BABCOCK, Jack The grandson of Nat Babcock. He visited Greyfriars to find the wreck of his grandfather's boat and to search for the treasure supposedly hidden there. 872
BABCOCK, Captain Nat The captain of the Heart's Desire. He made his fortune in the South Seas and was returning home with it when he was attacked and killed by the crew. He had hidden it aboard ship and it was still there when his grandson came to find it 10 years later. 872
BADGER An old boxer who was a friend of Larry Lascelles. 331
BADGER, Mr. Fred The stage manager of Mr. Whiffles pantomime company at Lantham. To Nugent’s chagrin it transpired that he was affianced to Conchita, the leading lady. 409
BAGGS, Dr. A medical doctor in Friardale. 104
BAGGS, Mr. A postman in Friardale. Probably a typo for "Boggs" who was the usual postman for Greyfriars. 742
BAGSHOT, Mr. Joe A character created by Wibley as a parody of a “Racing Tough”. He used this character to cure Bunter of any further desire to gamble. 1068
BAHADUR, Jam Minny Singh Uncle to Hurree Singh, and Regent of Bhanipur during his minority. 516
BAILES, Mr. The owner of an Athletic Outfitters shop in Courtfield. 1054
BAKER Third Form schoolboy at Greyfriars. 130
BAKER Sixth-Form schoolboy at Greyfriars. 11
BAKER Sixth-Form schoolboy at St Jim's 594
BAKER, Miss The pianist at the Courtfield Cinema. 552
BAKER, Mr. The local miller operating Baker’s Mill on the Sark near Friardale. 1240
BAKER, Mr. Proprietor of Baker’s Boatyard just below Friardale Bridge. “As good tempered as he was plump”, he hired the Water Lily to the Famous Five for their holiday cruise up the Thames. He shipped the boat to his nephew’s boatyard at Kingston-upon-Thames where they started their holiday. 1643
BANCROFT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and a member of the First XI football team. 1154
BANE, Mr. Franz Kranz manservant. He helped his employee to kidnap Cherry, Vernon-Smith, and Mauleverer. He later received a jail sentence for his part in the crime. 1356
BANKS, Mr. Joe A local bookmaker operating close to if not usually outside the law. He certainly takes bets from minors, which is illegal and, though he will probably not welch on a bet, he is unlikely to accept money on any prospect other than an outsider. He is an habitue of The Three Fishers. On one occasion he ran an illegal casino before being arrested when a game was in progress. Ponsonby had tipped off the police in an attempt to get de Courcy arrested and disgraced. 132
BANTHORPE, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. On his way to Greyfriars he has an accident at a circus. Unable to travel, Nobby Nobbs (a circus performer) takes his place at the school for a few days until he recovers 232
BANTHORPE, Mr. Henry Uncle of Arthur Banthorpe. He is very strict with Arthur and that accounts for the lad's weak character. 232
BARAK A member of Ludwig Krantz’s slave trading gang. After the capture of Vernon-Smith and the Famous Five, he was killed by Kikolobo whilst they were being taken down the Congo to be sold as slaves. 1235
BARENGRO A petty criminal who, in revenge for a jail sentence, took a child he believed to be the magistrate’s son in order to maltreat him and force him to become a criminal. His efforts failed as the boy ran away from the band and went to Greyfriars for a time. Barengro recaptured Mick, and died by his own hand trying to prevent the rescue of Mick by a crowd of Greyfriars. 5
BARKER A footballer for the Courtfield Crusaders F.C. 509.
BARKER One of a group of 12 working lads from Lancashire that visited Greyfriars to challenge the Remove to a series of sporting contests. 696
BARKER, Mr. The mate in the M.V. Fanny Jones. 964
BARNARD One of a group of 12 working lads from Lancashire that visited Greyfriars to challenge the Remove to a series of sporting contests. 696
BARNARD A member of the Storm Island Football Club. 712
BARNES One of a group of 12 working lads from Lancashire that visited Greyfriars to challenge the Remove to a series of sporting contests. 696
BARNES, Mr. Arthur The head’s chauffeur, previously a junior lieutenant under Colonel Wharton’s command. His real name was Arthur Poynings who, after serving a prison sentence for forging a cheque, entered service under an assumed name. Better known as “The Courtfield Cracksman”, he used his position of trust to commit many daring robberies. He was eventually caught by Inspector Steele of Scotland Yard posing as a school master. 1138
BARNES Sixth-Form schoolboy and prefect at Greyfriars. 106
BARR A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A one time member of Bulstrode’s group of snobs and bullies, he was one of the crowd who bullied Linley on his arrival. 45
BARROW, Mr. A film cameraman with Mr. Jamfrey’s film company. 690
BARRY, Mr. An officer in the Royal Flying Corps who was stationed near Greyfriars. 476
BARSTOW, Mr. A wheelwright in Friardale who has 12 children. 1116
BARTON A member of the Storm Island Football Club. 712
BATES A village youth from Wharton Magnus who is the captain of the local cricket team. 79
BATES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth. 9
BATES The butler at Hogben Grange. 1215
BATES, Mr. A crook in league with the butler Pawson to rob Gadsby Croft. The blame was to be laid on Harry Wharton & Co. who were camping in the grounds. The plan was frustrated by Vernon-Smith falling out with Ponsonby and his friends, and so over-hearing the plot. 1339
BATES, Mr. A Sports outfitter in Friardale. 132
BATES, Mr. The boatkeeper at Greyfriars. 816
BATES, Mr. A representative of the Nailer Typwriter Company of Courtfield. When Bunter purchased a machine on HP and failed to keep up the payments, he called at the school to reposess the machine. 603
BATES, Mr. Joe A fisherman and neighbour of Tom Redwing at Hawkscliff. 922
BATES, Slinker A boy from Woodlands Reformatory who escapes and ends up at Greyfriars recovering from injuries. He robs the school before escaping with Hobson preventing his capture. 842
BATESON Johnny Bull’s cousin. A Cambridge rugby blue who coached the Remove when they took the game up for a time as an alternative to football. However the craze did not last long, and they soon returned to the school’s main winter game. 730
BATH A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. 183
BAXTER, Teddy A schoolboy at Claremont School, and captain of it's junior football team that came to Greyfriars to play the Remove when Skinner was captain. 421
BEAKY, Mr. A private detective who was hired by Cyrus Hunker to find his missing money. Mr. Beaky found the money in the room occupied by Wingate. 663
BILL, Beaky A local ruffian whose attempt to rob Coker with two acomplices was frustrated by Alonzo Todd, thanks to Professor Sparkinson’s Elixir. 1345
BEAN, Mr. Sandy Heriditary piper to the McDiarmids, he farmed a croft on the Lochmuir estate. It transpired that he was the Wraith of Lochmuir in a pathetic and forlorn attempt to drive out interlopers and clear the way for the return of the Lairds. 829
BEAUCHAMP Sixth-Form prefect at Highcliffe. (see Eustace Spencer) 577
BEAUCLERE, Sir Harry A most awful outsider and rotter. He inherited a title and his guardian decided to send him to Greyfriars. He persuaded his friend Jack Holt to take his place. When the deception was discovered, he is forced to join Greyfriars himself where he quickly became denounced as a sneak and an outsider 329
BEELE, Mr. One of the bookmakers that can be reached through the Cross Keys pub. 475
BELCHER, Mr. Tom A professional boxer of great fame. He fought Bob Cherry after Bob had challenged him. Bob managed more than an honourable draw in the Courtfield assembly rooms. 405
BELINDA, Aunt An aunt of Peter & Alonzo Todd. Alonzo played croquet with her whilst "on leave" from Greyfriars. 1344
BELKNAP, Professor A supposed member of the Archaeological Association who was exposed in his true light as Chick Chew thanks to Coker’s inability to kick a football straight. 1478
BELL, Miss Alice A Cliff House schoolgirl. 60
BELL, Miss Paula The leading lady of The Little Red Riding Hood Pantomime company giving a Christmas show in the Theatre Royal, Lantham. George Wingate was in love with her and was, for a time, distracted from keeping up his usual high standards as Head of School. 200
BELL, Mrs A widow who is PC Tozer's neighbour. When her house caught fire, Alonzo rushed inside and rescued her cat, believing it to be a little girl. 687
BELLEW, Miss A Cliff House mistress. 795
BELTON, Mr. A man living near Greyfriars who replied to Blundell’s advert to sell his motor-bike. Blundell refused when the man wanted it for 3 days on approval. 317
BELTON Centre Forward for the Courtfield Crusaders. He scored the winning goal in the final of the County Cup. Upon hearing that his team-mate Mr. Lascelles was in danger of being sacked from Greyfriars, he hurried to the school to clear the name of the Maths Master. 637
BEN MOHAMMED, Sheik Mustapha Pretender to the rulership of the tribes of Oued Tahar (whose rightful heritary leader was Ali ben Yusef). However, thanks to Major Cherry and the Famous Five, he was prevented from obtaining the regalia of the tribe. 863
BEN YUSEF, Ali Leader of his tribe, he was sent to Greyfriars by Major Cherry to protect him from Ben Mohammed. After being taken from Greyfriars to Africa by Ben Mohammed, the Famous Five and Bunter travelled to the Sahara to recue him. 862
BENNETT A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 75
BENSON Sixth-Form schoolboy at Greyfriars. 66
BENSON, Mr. A boatman living in Pegg. His boat is available for hire for trips up the river, or along the coast. 1380
BENSON A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Shell. 277
BENSON, Dr. Proprietor of Grimwood Asylum. One of his patients escaped and posed as the Head of Greyfriars. 82
BENSON, Mr. A farmer near Greyfriars who had a field full of goats that Bunter tried to control. 278
BENSON, Mr. Abel A bookmaker who was travelling in the same railway compartment as the Remove cricket team on their way to their first visit to St. Jim's. He became the victim of Bunter's ventriloquism. 64
BENSON, George A crook, the brother of Samuel Benson. 566
BENSON, Howard A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 27
BENSON, Percy Charmers A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth form. 730
BENSON A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth form, presumably a brother of Percy Benson. 800
BENSON, Samuel A boy who joined the Remove to "case the joint" for a gang of crooks who eventually robbed the Head's safe. 566
BENSON, Signor Owner of Benson's circus in which the head's daughter Rosie was a performer under the name of Mademoiselle Rosina until she was rescued. 162
BENTLEY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form, and member of it’s debating society. 50
BENTON, Mr. A former employee of Frank Nugent's father. To frame Mr. Nugent he forged some share certificates. He was found by Ferrers Locke and arrested. 671
BENYON, Sir Arthur A governor of Greyfriars and uncle of Cecil Gilmore. Gilmore planned to use his influence to take over Mark Linley's scholarship after disgracing Mark 226
BEPPO A sailor shipwrecked with the juniors on an island just outside Pegg Bay. 62
BEPPO A ruffian in Rome who was hired by Jarvish to grab Bunter and put him in a trunk for later collection. Having never met Bunter, he grabbed Ponsonby by mistake. 1388
BEPPO A waiter at the Albergo Oriente Hotel in Venice. 1386
BEPPO Count Zero’s chauffeur and confederate in the failed attempt to prevent Mr Vernon-Smith from purchasing Polgarth. 1452
BEPPO A Roman Bravo and a member of a gang who tried to take Wun Lung captive on behalf of Mr O. 1543
BERMONDSEY BABE, The A tramp from "Lunnun" who burnt down Vernon-Smith's gambling den in Friardale wood. He was later arrested and preferred the stone jug to being cold and hungry. 260
BERRY A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 66
BERRY, Mr. A keeper at Popper Court. 221
BEVERLEY-BROOKE A nephew of Sir Hilton Popper and a member of the Society of Good Sports which was a gambling set run by Ponsonby. 673
BHOWNANAGREE, Mr. A con-man who posed as a palm reader in Friardale. He was exposed when Inky spoke to him in Hindee which he did not understand. 235
BIBERACH, Herr A German tiger tamer at Tomsonio's circus who was forced to leave due to a drinking problem. 93
BIBI A coppersmith in Bombay, India. Bunter was held in his shop after being kidnapped by Nally Das. 965
BIDDULPH, Mrs. A widow who was employed as a resident nurse by Dr. Pillbury on long and difficult cases, such as that of Mr Harrington. 807
BIGGS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. Nicknamed "Bighead" by the other second formers because he is very bright and always bragging about it. Just about fits in with the others. 861
BIGGS, Mr. The engineer on the tramp steamer Pomerania on which the Famous Four were forced to work at salvaging stolen gold ingots. 231
BIGGS, Mr. James An estate agent in Courtfield. He let a shooting lodge to Vernon-Smith. When it burnt down he tried to get compensation as well as the insurance money. 260
BILGE, Professor Wat The author of a book about the growth of an onion, one of Alozo’s favourite volumes. 952
BILL A longshoreman at Pegg. 350
BILL A bus driver who drove the bus taking the Removites to Blistworth to appear in a movie. 691
BILL A stableman at the Cross Keys Inn, Friardale. 887
BILL A police constable from Courtfield who was assigned to protect Mr Hardinge’s factory from rioting strikers. 313
BILL A chauffeur from Courtfield Garage employed by Smithy to take Redwing and himself on a day out. 1046
BILL A footpad who, with his friend Chob, attacked Temple outside the Greyfriars boathouse and tried to steal his watch. Quentin Willesley saw the attack and was able to help Temple drive the two toughs off. 805
BILL One of two footpads that attacked Bolsover Major as he returned to Greyfriars after a night at the Cross Keys. Bolsover Minor intervened in the attack and Bill hit him causing severe injuries to the 3rd form fag. 210
BILL A local petty thief who was the accomplice of Judson in the theft of the Moonstone from Popper Court. 1157
BILL He was jailed by Sir Hilton Popper for poaching. 1309
BILL A porter at Coombe station. 739
BILL, Sly A criminal who, along with Nutty Nat, tried to steal Bob Cherry's invention. 500
BILL, Texas The broncho buster at Chumgum’s Celebrated Circus. 378
BILL, Texas A performer at Whiffle’s circus. 1069
BILLINGS A Friardale footballer. 509
BILLINGS, Mr. A circus attendant at Harry Hawk’s Circus. 449
BILSON A village youth, the son of a longshoreman at Pegg. He used to carry luggage from the station to the school until he decided it was too much like work. He formed a local bandit group called the Deadshot Gang with himself as “The Captain”. A combination of youths from the vicinity brought about their capture. 632
BINKS, Mr. A Friardale village inhabitant. His cottage is called The Hermitage and it is on the outskirts of the village. 717
BINKS, Mr. George The trapeze artiste in Swinger’s Circus. 1160
BINNS A factory worker at Mr. Hardinge's factory. 225
BINNS, Horace A village youth at Peacehaven. Slightly mentally unbalanced, he attempted to scare the Remove when they were camped nearby, by appearing as a ghost. 800
BINNS, Mr. The father of Horace Binns. 800
BIRD, Mr. Peter A fish and chip shop owner in Angel Alley where Bolsover Minor grew up. 228
BIRD, Sir William Uncle to Loder. Wibley took Sir William’s place when he was sent on a top secret mission. The Famous Five and Bunter went with Wibley to spend the holidays at Sir William’s house. 1676
BIRNIE A member of the Tottenham Hotspur team that played Loamshire at Braye. 138
BISHOP, Ron A professional speedway rider with Lantham Speedway. 1220
BITER, The A professional burglar, expert in opening locked doors. He was employed by Jimmy The Fox when the latter was trying to kidnap Jack Drake. 1419
BITER, Mr. A lawyer in Margate who drew up the agreement between Bunter and James Jarvish. 1385
BLACK, Mr. Henry Henry The maths master appointed in Mr. Lascelle’s place after he had gone on active service. He turned out to be the man guilty of the crime for which Carne’s father had been imprisoned. After Mr Carne escaped from prison, Black died helping the police search for the convict. 428
BLACK GEORGE A poacher in the Wimford area. He was caught by Harry Wharton & Co after he had assaulted Wun Lung. 47
SETH, Black The leader of a gang of gipsies that kidnapped Ernest Levison. 21
BLADES, Benjamin Armadale A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. He tends towards Pon’s group rather than Courtenay’s. 531
BLAGDEN, Mr. Philip A former Captain of cricket at Greyfriars, who was expelled for “wild and reckless conduct”. He was appointed as a cricket coach by Dr. Locke. His real intention was to search for the Greyfriars treasure. He was captured by the Famous Five and arrested for assaulting Mr. Quelch. 854
BLAGG, Mr. Another variation on the name of the postman who delivers to Greyfriars. 387
BLAINE An Eton schoolboy member of Montgomery Smyth's cricket XI. 79
BLAINE, Miss Amy A cousin of Coker, she was good friends with Coker before her mother had an argument with Aunt Judy. 342
BLAINE, Mrs. Sophonisba An aunt of Coker’s and mother of Amy. Following an argument against her sister, Aunt Judy, she turned against her and her nephew Horace. 342
BLAKE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. 786
BLAKE, Jack A St Jim’s schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 39
BLAKE, Mr. Jad A former ranch owner in Texas. He impersonated the Rio Kid whilst comitting robberies, and was taken prisoner throygh the efforts of Vernon-Smith. 1580
BLAKE, Mr. Jeff A boxing promoter in Lanchester. After Wingate saved him from attack by thugs, he gave Wingate the chance to earn some money in a prize fight. 661
BLAKE, Mr. Sexton A famous London detective, said to be even better than Ferrers Locke. 818
BLANC, Monsieur Louis A chauffeur for Gaston Duval when he attempted to kidnap Mauly. 304
BLAND, Bertram A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. A friend of George Blundell. 43
BLAND, Colonel The owner of a houseboat moored on the upper reaches of the River Sark, and a friend of Sir Hilton Popper. 698
BLAND, Mrs. The wife of Colonel Bland. 698
BLANE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth Form. 10
BLIMPER, Mr. Head of a firm of spoof music publishers to which Hoskins sent his Victory March. He was hoping for £250, but he found out that the company were just after his money. 580
BLITZ, Herr A German passenger on the R.M.S. Comet in which the Famous Five travelled to Brazil. Luckily for Harry Wharton, he was also riding up the Peak at Teneriffe when O Lobo made an attempt on Wharton’s life. 1463
BLOGG, Jimmy A butcher's boy in Friardale. 137
BLOGG, Mr. William A postman in Friardale. Probably a typo for "Boggs" who was the usual postman for Greyfriars. 544
BLOOKER A village youth who works as a caddie at the Courtfield Golf Links. 346
BLOOKEY, Mrs. A neighbour of Mrs Chirpey in Friardale. 387
BLOOM, Mr. A horse groom at Mr Royce’s stables at Blistworth. 691
BLOOMFIELD, Mr. G A music master at Greyfriars after Mr Sharp had been called up. He was really Hermann Blumenfield and he tried to persuade Herr Gans to spy for Germany. When Herr Gans refused to do so, he was taken prisoner. 525
BLUM, Fraulein Gretchen A dressmaker in Friardale. She was one of the ladies who answered Skinner’s advertisement for a wife for Mr. Quelch. 407
BLUMP The butler at Eastcliff Lodge. 1677
BLUNDELL, George A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. Head of the Form, and captain of the Form teams. He is also a member of the First XI. Despite not being over intellectually endowed, he is a firm favourite with Mr. Prout. He shares study No 1 with Bland, his closest friend. 35
BLUNDELL, Leonard A cousin of Blundell of the Fifth Form. An accident in his youth made him insane and he harboured a false grudge against his cousin. A similar injury prompted an operation that cured his insanity. 683
BLUNT, Jack A factory worker at Mr. Hardinge's factory. He captains the factory cricket team that play the Remove to settle a dispute over the closure of a footpath 225
BLUTZ, Herr Hermann An escaped prisoner of war and a very powerful man. He was hiding out in the Smuggler’s Cave until Wharton worked out where he was. The Famous Five then captured him. 372
BLYTHE, Mr. Billy The manager of Tyneside Rovers who played a match at Lantham. 919
BO, O An uncle of Wun Lung who tried to kidnap Wun Lung in order to make him his heir. 1541
BODGER, Mr. William After serving time for robbery with violence, the Wessex Institute found him a job. He tried to get more money from the Institute and made an enemy in Vernon-Smith. 623
BOGG, Mrs. The wife of Mr. Bogg the postman. 345
BOGGS, Mr. A page boy at Highcliffe School. 344
BOGGS, Mr. Nat A worker at Mr Hardinge’s factory. He was sacked for threatening the boss and then organized a strike to try to close the factory down. 313
BOGGS, Mr. William The village postman in Friardale who delivers the mail to Greyfriars School. 345
BOKER The pageboy at Cliff House School. 1528
BOLSOVER, Mr. The father of Percy & Hubert Bolsover. He is a philanthropist who tries to help the young waifs of London. 206
BOLSOVER, Hubert A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. After a childhood spent in the slums of London, he came to Greyfriars. At first rejected by his elder brother, they eventually became friends. 206
BOLSOVER, Percival A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. At one time an inveterate bully who tried to lead the form by strong armed methods. However, later he calmed down a lot but still tended to bullying fags. He shares study No 10. with Napoleon Dupont, his one true friend, whom he protects from bullying! A keen games player, but of the rush and barge type, he is not normally selected for the Form teams. 182
BOLTER, Oliver A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Third Form. 604
BOLTON, Inspector A police officer investigating the kidnapping of Rosie Locke by Lasalle & Signor Benson. 167
BOLTON, Mr. A Master at Highcliffe school. One of four masters who replaced Greyfriars masters for a week whilst the Greyfriars masters were at Oxford taking exams. Mr Bolton took control of the 2nd Form. 659
BOMOO Mr McTab’s chief kanaka houseboy. 1590
BONES, Mr. Peter The boatswain on the Spindrift. A big, powerful man, he joined the mutineers. 267
BOONE, Mr. The trainer of Lord Cavandale’s race horses. 1191
BOOTLE, Mayor Mayor The Mayor of Friardale, who was invited to perform the opening ceremony for Herr Rosenblaum's Foreign Academy. 33
BOOTLE, Professor An alias used by Mr. Bothwell when he persuaded Fish to allow him to enter Greyfriars during the night. 697
BOSANGO A Moteli tribesman and the Captain of Tofoloko’s palace guards. 1235
BOSANNEY, Mr. Jonas The former private secretary of the Earl of Portercliffe before being discharged. He persuaded Mr. Fish to employ him as his secretary so that he could search for the late Earl’s lost treasure. 1435
BOSS-EYE One of the Lambury Pet’s army hired by Mr Carnforth to put down the Sixth Form rebellion. 745
BOTHWELL, Mr. An explorer who brought back subtances he had discovered in the Far East, but was confined to a Lunatic Asylum. When he escaped, he used Greyfriars to experiment with his substances causing strange effects on some of the pupils. 697
BOULTER, Mr. One of the kidnap gang run by The Smuggler in his attempt to kidnap Buddy Yonk. 677
BOULTON The skipper of the Abbeydale Cricket team. 746
BOWBACK, Mr. A Shop assistant at Walker's drapery department store at Courtfield 159
BOWCHER An unreliable actor who was replaced by Wibley. 832
BOWEN, Lieutenant An officer in the Royal Flying Corps who was stationed near Greyfriars. 476
BOWES A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 35
BOWLINE, Mr. Samuel A near neighbour and friend of the Redwings at Hawkscliff. 1088
BOXEM, Mr. An undertaker in Courtfield who advertises in the local cinema. 748
BOXER A member of Lorrell's Lambs. 131
BOXER, Mr. Percy Edward The late husband of the suffragette, Mrs. Boxer. 407
BOXER, Mrs Zenobia A suffragette based in Courtfield 341
BRAGG, Mr. Montgomery A theatrical manager for the Frivolity Touring Company that was playing Gilbert & Sullivan at the Theatre Royal, Courtfield. 647
BRAITHWAITE, Sir Henry Uncle to Mauly, and one of his trustees, he has occasional charge of his nephew’s affairs when Sir Reginald Brooke (his brother-in-law) is absent. 184
BRAMBERG, Herr Otto A German archeologist who examined the old Priory and mapped it before the First World War. 437
BRAMLEY, Mr. He was also a thief who used the performance to raid the school studies and dormatories. He was captured by the Famous Five and handed over to the police. 254
BRANDER, Mr. Meyer He was appointed temporary headmaster when Dr Locke was injured by Mr Brander’s nephew, Otto van Tromp. He was a brutal and harsh man and, naturally, the boys rebelled against his rule. 1169
BRANDRETH, Arthur A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. His father was on the run, accused of forgery and the Remove were against him, until his father was proved innocent. 288
BRANDRETH, Mr. John The father of Arthur, he was on the run after being accused of forgery. He was arrested after Snoop had told the police but released when the real culprit confessed. 288
BRANDY FACE A scholar who had taught Flip his letters. 1247
BRASS POT A waiter at the Marina in Lagos. 770
BRAXTON, Mr. The alias used by Merrick when he tried to get hold of Squiff’s new cricket bat. 448
BRENT, Mr. The baker in Friardale. 816
BRENT, Inspector John An inspector of Scotland Yard. When he tracked down and captured Jimmy the One, he also discovered his long lost son. 1253
BRETT, Mrs The Postmistress at Friardale. 173
BRETT, Sam A relation of Mrs. Brett, the Postmistress of Friardale. 173
BRICK, Sergeant A soldier at the Wapshot camp. He answered the phone when Coker tried to report a spy sighted on the Shoulder. 458
BRIGGS, Gunner After a raid on the Courtfield Bank, he hid on Popper’s island during the Remove’s “barring-out” there. He was eventually captured by the Remove and arrested. 1380
BRIGGS, Mr. A grocer in Friardale. 668
BRIGHT, Edgar He was sent to Greyfriars by his father to search for the will of a former Remove master, Mr. Thorpe. He was a very cruel and hard boy who was despised by his form. He was finally found out and expelled. 1028
BRIGHT, Mr. Esau A former solicitor in Lantham. He was able to blackmail Sir Hilton Popper and force him to place his son, Edgar, at Greyfriars. 1028
BRINER, Mr. Charlie A motorcyclist who knocked Mr. Quelch down. Bull and Cherry were found guilty of an assault on their form master and were sacked. Mr Briner returned to the school just in time to prevent the injustice. 427
BRISSOT A member of a group of foreign schoolboys that visited Greyfriars and challenged the Remove to a cricket match. 19
BRITTAN A member of the Tottenham Hotspur football team that played Crawley United. 312
BRONX, Mr. Tiger The nephew of a deceased billionaire, Mr Shook. He chased Jarvish and Bunter all over Europe to recover the money he supposed should have been left to him in his uncle’s will. Finally he discovered that the billionaire had left his estate to an animal home. 1383
BROOKE, Lady Wife of Sir Reginald Brooke, and aunt to Mauly. 1245
BROOKE, Sir Reginald A Governor of Greyfriars and uncle of Mauly. He is also one of the trustees of Mauly’s estate. 277
BROOKER A local lout who, with his friend Climpson, formed the Courtfield Crusaders football team to try to win Alderman Moore’s prize. 785
BROUGH, Mr. A lawyer who reprisented Colonel Cleveland. 279
BROWN, Mrs The landlady of The Crown & Anchor pub in Friardale, which is out of bounds to Greyfriars boys, but is not a disreputable place. 690
BROWN, Herr A German spy in the Second World War. His real name was Braun and his mission was to spy on Sir William Bird. The Famous Five were responsible for his capture and closing down of the spy network. 1677
BROWN, Mr. The foreman of the men who demolished the hunting lodge at Ravenspur Grange to discover the secret passage and also the Famous Five who had been trapped in it. 1124
BROWN, Mr. A taxi driver from Reigate. He was hired by Bunter to take him to Wharton Lodge. When Bunter found that Wharton & Co had gone to Mauleverer Towers he persuaded Mr Brown to take him there. Having no money, as usual, Bunter was forced to bilk the taxi driver out of his fare. 1244
BROWN, Mr. A keeper at Popper Court. 1173
BROWN, Mr. A greengrocer in Friardale. 91
BROWN, Mr. A chauffeur to Colonel Wharton. 1542
BROWN, Mr. A con man also known as The Gentleman Pincher. He had a plan to rob Greyfriars but was foiled by Vernon-Smith. 1264
BROWN, Mr. The name assumed by Dr Locke’s nephew Peter. He returned to the school after many adventures and was unsure what the reaction of his uncle would be. 357
BROWN, Dr. A medical practitioner at Combermere who treated Mr Pilkins, the estate agent, after a car crash. 912
BROWN, Sergeant He was wounded at the front and became engaged to Bella Bunbury. 386
BROWN, Mr. George A cottager who lives in Friardale lane. 1408
BROWN, Jack A new boot boy is suspected of being a rich boy who has run away from home, but he is really just somebody who is trying to earn enough to support his family. 509
BROWN, Mr. John He owned the farm that the Greyfriars Hikers stayed at on their first night. They had already paid twice to con-men posing as the farmer, so when the real farmer arrived he got a hot reception. 1332
BROWN, Miss Milly A Cliff House schoolgirl. 68
BROWN, Richard A schoolboy at Courtfield School where he is a friend of Solly Lazarus. 56
BROWN, Tom A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A New Zealander from Taranki, he was a rugby player when he joined Greyfriars but quickly adapted to be a footballer and member of the Form XI. Shares study No 2 with Bulstrode and Hazel and enjoys tinkering with his radio. 86
BROWNE, Miss A young lady that Billy Bunter met in Courtfield whilst disguised as his cousin Wally. He invited her and 2 other young ladies to tea with Wally at Greyfriars to embarrass his cousin. 732
BROWNE, Lieutenant Kenneth An RAF pilot who crashed into Pegg Bay during a storm. Bunter claimed the credit for his rescue, until the truth came out that it was Smithy who was the rescuer. 594
BROWNE, Dicky A Courtfield School schoolboy. 632
BROWNE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form, he was selected for the First XI when Coker was captain. 263
BROWNLOW, Major An official of the Asylum Board who was tracking down the ecaped lunatic, Bothwell. 697
BRUCE, Mr. Peter Also known as "Black Peter". He hid the profits from his blackbirding operations in the South Seas, and sent a map showing its location to his nephew, Tom Redwing before he was killed. 1017
BRYCE A Friardale County School schoolboy and also a member of their junior football team. 792
BRYCE A Highcliffe schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 777
BUBU Prime minister to Tofoloko, king of the Moteli, a cannibal tribe in Africa to which the Famous Five and Smithy were sent by Ludwig Kranz. 1235
BUCK, Mr. William Known locally as Buckskin Bill. He was the chief cowhand on the Kicking Cayuse Ranch, one of Mr. Vernon Smith's purchases. He was sent to England to escort the Greyfriars party when they visited the ranch. 1573
BULKELEY, George A Rookwood schoolboy in the Sixth Form. He is captain of the school. 405
BULL, Miss Fluffy A cousin of Johnny Bull. She is described as a "Sandow Girl" because she is very tomboyish. She plays cricket very well, can hold her own against footpads, and can almost eat as much as Bunter. 283
BULL SENIOR, Mr. John The father of Johnny Bull of the Remove. He lives at Moor Fell, Yorkshire. 784
BULL JUNIOR, John A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. A typical Yorkshireman, his straight talking and pig-headedness often get him into arguments with his fellow members of the Famous Five. The final member of the Famous Five to arrive at Greyfriars, he shares study 14 with Squiff and Fish. 151
BULL, Mr. John Arthur An uncle of Johnny Bull and brother of Miss Tabitha Bull. He owns a shipping company in Melbourne, Australia. 367
BULL, Mr. Lucas A cousin of Johnny Bull and the manager of Bull Ltd. Lucas was placed in charge of Johnny during one of the school holidays and they had several arguments before reaching an understanding. 1491
BULL, Miss Tabitha Aunt to Johnny Bull of the Remove. 154
BULL A Bolsover school schoolboy. 104
BULLER A schoolboy at Courtfield County School and a friend of Dick Trumper. 343
BULLIVANT, Miss Amelia Maths mistress at Cliff House School and deputy headmistress. She has a younger brother, Richard, who was at Greyfriars in the Remove for a short time 1415
BULLIVANT, J A schoolboy at Oakshott School in Essex. When trying to prove that Jim Warren was an impostor, Stephen Price arranged for Bullivant to visit Greyfriars in order to expose the fraud, but Warren was able to avoid the meeting. 1444
BULLOCK, Colonel Owner of Bullock Court on the River Thames at Windsor. The Famous Five wanted to camp on his meadow during their boating trip, but the Colonel refused them permission. 1644
BULSTRODE, Mr. The father of George Bulstrode of the Remove A very strict parent. 177
BULSTRODE, Mrs. Amelia Mother of George Bulstrode of the Remove. Easily under the thumb of her domineering husband. 177
BULSTRODE, George A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove. He was captain of the Remove, and a bully, when Harry Wharton arrived at Greyfriars. After Wharton replaced him as captain he made efforts to regain the captaincy and succeded for a brief spell. When his brother, Herbert, died tragically, Bulstrode reformed his character somewhat becoming far less of a bully. He shares the goalkeeping jersey of the Remove football team with Hazeldene. 1
BULSTRODE, Herbert A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form and younger brother of George. After breaking out of Greyfriars, he was caught in the rain and died from pneumonia. 177
BUNBURY, Miss Bella A waitress at Bunbury’s Confectioners at Courtfield. Mauly fell in love with her, but she was engaged to a soldier. 386
BUNBURY, Mr. The owner of Bunbury’s Confectioners at Courtfield and father of Bella. 386
BUNCE, Mr. The landlord of the Anchor Inn at Pegg. 131
BUNCE, Mr. The landord of the Blue Lion at Wold, near Nugent’s home. 881
BUNCE, Mr. Bobby A boatman on the River Thames at Lechlade and a former seaman in the Royal Navy. He helped the Famous Five during their boating trip on the river. 1334
BUNCE, Mr. The tenant of Oak Tree Farm, part of the Popper Court estate. 819
BUNCHY A boxer who was engaged as a sparring partner for Mr. Lascelles. 1322
BUNCOMBE, Mr. Joseph An alias used by the disguised Ponsonby when he replied to an advertsment placed by Mauly for a headmaster for High Oaks school near Courtfield. 1048
BUNN, Mr. The owner of Bunns’s Teashop and Confectioners in Friardale. 400
BUNN, Mr. John An alias assumed by Ponsonby when he took the job as a temporary porter at Greyfriars. 395
BUNN, Mother A character who lived in Slummocks Alley, the slum in which Bolsover Minor used to live. 219
BUNNY The leader of Lorrell's Lambs. 131
BUNNY, Mr. A curate at Friardale Church. 248
BUNTER, Mrs. Amelia The mother of Billy, Bessie & Sammy. A plump lady, she is the only person that Billy Bunter seems to care about apart from himself. 1076
BUNTER, Mrs Claribel An aunt of Bunter’s, and wife of Claude. 835
BUNTER, Uncle Claude An uncle of Bunter’s. He came to Greyfriars with his wife, Claribel, as a former millionaire that was now penniless. The Bunter brothers treated them with contempt and then Claude & Claribel informed everyone that it had been a spoof to see what Billy & Sammy’s true feelings were. 835
BUNTER, Eliza Judith A Great-Aunt of Bunter. In her will she left Bunter a legacy dependant on him losing weight. To help him in his efforts he was presented with a weighing machine. 941
BUNTER, Miss Elizabeth Gertrude Also known as Bessie. She is a Cliff House schoolgirl in the Fourth Form. A female version of Billy in every way. 572
BUNTER, Sir Foulkes The owner of Chuckfield Place, Sussex. When he dies, Bunter sees a newspaper report that a search is on for his missing son and heir W.G. Bunter. Naturally, Bunter pretends to be the missing heir. 538
BUNTER, Uncle George An uncle of William George. He lives at Folkestone and has made several attempts to get Bunter to change his ways, without success. 1036
BUNTER, Mr. James An uncle of William George. He is a mathmatics master at Repley School in Yorkshire. 310
BUNTER, Miss Prudence An aunt of Bunter’s. She lives at Antipon Villa, Plumpton-on-Sea. She wrote to the head to complain that Bunter was not getting enough food. 625
BUNTER, Samuel Tuckless A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Second Form. Younger brother of William George, and as alike his elder brother as it is possible to be. 143
BUNTER, W. G. The missing son and heir of Sir Foulkes Bunter. 538
BUNTER, Walter The captain of Courtfield Rovers FC. They adverised for new players and Billy Bunter applied. The owl made use of the same name to fool the Remove that he was the captain of the team. 136
BUNTER, Walter Gilbert Also known as Wally. He is identical in appearance to his cousin William George, but as opposite in character as it is possible to be. Whilst their appetites are similar, Wally excels in all sports, and is truthul and honest. He is employed as an office clerk, and somtimes has the chance to swap places with his cousin for a short time in the Remove at Greyfriars, where he would long to be. He had a brief spell as Form-master to the First Form at Greyfriars. 333
BUNTER, William George A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Remove at Greyfriars. A fat, short, boy in spectacles, he has no redeeming qualities. Greedy and lazy, he is always trying to borrow money on the grounds of a postal order that he is expecting from his imaginary titled relations. Always knows what's going on in the school due to loose shoelaces that always seem to need re-tyeing outside a study door. Has no regard for the truth, but also has a very bad memory which lets him down. Because of his ability to "invent" or distort facts when telling a story, he is rarely believed, even on the rare occaions when he is telling the truth. He has an uncanny knack of being able to attach himself to the Famous Five for the holidays, including their trips abroad. 1
BUNTER, Mr. William Samuel Father of Billy, Bessie and Sammy. He is a stockbroker and lives at Reigate Villa, Surrey. Sometimes succesfull in his work, but rarely has any money to spare to send to his offspring, often citing a recent rise in the rate of income tax as the reason. 396
BURKE A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Sixth Form. 63
BURKE, Mr. A grocer in Friardale. Mr. Prout accused him of over-charging when he charged the 5th Form Master 6/- for 6 apples. 635
BURKE, Paddy The son of a grocer in Friardale. Following Mr. Prout’s accusation of his father, he rallied the youths of Friardale to start a feud with Greyfriars. He was later arrested for housebreaking. 635
BURKE, Tiny A large brute of a boxer who is powerful but slow. 623
BURKE, Mr. Ulick A pickpocket in New York. When he discovered how much money Coker was carrying, he kidnapped the Fifth Former and demanded a ransom from Mr Fish, who was in charge of the Grefriars party. Mr. Fish refused to pay, and was about to leave New York without Coker when Bunter blundered his way to Coker's rescue. 1094
BURNE-JONES, H.P. An Eton schoolboy and member of their boxing team. 394
BURRELL, Sergeant A drill-sergeant appointed to introduce discipline he is, in fact, a bullying tyrant. He is eventually shown up as an imposter. 42
BUSBY, Mr. A Second Hand clothes dealer in Friardale. Bulstrode hired a clown's suit from him to play a trick on Alonzo. 164
BUSTER Employed by Jimmy The One to kidnap Flip in order to stop him giving information to the police. 1251
BUXTON, Mrs. The wife of the Rector of Friardale. 109
BUZZARD, Mr. An alias used by Mr. Tighe to get employment as private secretary to Coker's aunt Judy, before escaping with her money. 1133
BYLES, Mr. The newsagent in Friardale. 132
BYNG A Redclyffe School schoolboy. 487
BYNG A Highcliffe Schoolboy in the Fourth Form. 109