speedway rider at Lantham Speedway. 1220
FISHER, Fatty A actor previously employed by Pecker Film Productions. Mr. Pecker mistook Bunter for Fatty and offered him a starring role in his movie. 736
FISHER, Mrs. A lady in Friardale who was looking after Toddles. 69
FISHER, Ted The Secretary of the Storm Island Football Club. He invited the Remove to the island for a match and they were able to prevent the island being raided by Captain Donovan. 712
FITZGERALD MAJOR A Bolsover School schoolboy. 104
FITZGERALD MINOR A Bolsover School schoolboy. 104
FITZGERALD, Terence A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form, he occupies Study 2. 223
FITZMAURICE A school chum of Jack Dutton. 369
FITZPATRICK, Con He was rescued by Wharton from a sinking ship. He had been sent to Greyfriars by his uncle Ulick, but he really wanted to live a life at sea. 264
FITZPATRICK, Mr. Ulick Uncle of Con Fitzpatrick. 264
FIX, Inspector Frederick A member of the C.I.D. He received a letter accusing Wun Lung of being a foreign spy and he visited Greyfriars to investigate. He discovered that Levison had sent the letter, but Wun Lung was innocent. 43
FLABB, Professor The author of "How to get well and keep well" a book studied by Theophilus Flipps. 246
FLAHERTY, Mr. A cricketer in the Trojans cricket team. 325
FLASH, Captain A crook who hid his swag in a caravan. Following his arrest, the caravan was hired for a touring holiday by Harry Wharton & Co. who eventually found the hidden loot. 705
FLATT, Mr. A Greyfriars music master. 1222
FLEET, Mr. The owner of a store in Friardale where the Removites purchased roller skates in order to practise for an ice skating competition. 96
FLETCHER, Mr. One of Captain Donovan's gang of raiders that attempted to raid Storm Island. 712
FLICK, Inspector An alias used by Slippery Jim. Posing as a police inspector he visited the Head and got him to divulge the whereabouts of the things worth stealing at Greyfriars. 442
FLICK, Mr. Slick One of Barney McCann’s kidnapping gang that tried to ‘cinch’ Fisher T. Fish. 1162
FLIP A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. A waif who helped Bunter when he was lost in the snow. As a reward, Mauly paid for him to go to Greyfriars. He was eventually discovered to be the long lost son of police inspector Brent. 1247
FLIPPI, Madame An actress who played the part of Red Riding Hood's grandmother in the pantomime that the Removites saw at the Theatre Royal Courtfield. 200
FLIPPS, Theophilus The son of the owner of the publication "The Young Health Seeker". He came to Greyfriars as a guest of the Head to study the ways of the school and then to write an article in that publication. His faddist ways upset pupils and masters alike, and he was forced to cut short his stay. 246
FLON, Jacques A name assumed by a German spy who was on the run. He tricked Bunter into believing he was Belgian and got the fat owl to bring him food. 384
FLORINDA The “Human Skeleton” in Swinger’s Circus. 1160
FLYNN, Miss Kate A Cliff House schoolgirl. 151
FLYNN, Mr. A Greyfriars Form-Master in charge of the Second Form. 294
FLYNN, Miss Norah A Cliff House schoolgirl. 69
FLYNN, Patrick O'Donovan A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form. He is on the Classical Side. 382
FOO-CHUNG, Mr. A chinaman who had a grudge against Wun Lung’s father. He kidnapped Hop Hi in order to hold him to ransom. 318
FOOZLE, Mr. A solicitor in the firm of Foozle, Woozle & Moozle of Gravesend when they acted in Trotter’s inheritance case. 1010
FORBES A speedway rider at Lantham Speedway. 1220
FORD, Bernie A Courtfield School schoolboy. 151
FOWLER, Mr. James An alias used by James Quelch. 680
FOWLING, Mr. An embezzler who worked with George Royce. Mr. Royce was accused of the crime until the truth was known. 691
FOX, Daddy He lives in Apple Court, off of Charing Cross, and was looking after Hubert Bolsover before he was found and sent to Greyfriars. 206
FRASER, Mr. A chemist in Friardale frequented by Ionides. 49
FRAYNE, Bill Suspected of several burglary attempts at Greyfriars school. 155
FRAYNE, Joe A St Jim’s schoolboy in the third form. 592
FRED A member of a gang of poachers who attacked Sir Hilton Popper but were foiled by the Famous Five. 1309
FRED, Fighting One of the group of tramps assembled by Mr. Hacker to deal with the rebellion of the Remove in the tuckshop. 1513
FREDERICK A footman at Seahill Park. 1525
FREKE, Mr. An officer in the Royal Flying Corps who was stationed near Greyfriars. 476
FRENCH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 87
FRITZ One of a pair of German spies who, with his friend Gottfried, used a cave under the old oak on Popper’s Island as a base. After they kidnapped Sir Hilton the Famous Five discovered their lair and captured them. 402
FROST, Detective Sergeant Bert A detective sergeant stationed at Courtfield who arrested Mr. Capper for a burglary at Major Thresher’s house. 974
FRULO, Senhor Joao The manager of the Boa Vista plantation in Brazil where the Famous Five and Bunter stayed when visiting South America. He travelled to Greyfriars to escort the juniors on their trip. 1461
FRUMP, Sir Gilbert The owner of Frump Park in Berkshire. The Famous Five camped on his land by mistake during their hiking holiday before they were ejected. 1338
FRY, Edward A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. Shares Study 2 with his friends Temple & Dabney. A good sportsman. 10
FU LONG An agent of Tang Wang. Whilst trying to kidnap Wun Lung, he kidnapped Bunter by mistake. 1176
FUR CAP One of the ruffians hired by Loder to prevent members of the First XI from travelling to Lantham for a cricket match. 435
FURBER, Mr. Bill One of the kidnap gang run by the Smuggler in his attempt to kidnap Buddy Yonk. Whilst in London trying to negotiate with Mr. Yonk, he was arrested by police. 677