CACTUS One of the ranch hands on the Kicking Cayuse Ranch in Texas. 1577
CADGER, The With his friends, Beaky Bill and Soapy Jones, he attacked Coker to rob him. Alonzo, high on the effects of his magic elixir, knocked all three tramps out and rescued the Fifth Former. 1345
CAESAR, Mr. Julius A servant of Professor Sparkinson. 1344.
CAFFYN, Edgar A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Also known as The Snipe. Sent to Greyfriars by Aunt Judy's solicitor, Mr Sarle, he was to get Coker disgraced in his aunt's eyes so that she would alter her will in his favour. Thwarted at each attempt, he eventually gave up and confessed everything to Aunt Judy. 1404
CAGNI, Signor Pietre A tour guide, who led the Famous Four and Colonel Wharton on their trip up Mount Vesuvius in search of buried treasure. 218
CALEB An old beggar near Wharton's home at Wharton Lodge. 47
CALICUTT, Sergeant A soldier serving in France clearing up after the First World War. 601
CALLAGHAN, Mr. The leader of a gang that burgled Abbeydale Grange, a country home of Mr. Vernon-Smith. The gang escaped with a diary belonging to Smithy's father that contained information about his early financial dealings. 746
CAMINHO, Senhor Manoel The Portugese concessionaire of the Boa Vista Estate in Kenya where the Greyfriars party stayed on their visit to that country. He wanted to sell the estate to Mr. Vernon Smith, but he was kidnapped by his foreman who then posed as Caminho to obtain the purchase money. 1230
CAMPBELL A Greyfriars prefect. He resigned with the other prefects at the excessive discipline shown by Mr. Lothrop. 172
CAMPBELL A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 372
CAMPBELL the captain of Redclyffe School. 312
CAMPION A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
CANALETTI, Signor A spy-master for Italy who included Signor Muccolini in his group of spies. 1490
CANTRELL A member of the Tottenham Hotspur football team that played Crawley United. 312
CAPPER, Mr. Algernon Jasper A Greyfriars Form-Master of the Upper Fourth Form. A less strict master than Mr. Quelch and a mild sufferer from asthma. His hobbies include stamp collecting. 25
CARBERRY, George Joseph A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form and also a prefect. He was a bully and a blackguard who was caught out when visiting the Waterside Inn and expelled. His place as a prefect, and a bully was taken by Loder. 2
CARBOY A Rylcombe schoolboy. 118
CARBOY, Christopher Clarence A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. When he joined the Remove, his secret was that he had been expelled from his previous school, Oldcroft, for too many practical jokes. Eventually, it was proved that he had been wrongly convicted for the joke commited by the Headmaster's son ,and he returned to Oldcroft. 1078
CARDEW, Ralph Reckness A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. He was a leading light in the rescue of Sir Jimmy Vivian at Pengarth. 513
CAREW A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 27
CAREW, Major A film producer. John Mainwaring was accused of stealing money from his company, but the crime was committed by Vernon Carson. 664
CARFAX, James A nephew of Mr. Prout. He came to Greyfriars for a month when his school, Grandcourt, was partially destroyed by fire. He proved to be a very good goalkeeper and helped the Remove to win the Coker Cup. 825
CARFAX, Percy The ne'er-do-well son of a local landowner and a member of the Society of Good Sports which was a gambling set run by Ponsonby. 673
CARFORD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 925
CARFORD A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 925
CARKER, Mr. A bookmaker who uses the Cross Keys pub. He put pressure on Cecil Snaith to steal money to settle his gambling debt. 403
CARKER, Mr. James Whilst in charge of Burchester Reformatory he was arrested for brutality. He jumped bail and took the job of temporary headmaster at Greyfriars under the assumed name of Dr. Sterndale. 851
CARLO A sailor on the Nancy, which rescued the juniors when their boat was wrecked. 84
CARLO A gondolier in Venice hired by Tiger Bronx to capture Bunter. 1386
CARLOW, Eric A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He was involved in a feud with Frank Nugent who suspected Carlow of bullying his younger brother, Dicky. Performed two life saving stunts before leaving to be an apprentice at Sir George Cheyne's factory. 1239
CARLTON, Mrs Adelina Mother of Arthur Carlton of the Remove. She asked the Famous Five to help her son win the Raven prize. 185
CARLTON, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Nicknamed "The Slacker", he was the laziest member of that form. 184
CARLYLE The owner of a tobacconist's shop in Courtfield. 1046
CARNE, Arthur Woodhead A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a prefect. One of the bad set with Loder and Walker. Not so bad as Loder, but easily led into some of his schemes. 96
CARNE, Mr. Hubert The father of Arthur Carne. He escaped from prison and appeared near Greyfriars. Arthur Carne believed his father to be in Africa and was ashamed when he was recaptured as an escaped convict. It was proved that his conviction was unjust. 428
CARNFORTH, Mr. James Appointed as Headmaster of Greyfriars when Dr. Locke resigned. A strong believer in corporal punishment, he had to fight a rebellion led by the Sixth Form and the Remove, and was eventually dismissed when Dr. Locke returned. 743
CAROLINE, Aunt Hazeldene's Aunt who took Marjorie on a day trip to Winklegate-On-Sea. 22
CARPENTER A Rylcombe Grammar schoolboy 118.
CARR A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 262
CARR, Albert A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 24
CARR, Dennis A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 694
CARSON, Mr. Jim The Handsome Man – The King of the Trapeze in Tomsonio's circus. 93
CARSON, Mr. Vernon A film actor who tried to force Elsie Mainwaring to marry him by threatening to betray her father to the police. 661
CARSTAIRS, Lieutenant An Old Boy of Greyfriars and an officer in the Royal Navy stationed at Chatham. When the Famous Five reported the activities of Captain Holden to him, he organised a chase to intercept the salvager's ship and arrested them. 762
CARTER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 112
CARTER, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A cousin of Bunter's and a rival to be a beneficiary of Uncle Joseph Carter's will. He was expelled from his previous school, St Olaf's, and he was guided by Gideon Gooch to get Bunter disgraced. His plot failed, and Arthur was expelled from Greyfriars for theft. 1561
CARTER, Bob A friend of Snoop who lives in Lantham. He sent Snoop a telegram to give the junior an excuse for being absent from Greyfriars when his uncle was due to pay a visit. 315
CARTER, Mr. Bud A bank messenger at Prarie Bends. He was held up and robbed by Jad Blake whilst taking money to Packsaddle. 1580
CARTER, Inspector A Police Inspector, stationed at Lantham. 1146
CARTER, Mr. Joseph An uncle of Arthur Carter and relation of Bunter. He threatened to disown his nephew unless he mended his ways. 1563
CARTER, Mr. Peter A detective in Los Angeles. He solved the case of the bootleggers when Harry Wharton & Co were in Hollywood as movie actors. He then made Miss Leanora La Riviere his fiance. 1102
CARTHEW A Rookwood schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a member of the First XI. 1154
CARTHEW, Mr. The father of Arthur Carthew. Whilst a cashier at the City and County Bank, he stole 10,000 pounds and framed Tom Rake for the crime. He was eventually arrested and Tom’s name was cleared. 445
CARTHEW, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Envious of Richard Rake’s place in the Remove cricket XI, he tried to force Rake to lose a match with Redclyffe. When his father was arrested for robbing a bank he was forced to leave Greyfriars. 445
CARY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 144
CASCO, Pedro A Spaniard who was a rival to Captain Corkran in his quest to find hidden ivory. 770
CASEY, Captain The ship's captain of The Fanny Jones. The Remove party travelled in it on their way to India. 964
CASEY, Mr. A printer in Courtfield given the honour of producing the first edition of John Bull Jnr's Weekly. 158
CASTLE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 10
CASTLE, Thomas A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 545
CATCHAM, Captain A card sharp who tempted Bunter to play cards and then won all of his money. 1384
CAVANDALE, Colonel The nephew of Lord Cavandale. 1191
CAVANDALE, Lord Bunter saved his life and, Lord Cavandale invited Bunter and the Famous Five to stay for Christmas at Cavandale Abbey where they were able to prevent further attempts on Lord Cavandale's life. 1191
CECILIA, Aunt An aunt of Mauly. She sends him fequent tips and Loder intercepted one of these and was tempted to use the money to back a horse. 1399
CESARE, Signor Felice He murdered Julio Ciro whilst trying to discover where a treasure map was hidden. When the Co. visited Naples to search for the treasure he was wounded by Colonel Wharton when he attacked the party. 217
CHALMERS, Corporal A soldier, killed during the First World War. His mother gave Cherry some packets of seeds to put on his grave when the Remove party visited Flanders 601
CHAMPIGNY, Henri An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 83
CHANDOS, Mr. The butler at Portercliffe Hall. He was trying to find the hidden gold at the Hall and was annoyed when Fisher T. Fish and a party of Removites stayed there for a holiday. Forced to imprison Fish and his father, he was captured by the police. 1434
CHANG KO The leader of a gang of Chinese pirates that attacked the Silver Star which was carrying the Greyfriars party to China. 1181
CHANNING, Mr. An office clerk for The Wessex Institute. When Vernon-Smith applied for a job there, Channing tested his knowledge of shorthand and typing. 623
CHAPMAN, Inspector Based at Ashwood in Surrey, he was in charge of the investigation into the attempts on Lord Cavandale's life. 1191
CHARLES A footman at Eastcliff Lodge. 1679
CHARLEY A Gypsy that gave refuge to Coker when he was being chased by Mr. Prout. 1042
CHARLEY A ruffian employed by Cyril Rackstraw to attack Tatters. 1200
CHARLEY An ex-boxer who was used by Archie Valence to force Mr. Lascelles to return to boxing. 1322
CHARLEY A poacher that was responsible for Ponsonby being captured under suspicion of poaching. 1338
CHARLEY An ostler at the Old Oak in near Wharton Lodge. 1367
CHARLEY A card sharp who joined with his friend Herbert to relieve Bunter of 3 Pounds during a train journey from Canterbury to Reigate. 916
CHARLEY, Chinese The owner of a bar on Kalua, Mauly's island in the Pacific. 1590
CHARLIE A local police constable in Friardale. 630
CHARLOT, Monsieur Georges A french detective who was engaged in the hunt for Andre Lombard. 725
CHARPENTIER An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 40
CHARPENTIER, Monsieur Henri The French Master at Greyfriars, affectionately known as "Mossoo". He usually gives the Remove an easy time in class and, as a result, is subjected to endless raggings. He has many nephews and nieces in France to which he sends a large portion of his salary. An illness to his relatives often results in money worries for Mossoo and he has been known to be very strict when worried, leading to harsh treatment of his pupils. 57
CHARPENTIER, Monsieur Monsieur A brother of Mossoo. When he paid a visit to Greyfriars he was mistaken for the french kidnapper, Gaston Duval. 304.
CHAWKINS, Mr. Charlie The leading actor in Mr. Whiffles' pantomime company. When he walked out on the company, The Famous Five were able to take his place to earn money to buy things for the troops at the front. 409
CHAWSON, Mr. A sailor on the Castille, and the only crew member not killed by Pedro Montana. 1077
CHERRY, Mrs. The mother of Bob Cherry, and the wife of Major Cherry. 179
CHERRY, Robert A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A member of the Famous Five, and the champion fighting man of the Remove. He has unruly hair, which is always troublesome when visiting Cliff House, and he hates it when not able to expend his energy in sports. Possessor of the largest pair of feet in the Remove which he is usually unable to keep still in class, resulting in several impots from Mr Quelch. Occupies Study number 13 in the Remove passage along with Wun Lung and Mark Linley. 2
CHERRY, Major Robert The father of Bob and a governor of Greyfriars. An Old Boy of Greyfriars with Colonel Wharton, he served his country well at the front in the First World War. He lives at Cherry Place in Dorset. 174
CHERRY, Sir William An elder brother of Major Robert Cherry, and an uncle to Bob. His life was threatened by the Rafia, a Corsican secret society. Bunter and the Famous Five were responsible for saving his life. 1108
CHESHAM, Mr. A temporary replacement for Mr. Quelch on two occasions when he was ill. Mr Chesham was a gentle person but a "faddist". He made the remove take patent tablets and pills to get them healthy and, to Bunter's horror, ensured that they kept to a "healthy" diet. 23
CHESTER, Mr. Dick An Old Boy of Greyfriars and a great goalkeeper. After a visit by a group of Old Boys for a match with the First XI, things went missing in the school and Chester was found to have been killed in the war and his batman Cunningham had taken his place. 844
CHESTER, Mr. Richard An alias used by Paul Tyrrell in order to visit Greyfriars as an Old Boy. He stole the Games funds and some money from Mauly’s study. Apprehended at Courtfield Junction by the Famous Five, he was allowed to go free after returning the money, to save a scandal. 385
CHESTER, Mr. Ted After spending some time at His Majesty's pleasure, he joined his friend Peter Gaff to try to recover some incriminating papers that Loder had stolen from Joe Banks. The two rogues burgled the school but were interrupted by Bunter, and they fled empty handed. 658
CHEVANNES An alien schoolboy at Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 80
CHEW, Mr. Hannibal Known by the nickname of Chick, he was a Chicago gangster specializing in kidnapping children of wealthy parents for ransom. He travelled, with his gang, to Greyfriars to kidnap Putnam van Duck but was foiled by the vigilence of Poker Pike. 1468
CHEYNE A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 531
CHEYNE, Sir George A Governor of Greyfriars. He was saved from drowning by Eric Carlow, a bootboy at the Regency boarding house. To show his gratitude, Sir George found a place for Eric at Greyfriars to prepare him for a job in his company. 1240
CHICK A choreman at the Kicking Cayuse Ranch in Texas. 1575
CHICK, Mr. Bill The leader of a group of ruffians employed by Sir Hilton Popper to end the Barring Out during Mr. Brander's spell as headmaster. 1174
CHICO A hunter employed by Peter Valentine to capture O Lobo during the Famous Five's visit to Brazil. His life was saved by Bunter. 1465
CHILLINGHAM, Mr. Butler to Lord Eastwood at Eastwood House. 374
CHIRPEY, Mr. Jack A plumber in Friardale. Whilst he was away in the First World War, his family had a hard time paying their bills. 387
CHIRPEY, Jacky The son of Mr. Chirpey. 387
CHIRPEY, Lucy The daughter of Mr. Chirpey. When she was ill, Marjorie and Hazel visited her to help. 443
CHIRPEY, Mrs. Mary Jane The wife of Jack Chirpey. 387
CHISHOLM, Dr. D.D. The headmaster of Rookwood School. 1152
CHIVERS, Mr. A valet at Mauleverer Towers that Mauly wanted to accompany him on the hiking tour. 1331
CHIVERS, Mr. Bobby A youth who was learning to box at the Blackbird Inn at Friardale. 527
CHOB A footpad who, with his friend Bill, attacked Temple outside the Greyfriars boathouse and tried to steal his watch. Quentin Willesley saw the attack and was able to help Temple drive the two toughs off. 805
CHOLMONDELEY, Mr. An alias used by Ponsonby when he japed the Remove and Fifth Form into producing plays for performance at a private house. 374
CHOLMONDELEY, Mr. A wealthy landowner in Bhanipur, the father of Clive. 301
CHOLMONDELEY, Arthur Cecil Arthur Cecil. The real name of Tatters. 1195
CHOLMONDELEY, Clive A weak youth who was the son of a wealthy landowner in Bhanipur. He was sent to Greyfriars, but his ship was sunk and he was taken to Russia by his Russian rescuers. Meanwhile, one of the ship's crew joined the Remove and assumed his name. 301
CHOLMONDELEY, Sir George A Governor of Greyfriars and grandfather of Tatters. 1195
CHONG LO An agent of Tang Wang. 1183
CHOWNE, Cholmondeley A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 558
CHU, Mr. An agent of Tang Wang who was sent to Greyfriars to attack Wun Lung in order to force his father to support Tan Wang's campaign to become Emperor of China. 1175
CHUBB, Miss A Shop assistant at Walker's drapery department store at Courtfield 159
CHUBB, Mr. A farmer near Greyfriars. 852
CHUCKS, Mr. The landlord of the Anchor Inn at Pegg. 276
CHUCKS, Mr. A carrie 113
CHUCKS, Peter A carrier and the son of Mr. Chucks. 113
CHUGGY, Mr. A bookmaker with offices in Shaftesbury Avenue, London. Bunter tried to open an account with him but he was refused as he was a minor. 1068
CHUMGUM, Charles A one time circus performer, he joined Greyfriars and gave lessons to the Remove in acrobatics. The lure of the ring proved too much for him and he soon rejoined the circus. 378
CHUMGUM, Mr. Charles The father of Charles Chumgum and the owner of Chumgum’s Celebrated Circus. 378
CHUMGUM, Mrs Gloriana The mother of Charles Ghumgum. 378
CHUMLEY, Mr. William K. An uncle of Bunter and a rich man who owns Chumley's Chewing Gum in America. He visited Greyfriars to bestow gifts on his relations, but Bunter thought that it was Wibley with a spoof and kicked his uncle out of the school. 666
CHUNDAR, Lal A servant of Inky's 969.
CHUNG A sailor who Wun Lung used to know in China. When his boat was stuck at Pegg for repairs, he took a room at the Anchor Inn and Wun Lung visited him there to take opium with him. 276
CHUNG, Mr. An uncle of Wun Lung. 1175
CHUNKLEY, Mr. William The manager of Chunkley's Stores in Courtfield. He called at the school to report Bunter for passing a forged 50 Pound note in his store. 701
CHURROCK, Mr. Albert The head keeper at Frump Park. Whilst hunting a poacher, he caught Ponsonby by mistake. 1338
CHURROCK, Mrs Emily The wife if Albert Churrock. 1338
CHUTNEE, Chowder A circus performer (juggler) in Signor Benson's circus. 162
CHUTNEY, Major George A friend of Colonel Wharton's who was in the same railway carriage as the Famous Four on a visit to Wharton Lodge. He was unaware that Wharton is his friend's nephew and the juniors pulled his leg to make him believe they were gambling 17
CIRO, Signor Julio An Italian tour guide. He buried a collection of gold coins on Mount Vesuvius, and made a map of it's location. The map passed to Geoffrey Dorrian after Circo's death, and then to the Famous Four. 217
CLANCEY, Mr. Mike A kidnapper in the gang run by Barney McCann when the attempt was made to kidnap Fisher T. Fish and hold him to ransom. 1162
CLANCY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell, and one of the "black sheep". 988
CLARA One of the girls in the party of day-trippers to Blackpool that Mauly danced with. 234
CLARE A schoolboy at Highcliffe in the Fourth Form. On his way to Highcliffe as a new boy he was involved in an accident caused by Ponsonby. Whilst he was detained at the doctor’s house, Squiff arrived at Highcliffe in his place to punish Ponsonby & Co. 344
CLARK, Mr. Compton His long nose earned him the nickname of "Nosey". Guardian to Jim Valentine and leader of a gang of crooks, he made use of Valentine's skill as a forger. When Valentine joined Greyfriars, Nosey made several unsuccessful attempts to get the boy back to the fold. Clark and his gang were eventually captured by the police. 1297
CLARK, Mr. Nobby A friend of Skinner's who lives in Courtfield. He spends time with racing trainers and owners and has inside information which always turns up losers. 722
CLARKE, Mr. Nobby The owner of a fancy dress costumier shop in Courtfield. 681
CLAVERING A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form who was a member of their rowing team. 390
CLAVERING, Mr. James The uncle of Sidney Clavering of the Remove. James, a petty criminal, suggested that Sidney should receive a Greyfriars education so that he could get invites to the homes of his friends and "case the joint". 204
CLAVERING, Leonard The son of Oswald Clavering, he was forced by Sir Hilton Popper into joining Greyfriars. A chance meeting with Redwing when on his way to the school resulted in Redwing joining Greyfriars in his place, while Leonard was free to join the army. 517
CLAVERING, Captain Oswald The father of Leonard Clavering. He was forced by Sir Hilton Popper to enlist and was killed in action. 517
CLAVERING, Mr. Sidney The father of Sidney Clavering of the Remove. 204
CLAVERING, Sidney A schoolboy in the Remove at Greyfriars. Upon the death of his father, Sidney was placed in the care of his uncle Jim who devised a scheme to turn Sidney into a thief. 204
CLEEK A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 30
CLEEKE, Mr. James A temporary replacement for Gosling when he took a holiday. He was responsible for some petty thefts and was captured by Dalton Hawke. 230
CLEGG A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 29
CLEGG, Mr. A tutor hired by Sir Hilton Popper to teach his nephew Cecil Popper. 1166
CLEGG, Miss The niece of Uncle Clegg. On her way to visit her uncle she was attacked by Woo Fing, but Wharton was able to defeat the chinaman. 694
CLEGG, Mr. Nehemiah The owner of a confectionary shop in Friardale, and known as Uncle Clegg. 32
CLEVELAND, Captain A cousin of D’Arcy, and brother of Ethel Cleveland. 450
CLEVELAND, Colonel The Great Uncle of Frank Cleveland. 279
CLEVELAND, Miss Ethel D'Arcy's cousin who visits Cliff House with the juniors. 64
CLEVELAND, Frank A new boy in the Remove. Smithy recognised him as somebody that he had met at another school under a different name who was expelled from his previous school for theft. 279
CLEWES Captain of the LCC boys football team that played the Remove at Stamford Bridge in aid of charity. 993
CLIMPSON A local lout who, with his friend Brooker, formed the Courtfield Crusaders football team to try to win Alderman Moore’s prize. 785
CLINKER, Mr. James A Friardale villager. 473
CLIVE, Sidney A St. Jim's schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 513
CLOBB, Dr. A Doctor near Greyfriars. Fish insisted that claimants on his insurance scheme, obtain certificates from the Doctor when claiming compensation. 242
CLOTILDE, Miss Queen of the Ring at Tomsonio's circus. 93
CLOTILDE, Miss Queen of the Ring at Tompsonio's circus. 894
CLUBBEM, Mrs. A suffregette. 341
CLYNE, Mr. A detective hunting for Snoop's father who, although on leave from the front, was still a wanted criminal. 536
COBB, Mr. Ben The landlord of the Cross Keys Inn at Friardale, one of the disreputable public houses near Greyfriars. 149
COBBLEY, Mr. Owner of a Livery Stable in Friardale. 943
CODDER, Mr. An Ex-Boxer who owns "Codder's Place" near Wharton Lodge. The Game Kid was in training there prior to his joining Greyfriars. 985
CODGERS, Mr. A farmer in Berkshire who met the Famous Five when they were on a hiking holiday. 1338
COFFIN The butcher's boy at Pilverton, Devon who delivers to Polpelly. 1454
COHEN, Mr. Jacob A moneylender from Courtfield. Loder borrowed 5 pounds from him and had to steal some money to repay the debt. 937
COKE, Captain The lion tamer at Chumgum’s Celebrated Circus. 378
COKE, Captain The captain of the M.V. Hope. Colonel Wharton charted his vessel for a rescue mission whem Major Cherry was shipwrecked in the Red Sea. 179
COKER, Colonel Coker's uncle in the Shamblywallah Fusiliers. Mentioned before Aunt Judy appeared. 143
COKER, Mr. George An uncle of Coker and an old boy of Greyfriars. 327
COKER, Mr. Henry An uncle of Coker and the brother of Aunt Judy. 981
COKER, Horace James A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. A completely honest and well-intentioned brawny youth who is the biggest duffer ever to frequent Greyfriars. Always convinced that he is right, he is the brainiest, best sportsman in the school (in his opinion at least). He is never short of money, getting big tips and frequent hampers from his adoring Aunt Judy. He shares a study with Potter & Greene who often struggle to put up with him, except at tea-time. 143
COKER, Mr. James An uncle of Coker. 145
COKER, Mr. James A cousin of Coker who visited Greyfriars from Canada. 397
COKER, Miss Judith The favourite aunt of Horace and Reggie Coker. Very much a Victorian lady in dress and attitude, she adores her nephew Coker and shows her adoration by sending him big tips and lots of hampers of tuck. 144
COKER, Reginald A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. Younger brother of Horace, hence known as Coker Minor, he is the brains of the family. Much smaller than others in the Sixth Form he is often bullied. A misfit at Greyfriars, he takes no interest in any of the activities or games. 241
COLLINSON, Miss Kitty The daughter of a Pegg coastguard, Coker developed a crush on her and broke bounds to keep an appointment he had made to see her. Whilst out of bounds, he was able to save the life of a motorist following an accident. 1058
COLONNA, Cardinal When in Rome, the Famous Five saved Brother Antonio from footpads, and the cardinal gave them use of his car to tour the city with his personal secretary as their guide. 1388
COMBERMERE, Lord The owner of Combermere Lodge, about 15 miles from Greyfriars. He cannot afford to live there, so he lets the house for 40 Guineas a week and stays in a hotel in Switzerland 910
COMPTON, Sir Henry Owner of Compton Hall, about 6 miles from Greyfriars. He tried to present Ragged Dick as his grandson and heir without realising that the boy was his nephew. 906
COMPTON, Captain James Owner of the Firefly, and leader of a smuggling gang. He sent his nephew Valentine to Greyfriars so that they could use the secret passage between the Smuggler's Cave at Pegg and Greyfriars. Eventually he gave up smuggling and, as a reformed character, he accepted command of a new ship, the SS Eastern Queen which was owned by Mr. Vernon-Smith. 1499
COMPTON, Richard A boy, also known as Ragged Dick. He was sent to Greyfriars by Sir Henry Compton as his Grandson to foil Roger Compton in his efforts to borrow money on the strength of his inheritance. Later it was proved that Dick was Sir Henry Compton's nephew and his heir. 906
COMPTON, Mr. Roger A cousin of Sir Henry Compton and heir to his estates until the appearance of Richard Compton. He is a drinker and a gambler and tried to borrow money on the strength of his future inheritance. 906
COMPTON, Valentine A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. He was sent to Greyfriars by his uncle to use the secret passage from Pegg to the school as a means of smuggling contraband. A first class footballer and member of the First XI, he became disillusioned with life as a smuggler and left the school to join his uncle in his new employment. 1499
CONCHITA, Miss An actress in Mr. Whiffles' Pantomime Company. When the Famous Five were working for the company, Frank Nugent fell in love with her, believing her to be 17 years old. 409
CONRAD, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 604
CONROY, Kit A Rookwood schoolboy in the Fourth Form, on the Classical side. He comes from Australia. 555
CONWAY, The Right Hon. Viscount Elder brother of Gussy and heir to Lord Eastwood. 78
COOK, Tommy A Rookwood Schoolboy in the Modern side of the Fourth Form. 382
COOK, Mr. Clarence He took the tenancy of Popper Court when Sir Hilton was absent. He invited a crowd of youths, including James Warren, to join him. 1446
COOK, Mr. George A cousin of Bunter. The fat owl formed a party for a cruise on the Captain's yacht, the Sea Nymph, without telling them that they had to pay for the trip. 1312
COOK, Inspector In charge of the investigation into the murder of Sir Henry Ravenspur. He was on the verge of solving the crime when he was shot and killed. 1122
COOMBS, Mr. Joe A local villain. After being released from prison he broke into Major Thresher’s house to get revenge on the magistate for his sentence. 852
COOPER A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
COOPER, Ralph A gypsy boy who hid in the grounds of Wharton Lodge after running away from Michael. After saving Bunter's life, the fat owl tried to help him which caused friction amongst the Famous Five. 1038
COOT, Colonel The owner of the Long Beach Boarding House where the Greyfriars party stayed when visiting Hollywood. 1099
COOT, Mr. Ezra A friend of Mr. Van Duck. When he visited England, Chick Chew sent Putnam a forged invitation from Mr. Coot in an attempt to kidnap the schoolboy. 1474
COOT, Mr. Peter A longshoreman at Potkelly, Devon. Mr. Rance employed him to make sure the Famous Five were kept away from the cave in which Smithy and his father were imprisoned. 1627
COOTE A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Third Form. 1162
COOTE, Mr. A carrier in the Greyfriars area. 1408
COOTS, Mr. The postmaster in Friardale. His shop is also a grocer's shop, a provision's merchants, and an oil and Italian warehouse, according to the sign outside. 132
COQUET A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
CORCORAN, Mr. Pete The head of a gang of cattle rustlers in the Rio Frio valley. 1576
CORDER, Mrs. When having money problems, she allowed Harry Wharton to look after her baby, Toddles. Later when her situation improved she was able to take the baby to start a new life with his father in Australia. 67.
CORKER, Mr. Bill A man staying at "Bricks" doss-house in Angel Alley when Bolsover minor stayed the night with Tadger. 228
CORKER, Captain A performer at Herr Hackenback's circus. 232
CORKER, Colonel He visited Greyfriars with his wife, and Pop tried to make use of their visit to get expelled from the school. 1167
CORKER, Mrs. The wife of Colonel Corker. 1167
CORKRAN, Captain Christopher A cousin of Bob Cherry, and a big game hunter in West Africa. He invited the Famous Five and Bunter to accompany him on a trip to the Congo to search for a hoard of ivory. 768
CORKRAN, Mr. He arrived at Wharton Lodge to get his revenge against Colonel Wharton who had exposed him as a crook in India. His attempts were foiled by Bunter who was in hiding in the Lodge. 1351
CORNEY, Mr. A Shop-walker at Walker's Drapery Store in Courtfield. Johnny Bull went to see him to try to persuade him to advertise the store in John Bull Jnr's Weekly. 158
CORTOLVIN, Mr. A distant relative of Harry Wharton, he made the Remove captain his heir to reward Colonel Wharton for preventing him from being robbed. The previous heir, Captain Marker, started a campaign to get Harry disgraced. 1065
COUCH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 116
COURTENAY, Frank A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. The junior captain of Highcliffe and major factor in the emergance of the school following the former leadership of Ponsonby. With his stalwart friend, de Courcy, he has built a respectible group of Fourth Formers that can hold their own against other schools in the area. 374
COURTENAY, Major The father of Courtenay of Highcliffe. 380
COURTNEY, Arthur Evans A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. A friend of George Wingate, he was in love with Violet Valence, the sister of Rupert Valence. Whilst saving Valence from a zeppelin attack on the Cross Keys Inn, he sustained injuries from which he later died. 108
COUTTS, Mr. A motorist who was involved in an accident at Pegg. Coker rescued him, but didn't want the facts known as he was out of bounds at the time. Bunter took the credit for the rescue until the truth came to light. 1058
COX The office boy at the Wessex Institute. A practical joker, usually at the expense of Mr. Perrin. He was a big lad and able to handle some of the ex-convicts that turned nasty. 623
COX, Mr. Jim A member of a gang of jewel thieves that were using Black Rock Island as a hideout until discovered by the Famous Five. 816
CRADDOCK, Dr. James Dr. Craddock took the place of Dr. Locke when he was called to London for a series of conferences. In keeping with most temporary headmasters, he was a tyrant, being particularly down on the Second Form. They could take no more and left the school to camp in the woods. When Dr. Locke returned he found that Dr. Craddock had embezzled school funds. 840
CRAKE, Mr. A keeper on Major Popham's estate. 74
CRAKE, Mr. With his confederate, Crawley, he was using the old Priory to produce counterfeit pound notes. When Bunter discovered them they bribed him to keep the secret with fake notes. 371
CRAKE, Mr. Saul Also known as Barney the Binger. Once employed at Ridings School in Brighton, he was caught by Miss Bulivant (who was an assistant mistress at the school), whilst robbing the safe. To get revenge, Crake escaped from prison, kidnapped Miss Bullivant's young brother, Richard, and brought him up as a pickpocket. When in the vicinity of Greyfriars, Miss Bullivant took Crake to Inspector Grimes to serve the rest of his sentence. 1545
CRAKKO, Signor Lion-tamer at Tompsonio's circus. 894
CRANE, Mr. Lucas One of Johnny Bull's cousins. When Bull's aunt gave him £500, Lucas visited the school to try to get Bull discredited so that his aunt would cut him from her will. 156
CRAVEN, Inspector He was in charge of the robbery at the Lantham and County Bank. Smithy saw the robber without his disguise and was able to give the Inspector information that led to the arrest of the culprit. 1008
CRAVEN, The Honourable Jimmy The Honourable A young man that happened to have a similar telephone number to that of Mr Vernon-Smith. When Dr. Locke tried to phone Smithy’s father he was connected by mistake. 622
CRAVEN, Squire A landowner near Greyfriars. He provided the Craven Cup, to be played for in a football tournament at Greyfriars. 198
CRAWJAW, Professor A film director in Hollywood. Bunter visited his studios to get a job, but he was told he had to pay to appear in a movie. 1107
CRAWLEY A Topham schoolboy in the Fourth Form. He comitted a theft at the school. for which Eric Wilmot was found guily and expelled. After Eric had joined Greyfriars, Crawley tried to pass one of the stolen notes and was discovered. 1457
CRAWLEY, Mr. The private secretary to Sir William Romayne. When he refused to help the Famous Five and other boys who were stranded in a blizzard, it was discovered that he was a German spy. 461
CRAWLEY, Mr. With his confederate, Crake, he was using the old Priory to produce counterfeit pound notes. When Bunter discovered them they bribed him to keep the secret with fake notes. 371
CRAYE A Courtfield School schoolboy. 85
CREWE, Mr. Peter A longshoreman who frequents the Anchor Inn at Pegg. 264
CRIBB A confederate of Jason in the stealing of the Kilmarnock Diamond from Sir Hilton Popper. 608
CRIMP, Mr. A Master at Highcliffe school. One of four masters who replaced Greyfriars masters for a week whilst the Greyfriars masters were at Oxford taking exams. Mr Crimp took control of the 3rd Form. 659
CRIPPS, Mr. A carrier at Courtfield. When Bunter discovered a hoard of silverware he packed it in a box and got Mr Cripps to take it to Greyfriars making out that he had received it from Bunter Court. 320
CRIPPS, Mr. A postman at Friardale. 311
CROCKER, Mr. Randolph An old boy of Greyfriars who had been expelled for theft. He set up a business near the school and used a secret passage to enter the school and steal. Suspicions were rife within the school until he was finally exposed by Jack Drake. 1615
CROKER, Mr. A solicitor's clerk who came to visit Mr. Quelch regarding a mortgage. Skinner japed Alonzo into believing that Mr Croker was blackmailing Quelch. 139
CROMWELL, Jack The skipper of the Ironsides football team. They visited Greyfriars and played several teams to preserve their record of never having lost a match. 726
CROUCH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 37
CROUCH, Tommy A petty thief in Courtfield who made a key for Vernon-Smith so that he could open a safe where Prout's nephew had put plans for an invention. 506
CROW, Jim Greyfriars Boot-Boy. 110
CRUM, Mr. Owner of "Crum's House of Magic", he hypnotized Dr. Locke into accepting his son Henry as a new boy in the Remove. 1050
CRUM, Henry Christopher A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. Sent to Greyfriars by his father, he used is hypnotic powers to make life more bearable until he returned to showbusiness. 1050
CRUMP, Mr. A Shopowner in Friardale. Harry Wharton bought a football there. 37
CRUMP, Mr. A police constable who sometimes replaces PC Tozer in Friardale. 1055
CUNHA, Senhor Vasco Vasco A con man in Macao who invited Bunter to frequent a Fan Tan house, where Senhor Cunha received a good fee for the introduction. 1182
CUNLIFFE, Captain Hugh Hazeldene's Uncle who had spent a great deal of his life in South America. He invited Hazel and the Famous Four to a holiday at his house at Black Rock in Devon. There they got involved in a feud that originated in South America. 114
CUNNINGHAM, Mr. One of Captain Donovan's gang of raiders that attempted to raid Storm Island. 712
CUNNINGHAM, Mr. Mark He visited Greyfriars disguised as an Old Boy, Dick Chester. He robbed the school but was recognised before he could escape with his loot. 844
CURFEW, Mr. Howard A theatrical manager who used his position to mask his real intention as a burglar. 832
CURLL, Captain Ship's captain of the Spindrift. He was carrying 2,000 pounds in gold to South America when his crew mutinied. With the aid of Wharton & Cherry he overpowered the mutineers and escaped the sinking ship. 267
CURLL, Mr. Horatio A pianist at the Courtfield Cinema, he was a tenor in an operatic company but love of the demon drink saw him drop to the music hall and then to the cinema. He was hired by Fish & Bunter to play the part of Bunter's elder brother on hospital leave from the front. Unfortunately, Mr. Curll got drunk and the truth came out. 469
CURRY, Colonel A landowner near Greyfriars. The Bunter brothers sometimes take a sack and raid his orchard. 721
CURTIS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 21
CUTTS The school porter at Cliff House School. 1415
CUTTS, Corporal A boxing soldier known as “The Slogger”. He fought Mr. Lascelles in a charity bout at Luxford. 391
CUTTS, Gerald A St Jim's schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 297
CUTTS, Mr. Joe The bosun on the tramp steamer Pomerania on which the Famous Four were forced to work at salvaging stolen gold ingots. 231