1 Frank Nugent by Wharton (Drowning)
13 Harry Wharton by Colonel Wharton (Drowning)
26 Bunter by Wharton (Falling from Old Tower)
31 Levison by Wharton (Exposure on Black Pike)
48 Molly Locke by Wharton (Fire)
52 Captain Stump by Wharton (Drowning)
60 Marjorie Hazeldene by Wharton (Trapped by Tide)
85 Dick Trumper by Wharton (Drowning)
125 Marjorie Hazeledene by Alonzo Todd & Wharton (Drowning)
181 Mr Vernon-Smith & Vernon Smith by Cherry (Railway Accident)
189 Bolsover by Mr. Lang (Drowning)
194 Vernon-Smith by Dick Penfold (Drowning)
194 Vernon-Smith & Dick Penfold by Mr. St Clair (Drowning)
195 Gatty by Nugent Minor (Drowning)
Gatty & Nugent Minor by Unknown man in boat (Drowning)
Gatty by Bolsover (Fire)
231 Captain Hobbs by Wharton (Drowning)
232 Henry Banthorpe by Nobby Nobbs (Drowning)
264 Con Fitzpatrick by Wharton (Drowning)
267 Bob Cherry by Wharton (Drowning)
271 Bob Cherry by Peter Todd (Drowning)
279 Bolsover Minor by Cleveland (Drowning)
280 3 sailors by Wharton (Drowning)
281 Smithy by Cherry (Falling from cliff)
289 Bunter by Lord Charles Lovelace (Drowning)
299 Quelch by Smithy (Falling from Old Tower)
305 Bunter by Smithy (Drowning)
317 Mr. Welford by Blundell (Horse out of control)
329 Wharton by Jack Holt (Drowning)
333 Marjorie & Clara by Wally Bunter (Horse out of control)
340 Hazel by Smithy (Drowning)
349 Mabel Penseley by Linley (Horse out of control)
370 Bunter by Linley (Fire)
376 Bull by Wharton (Drowning)
Bull and Wharton by Hazel (Drowning)
390 Peter Todd by Wharton (Drowning)
392 Wingate Minor by Wingate (Fire)
417 Wingate Minor by Loder (Drowning)
428 Wingate by Hubert Carne (Fell into a crevice)
430 Loder by Harry Wharton (Falling from Old Tower)
431 Cecily Popper by Bob Cherry (Run over by train)
432 Delarey by Squiff (Falling from cliff)
451 Mr Portal by Mauly (Falling from cliff)
360 Cora Quelch by Bunter (Drowning)
467 Gosling by Paul Tyrrell (Fire caused by zeppelin attack)
468 Mauly by Gerald Linley (Drowning)
494 Skinner by Vernon-Smith (Falling from Ivy under Dorm Window)
495 Wibley by Douglas March (Drowning)
500 Bunter by Cherry (Drowning)
527 Mr. Drake by Jack Verney (Drowning)
531 Ponsonby by Redwing (Falling from cliff)
557 Peter Miller by Wharton (Drowning)
574 Nugent by Wally Bunter (Drowning)
575 Mr. Trevlyn by Wally Bunter (Falling from cliff)
596 Skinner by Linley (Drowning)
606 Ogilvy by Wingate (Drowning)
648 Wharton by Archie Howell (Falling from cliff & Drowning)
657 Mr Quelch by Kippers (Horse out of control)
686 Bob Cherry by Daniel Ashley (Falling from Railway Bridge)
690 Gwenllian Peters by Bob Cherry (Drowning)
691 Gwenllian Peters by George Royce (Horse out of control)
696 Skinner by Jimmy Gordon (Drowning)
707 Farmer Higgins by Harry Wharton (Drowning)
712 Captain Donovan by Harry Wharton (Drowning)
735 Loder, Melcroft & Mowbray by Wally Bunter (Fire)
747 Cherry, Wharton, Bull, Inky, Nugent and Smithy by Bunter (Fire)
749 Bessie Bunter by Algernon De Vere (Fell on Railway Line)
780 Loder's cousin, Molly by Coker (Drowning)
782 Bob Cherry by Jim Lee (Falling from cliff)
801 Miss Connie Thresher by Wharton & Nugent (Horse out of control)
813 Coker, Potter & Greene by Bobbie Severn (Drowning)
819 Sir Hilton Popper by Mick the Gipsy (Drowning)
824 Wun Lung by Penfold (Falling from cliff)
830 Mick & Aubrey Angel by Sandy Bean (Drowning)
837 Sammy Bunter by Bob Cherry (Drowning)
838 Alonzo Todd by Coker (Drowning)
Coker by Alonzo Todd (Exposure)
847 Walter Grahame & Sergeant Mills by The Famous Five & Dick Grahame (Quicksand)
850 Ponsonby by Bulstrode (Falling from cliff)
861 Biggs (second form) by Thornton (Drowning)
886 John Redwing by Wharton (Drowning)
890 Bolsover Minor by Bolsover (Exposure on Courtfield Common)
918 Phyllis (Niece of Major Thresher) by Wharton (Drowning)
938 Miss Ethel Ward by Mark Linley (Drowning)
939 Walter Ponsonby by Mark Linley (Run over by Brewer’s Drey)
940 Sir Cecil Ponsonby by Cecil Ponsonby (Drove over Cliff)
964 Bunter by Harry Wharton (Drowning)
993 Niece of Dr. Voysey by Fish (Run over by van)
1005 George Tubb by Solly Lazarus (Drowning)
1016 Gipsy girl (Minna) by Bunter (Run over by train)
1034 Edgar Bright by Ernest Levison (Lost in vaults under Greyfriars)
1038 Bunter by Ralph the Gipsy (Drowning)
1061 Sir Hilton Popper by Wharton (Drowning)
1100 Miss La Riviere by Lord Mauleverer (Fire)
1135 Mick Jarvis by Snoop (Drowning)
1142 Bunter by Inspector Irons (Drowning)
1152 Sir Hilton Popper by Nap and Gosling (Car Crash)
1155 Bunter by Coker (Drowning)
1187 Two Men by the Greyfriars boat (Drowning)
1189 Mr. Quelch by Wharton (Falling from roof)
1191 Lord Cavandale by Billy Bunter (Attempted Murder 3 times)
1210 Coker by Dick Lancaster (Drowning)
1227 Frank Nugent by Harry Wharton (Falling from cliff)
1230 Mr. Quelch by Smithy (Falling from roof)
1240 Nugent Minor by Eric Carlow (Drowning)
1241 Wingate by Coker (Falling from cliff)
1247 Flip by Bunter (Drowning)
1279 Wharton by Mr. Maroudi (Being washed overboard)
1281 Hilmi Maroudi by Wharton & Cherry (Strangulation)
1295 Loder by Wharton (Drowning)
1308 Dick Vernon-Tracy by Wibley (Drowning)
1425 Bunter by Stacey (Drowning)
1489 Miss Zara by Harry Wharton (Horse out of control)
1490 Bunter by Ferrers Locke (Trapped by the tide)
1505 Compton by Bunter (Falling from cliff)
1508 Smithy by Compton (Drowning)
1522 Mr Vernon-Smith by Bunter (Gunshot)
1527 Bessie Bunter by Wingate & Coker (Drowning)
1544 O Bo & Wun Lung by Cherry (Drowning)
1549 Bessie Bunter by Skip (Drowning)
1576 Smithy by Running Water (Quicksand)