DA COSTA, Senhor A Portugese hotel owner in Macao. The Famous Five stayed one night there on their way to China when Bunter dodged away to try his luck at the Fan-Tan houses. 1182
DA COSTA, Arthur A half caste Indian boy who was sent to Greyfriars by Captain Marker to get Harry Wharton expelled. He tried everything to achieve his objective before realising that he had been accepted by the Greyfriars boys. 1059
DABNEY, William Walter A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fourth Form. A close friend of Temple and Fry, he finds it much easier to agree with suggestions than to argue, hence his usual answer of "Oh, rather". 9.
DALE, Jimmy A friend of Vernon-Smith. He gave the Bounder a "sure tip" which lost. 550.
DALLAS, Mr. James An Old Boy of Greyfriars. When he had been presumed dead in South America, Mr. Vernon-Smith arranged for his son, Paul, to be sent to Greyfriars. Mr. Dallas later returned to England to take his son back to Brazil. 999
DALLAS, Paul A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Sent to Greyfriars by Mr. Vernon-Smith when his father was presumed dead, he made an enemy of Smithy who believed he was after his father's fortune. A very good cricketer, he eventually went to join his father on a coffee plantation in Brazil. 997
DALTON, Mr. A local farmer near Greyfriars school. 241.
DALTON, Mr. Richard The Fourth Form master at Rookwood School. 739
DANBY, Sir George One of Loder's relations. Dick Lancaster was a guest at his home, Danby Croft, when it was burgled. 1211
DANCE, Mr. The assistant ring master at Whiffles Circus. When Bunter took over the circus posing as Mr. Whiffles, Dance quickly saw through the disguise but it was in his own interests to say nothing. 1069
DANCE, Mr. Ben A one-legged seaman who travelled to Greyfriars to deliver a treasure map to Tom Redwing. Later, he helped Tom, Smithy, and the Famous Five to find the treasure. 1017
DANDY, The A gang leader who was captured by Ferrers Locke. One of his gang, Jimmy The Fox, tried to secure his release by making attempts on Jake Drake's life. 1419
DANE, Clifton A St Jim's schoolboy in the Shell. 64
DANGLARS, Capitaine The French captain of the Belle-Marie that rescued the juniors when their air balloon crashed in the Channel. 111
DANNY A ship's cook on Ken King's boat, the Dawn. 1598
D'ARCY, Arthur Augustus A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. The second son of Lord Eastwood, he has impeccable manners, a lisp and a monocle, and is always dressed correctly. Usually known as Gussy. 39
D'ARCY, Walter Adolphus A St Jim's schoolboy in the Third Form. The third son of Lord Eastwood, he is a humorous and fun-loving fag. 78
DARKE, Mr. When a newspaper announced that it had buried some treasure, a treasure-hunt started at Greyfriars. The juniors found Mr. Darke digging in a field and he told them that he was a representative of the newspaper. They later discovered that he was, in fact, a criminal looking for some stolen property. 523
DARKE, Mr. Philip A distant relative of Mr. Quelch who stole 4,000 pounds from his employer before fleeing to Greyfriars. He hypnotised Mr. Quelch into giving him shelter, but the Famous Five were responsible for his capture by the police. 1517
DARNELL A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
DARREL, George A St Jim's schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 297
DARRELL A Post office clerk in Courtfield. He played for the Ramblers football team when they visited Greyfriars in Bob Cherry's one and only match as captain. 135
DARRELL, Algernon A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove who was unjustly expelled from Repley, his former school. 310
DART, Diggory The alias used by Buddy Yonk, an American boy who joined the Remove in attempt to thwart a gang of kidnappers. 677
DAS, Dhoolah A schoolboy at Southgate School, a close friend of Inky and captain of his school's Rugby team. 306
DAS, Din One of Inky's servants. He stole the Christmas candles that Inky gave to Harry Wharton & Co. to get the diamonds that were hidden inside. The candles were recovered by Jack Drake. 723
DAS, Jam An Indian rickshaw boy in Nairobi. He was paid by Chunder Run to kidnap Vernon-Smith. 1231
DAS, Nally An agent of Baji Rao. He came to England to kidnap Inky and, when that failed, he followed the Greyfriars party to India where he made more kidnapping attempts. Eventually he died trying to protect his master. 960
DAS, Ram An agent of Prince Lal Nalouth. He was sent to Greyfriars to kill Inky so that the prince could take control of his country. 379
DATCHETT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a friend of Carberry. 46
DAVIES, Howell A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. A weedy youth, he has a surprisingly good appetite to rival that of Bunter. 646
DAWES, Mr. Jim The landlord of the Feathers Inn which is on the river, near Greyfriars. 795
DAWLISH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form 187
DAWSON An Eton schoolboy member of Montgomery Smyth's cricket XI. 79
DAWSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 275
DE CERNAY, Comte A French nobleman and friend of Sir Reginald Brooke. He lives at the Chateau de Cernay, La Fontaine. 759
DE CERNAY, Louis Son of the Compte de Cernay and captain of the Fontaine Cricket Club. 759
DE COURCY, Mr. Cecil The stage name of Mr. Thompson who played the Wicked Baron in Little Red Riding Hood. 200
DE COURCY, Sir Robert An elder brother of the Caterpillar. He was an officer in the front line during the First World War. 374
DE COURCY, Rupert Fitzroy A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. Once a member of Ponsonby's band of knuts, he changed his ways under the influence of Courtenay. A lazy youth, hence his nickname of The Caterpillar, he is nevertheless an accomplished cricketer and sportsman when he puts his mind to it. 374
DE PONSAC, Raoul An alias assumed by Wharton when the Remove, disguised as French schoolboys, visit Greyfriars and beat the Fifth Form at cricket. 223
DE VERE, Algernon A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A snob of the highest order until his real identity of Timothy Perkins was discovered. 749
DE VERE, Mr. Edmund The stage name of Jack Brown, who played The Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. 200
DELAREY, Mr. Armand The father of Piet Delarey, he was a soldier in South Africa. 432
DELAREY, Piet A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A South African, known by the nickname of "The Rebel", he is great friends with other colonials Tom Brown & Squiff. 432
DELORME, Mademoiselle Finette A French governess who was a friend of Mossoo. 30
DEMPSTER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 50
DENHAM, Mr. Chauffeur to Sir Peter Lanchester. 1556
DENULAINE A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 777
DENVER, Mr. Danny Leading light of the Frivolity Touring Company that was performing Gilbert & Sullivan at the Theatre Royal, Courtfield. When he was sick, the manager hired Archie Howell to take his place. 647
DERWENT, Philip A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. Twin brother of Philippa Derwent, also known as Flip. 515
DERWENT, Miss Philippa Also known as Flap. 515
DESMOND, Michael Patrick Shamus A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Helps his friend and studymate Wibley with his theatrical stunts and he is a keen stamp collector. Study number 6. 15
DEVARNEY, Mr. Duncombe Father of Julian Devarney, he lives at Devarney Court. After being cheated by Shem Isaacs, he formed a hatred of the Jewish race and passed that on to his son. Later he changed his opinion after being saved from attack by Newland. 1126
DEVARNEY, Mr. Howard AKA The Dandy, alias Shem Isaacs. Whilst posing as Shem Isaacs, he defrauded his cousin Duncombe Devarney. The Famous Five helped in his capture. 1127
DEVARNEY, Julian A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Formerley at Barcroft school, he blamed the Jews for his father's bankruptcy and started a feud with Newland. 1126
DEVEREUX, Captain Gerald A bad hat and a card sharp. He was a friend of Ponsonby and Cecil Thresher. When caught by the Famous Five trying to steal a Gainsborough portait from Major Thresher he left the district and was never seen again. 801
DIAZ, Signor A mining engineer in Peru who was tricked by Mr Vernon-Smith into giving him a mine that he had discovered. 253
DIAZ, Diego A sailor who was part of the gang that kidnapped the Greyfriars schoolboys and made them dig for the smuggler's treasure. 236
DIAZ, Senhor Don Guzman He escaped from the Spanish Civil war with a moneybelt containing several thousand pounds. Rescued from the sea by the Firefly he had to be careful to protect his money from the crew. 1507
DIBBS, Mr. A groom at Greyfriars. He was wrongly suspected of stealing food from the store-room, and dismissed. When the other domestic staff objected, they were also dismissed. 259
DIBBS, Miss Jane Sister of Mr. Dibbs, the groom, and a scullery maid at Greyfriars. She was with him in Mrs. Mimble's shop at the time of the offence, and was able to give evidence to prove his innocence. 259
DIBBS A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 340
DICK, Uncle Russell's Uncle Dick. He pays Russell's school fees. 187
DICK, Yuba A cowhand at the Kicking Cayuse Ranch. 1575
DIEGO A member of the bootlegging and smuggling gang in the Hollywood Hills. Bunter imitated his voice to escape when he had been captured by the gang. 1101
DIEGO A choreman at the Circle O ranch. 1580
DIGBY, Robert Arthur A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 39
DIGGS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 144
DIMITRI Along with Ivanovitch, he was a Russian Bolshevik in England assigned to kill any Rusian aristocrats fleeing the revolution, or their family in England. When Bunter purchased his Russian title, the two men tried to get him but were arrested. 741
DIN, Kuri A friend of Inky's initially at St Judes School where he got into a bad crowd and had to rely on Inky's help. Later at Redclyffe School. 496
DIN, Pandy Colonel Wharton's batman, he accompanyed the Greyfriars party on the trip to India. 965
DINIWAYO A black footballer from South Africa that plays for Crawley United. Bunter told everyone that he is his friend and he was forced to get his cousin to impersonate Diniwayo as “proof”. 312
DIX, Inspector A Scotland Yard detective. He visited the school on the track of the escaped prisoner Abel Lagden who has vowed vengeance on Harry Wharton. Lagden was at Greyfriars disguised as Mr. Noble, but Inspector Dix got his man. 126
DIXON, Mr. A temporary postman whilst Boggs was sick. He arranged with Angel to intercept exam results from Linley, Penfold & Redwing so that Angel can amend them before sending them on. 639
DIXON, Mr. One of the chauffeurs at the Courtfield Garage. 1131
DOANE, Mr. Jimmy The landlord of the Peal O Bells pub in Lantham. A friend of Jerry Hawke, he was entrusted with some of Jerry’s papers when the bookie did some time in the stone jug for forgery. 332
DOBB, Farmer A local farmer near Greyfriars. Fish decided to ride his donkey to show the Remove how to "break-in" a horse. Fish was the one likely to get broken. 156
DOBBS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 197
DOBBS, Mr. Zebediah The captain of the Sally Ann. When she was docked at Pegg, Bunter ran away from school and got himself a job as a cook on the boat. He soon learned that it was no easy job. 802
DODD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 121
DODD, Toddy A character who lived in Slummocks Alley, the slum in which Bolsover Minor used to live. 219
DODD, Tommy A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form on the Modern Side, of which he is the leader. 382
DOGGETT, Dick A longeshoreman from Pegg who was a member of a gang that tried to claim salvage on the boat that ran aground near the Shoulder. Wharton & Co. (aided by a snake) managed to fight them off. 239
DOMINGO A steward at the BoaVista plantation in Brazil. 1465
DONOVAN, Captain An alias used by Herbert Russell. The leader of a gang of criminals. After his discharge from the forces, he was unable to get a job so he formed a gang of armed raiders. The Remove football team was able to foil the gang's attempted raid on Storm island, but the gang escaped without their loot, and later returned for a raid on Greyfriars. 712
DOOLAN, Mr. A servant of Sir William Remayne. He was trying to help a Greyfriars party to shelter from a blizzard despite Crawley trying to prevent them. 461
DORRIAN, Mr. Geoffrey He came into possession of a map showing the location of treasure buried on Mount Vesuvius. He hid the map in the ruins of Pompeii before he was murdered by Felice Cesare. 217
DOYLE, Barney An Irish boxer. 623
DOYLE, Mr. Jimmy K. An american boxer in Ben Adams’ boxing booth. 414
DOYLE, Tommy A Rookwood Schoolboy in the Modern side of the Fourth Form. 382
DRAKE The captain of Lantham School football team. He brought his team to Greyfriars to play the First XI when Coker was captain. Lantham won 9-0 and Drake seemed to spend most of the match laughing his head off. 263
DRAKE, Mr. The father of Archie Drake 527
DRAKE, Archie A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove who was trying to prove himself the best in everything. He was not capable of doing this so he enlisted the help of another boy (Jack Verney) who took his place. 527
DRAKE, Miss Isabel A Cliff House schoolgirl. 632
DRAKE, Jack A previous member of the Remove, he left the school to become assistant to Ferrers Locke, the great detective. A master of disguise and very intellegent, he often returns to his former schoolfriends to provide assistance in solving crimes. 672
DREW, Inspector A police inspector who was looking for the ecaped lunatic, Bothwell. 697
DREW, Mr. Jerrold An industrial spy who tried to steal some papers. Harry Wharton delivered the papers sucessfully to Scotland, and Mr Drew was arrested. 672
DRIVER, Mr. Joshua A Solicitor's Clerk who had the job of informing Bunter that he was the benificiary from his late Aunt's will. Bunter was given a weighing-machine so that he could diet before he could inherit his £50. 941
DRIVER, Mr. Ulick He sent his cousin, Jim Lee, to Greyfriars to befriend wealthy schoolboys and get invitations to their homes so that he could report back to Driver to help him burgle the houses. Arrested by Inspector Grimes. 779
DRURY, Edwin Ethelbert A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form and one of Ponsonby's knuts. 344
DRYDEN An Abbeyside schoolboy in the Fourth Form, and a study mate of Aubrey Spencer. 451
DUBBS, Dr. A quack doctor who replied to Vernon-Smith's newspaper advert to treat Mr. Prout's bald head. 763
DUBOC, Monsieur Gaston A Frenchman who was travelling by road and met the Famous Five on their caravan holiday. 709
DUCLOS, Captain Leader of a party of French Cavalry that tried to rescue Marjorie and Clara when they were captured in the Sahara. 866
DUCROT A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
DUDLEY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form and member of the First XI. 385
DUFFY One of a couple of tramps, the other being Tadger, who stole the caravan named Saucy Susan from the juniors. 73
DUNCAN A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form who was a member of their rowing team. 390
DUNK, Hunk P An American schoolboy who visited the school at the invitation of the temporary head Hiram T. Parks to play the Remove at baseball. 901
DUNK, Mr. Hunk P. An American medicine seller. Fish stole a formula from him and sold the medicine in the Remove. He thought that it was hair-restorer but it was, in fact, a corn cure. 920
DUNN, Mr. Bill A sailor on the Spindrift who joined the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
DUNNE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form and a prefect. 275
DUPONT, Monsieur A ventriloquist who was performing at Friardale town-hall. He agreed to give Bunter lessons if Bunter could bring a dozen boys to his performance, thus starting Bunter on his way to mastering ventriloquism 32
DUPONT, Monsieur Andre A cousin of Napoleon Dupont. Wrongly accused of a crime, he was on the run and sought help from his cousin. 725
DUPONT, Mr. Eugene A moneylender who had Mossoo in his power. 894
DUPONT, Napoleon A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study number 10 with Bolsover, who protects him from bullying. 540
DUPREZ, Monsieur Gaston A frenchman who was shipwrecked, and rescued by Wharton in the Smugglers Cave. He was brought to Greyfriars where it's discovered that he was blackmailing Mossoo. 95
DURANCE, Arthur On his way to Creyfriars he was kidnapped by Stone in Courtfield. Stone then sent his own son to Greyfriars in Arthur's place. Luckily, Smithy recognised the imposter. 1130
DURIE, Captain The Captain of The Sundabund. 1186
DURY, Richard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He was a professional boxer who saved the life of Dr. Locke and was rewarded with a place at Greyfriars. He eventually left the school to retun to the fight game. 985
DUTTON, Jack A cousin of Tom Dutton. By trying to “keep up with the joneses” he ran up a bill with his tailor that he couldn’t pay so he turned to Tom for help. 369
DUTTON, Thomas A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He shares study number 7 with Bunter and the cousins Todd. Despite being very deaf, he manages the form work and often represents the Form at games. 128
DUVAL, Monsieur Gaston A servant of Sir Reginald Brooke. When he was sacked, he tried to kidnap Mauly but succeeded in getting Bunter instead. 304
DYER, Mr. Sir Reginald Brooke's secretary. 1245
DYER, Mr. A bank clerk who stole £20 from his employers. Fellow employee, Jimmy Travers, was sacked for the crime but the truth finally came to light 633