‘ENERY An attendant, hired by Bunter, to push his bath-chair when the Owl was pretending to recover from an operation. 838
'ERBERT A member of Lorrell's Lambs. 131
‘ERBERT Another attendant, hired by Bunter, to push his bath-chair when the Owl was pretending to recover from an operation. 838
AARONS, Uncle Known affectionately as "Uncle" by the villagers of Friardale where he runs a pawnshop. Bunter visited him to raise funds after he was expelled from Greyfriars. 856
ABDULLAH A nubian slave. The property of Sheik Mustapha ben Mohammed. 806
ABDULLAH One of a family of donkey boys in Cairo. Their scam was to sell a donkey to an unsuspecting tourist and then the donkey would run away, back to the gang. 1280
ABDURRAHMAN, Sheikh Sheik of the Baggara, and a desert robber. Bribed by Kalizelos, he held up the Greyfriars party and took them into the desert to try to force Mauleverer to give up the Scarab of A-Menah. Maroudi, however, paid the sheik a larger sum than Kalizelos for their release. 1284
ABRAHAMS, Mr. The local Rag and Bone man, who is also known to Greyfriars as “Old Clo”. 729
ABRAHAMS, Mr. Isaac A moneylender and a business associate of Moses Levinski. 216
ACHMET A camel driver in the pay of Bou Saoud. When the Famous Five were searching for Marjorie Hazeldene and Clara Trevelyn he helped “Honest Ibrahim” to attempt their capture. In the ensuing fight he was shot and wounded in the shoulder by Harry Wharton. 866
ADAMS, Mr. Ben A boxing booth proprietor. Amongst the fighters in his charity promotion at Courtfield were Tom Belcher, Tommy Doyle, Slogger Sawyer and the Pixie Kid. The Famous Five, having had permission to go, were caught “out of bounds” by Loder. As he was determined to get them into trouble, the Removites let him do his worst. 414
ADELAIDE Parlourmaid to Miss Bull, aunt to Johnny Bull. 810
ADELINA, Aunt An aunt of Gussy. 374
ADOLPHE A servant at Mr. Vernon-Smith's villa at Monte-Carlo. 880
ADOLPHE A nephew of Monsieur Charpentier. 610
AH FENG A wealthy Chinese merchant of Singapore dealing in jade. A member of the Red Dragon Tong, his men captured Bunter and Nugent. The price for their release was to be the handing over of Wun Lung to the Tong. Nugent managed to engineer their escape unbeknownst to Ah Feng, thus enabling Ferrers Locke to bring Wun Lung safely to his father. 1180
AHMED The servant to Perez. He was a member of the Dinka tribe from the Nile region of Africa. 1230
ALBERT Potman at the Three Fishers always ready for a fight. 542
ALBERT The footman appointed to look after Bunter during his stay at Cavandale Abbey. In keeping with his aristcratic breeding, Bunter could never remember his name. 1191
ALBERT Footman at Gadsby Croft. 1339
ALBERT Footman at Combermere Lodge. 914
ALFORD, Mr. Guy Loder's cousin. Recently returned from Argentina, Loder used his arrival at Eastbourne as an excuse to get a break from Greyfriars. 892
ALI Half arab, half negro member of Kranz’s slave trading gang. After being captured, Vernon-Smith was in Ali’s custody until his release by Bunter. 1229
ALI Servant to Hilmi Maroudi. Bribed the enormous amount of ?800 to steal the scarab of A-Menah by Kalizelos, his attempt failed after nearly throwing Harry Wharton into the sea while en route for Alexandria. 1278
ALLARDYCE, Mr. Stole money from his employer, and Edwin Myers' father was accused of the crime. Allardyce was arrested trying to break into Greyfriars and was taken away to consult a mental specialist. 889
ALVARO, Carlos A Spanish bandit who attacked and robbed Coker and friends while they were riding in the hills above Algeciras. (And he claimed to be a “Cabellero”). 1315
AMEDEO A Neopolitan boatman hired by Tiger Bronx to help in his attempted kidnapping of Bunter while bathing at Posilippo. The Famous Five tried to hire the boat while the kidnap was in progress, and so, inadvertently , foiled the attempt. 1389
AMBROSE "Fat Boy of Turnham Green" at Tompsonio's circus. 894
AMELIA The resident housekeeper to Mr. Pickering, the tutor hired by Mr. Vernon-Smith to instruct Smithy during the holidays. Smithy, however, intended to pass the holidays with Ponsonby & Co. despite the knowledge that Smedley was trying to get Smithy disinherited by his father. 1368
ANDERSON, Mr. The mate of the Comet, a ship which was used in an illegal salvaging operation in Pegg Bay. 762
ANDERSON, James The alias used by Soames when he visited Greyfriars to search for the cigarette case containing the clue to the whereabouts of the proceeds of a raid upon Lantham Post Office. 1611
ANDREWS A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Fifth Form. 424
ANGEL, Aubrey A Greyfriars schoolboy in the Upper Fourth form. Despite many close calls and warnings, he is still the same shady character who seems to revel in breaking school bounds and rules. Even the discovery of his younger, hero-worshipping brother, Maurice, seems to have had little or no effect on his character. Unfortunately, he is also an inveterate snob, which means that his friends are limited to his fellow Upper Fourth form study mate Kenney and worse, if possible, Skinner of the Remove. 546
ANGEL, Claude Aubrey Angel’s older brother. There is no mention of which school he attended. 821
ANGEL, Colonel Denys Late Colonel H.M. Armed forces. Killed in action, he was the younger brother of Sir Philip Angel. While serving in his capacity as magistrate, he incurred the emnity of Barengo who, in revenge, took a child he presumed to be the Colonel’s son. In fact it was Maurice, Sir Philip’s son, whom Colonel Angel had wished to make his heir as he was, himself, unmarried. 821
ANGEL, Sir Philip Father of three sons Claude, Aubrey and Maurice. Until he learned that Mick, (the name by which Maurice was known at Greyfriars), had rescued him from an attack by Barengo, he had tried to persuade the Head to remove the boy from school. It was only after this that he learned that the Gipsy boy was, in fact, his youngest son. 821
ANN JANE A Cliff House schoolgirl. 140
ANNAN, Mr. Walter The husband of Squiff's cousin, Norah Field. 629
ANTHONY Waiter at the Barley Mow Inn, Little Puddleford. 1333
ANTHONY, Mr. Mark The negro cook on the Spindrift. He was forced to join the mutiny against Captain Curll. 267
ANTOINE Major Domo at the mansion rented by Jarvish on Bunter’s behalf in Paris. 1385
ANTONIO A sailor on the Nancy which rescued the juniors when their boat was wrecked. 84
ANTONIO, Brother An Italian priest helped by the Famous Five after he had been attacked by footpads. Cardinal Colonna, on hearing of this, not only gave them a lift in his car after they had been stranded by a mixture of fate and Jarvish’s machinations, but also put his car and his secretary at their disposal during their stay in Rome. 1388
ARKWRIGHT, Mr. Alf A Plumber’s Assistant sent to Greyfriars to replace a broken window in the Second Form Room. Whilst there, he stole a page from Wharton’s stamp album. 604
ARMSTRONG, Dr. Isaac The inventor of the Armstrong Method of teaching took over as temporary head of Greyfriars during Dr. Locke's absence. He introduced strange new rules before it was discovered that he was mentally ill. 728
ARTHUR A footman at Wharton Lodge. 1491
ARTOIS, Gaston A member of Herr Rosenblaum’s Foreign Academy. 6
ASHLEY, Mr. Daniel Father of Sam, and imprisoned following a burglary at Popper Court. He escaped from prison to visit his sick wife and, with the aid of The Famous Five, he was able to establish his innocence. 686
ASHLEY, Sam A young lad, the assistant to Mr. Mimble in his gardening duties at Greyfriars. His father escaped from prison and proved his innocence. 686
AOUDHA An Indian Ayah engaged by Bunter thinking he was employing a manservant. He did not realise that she was, in fact, a nursemaid. 966