Volume Date Price Number of Pages Colour of Cover HB Volume(s)
XXII December 30, 1922 2d 28 Pages Coloured HBE097
Ponsonby tries to get revenge on Hazel by framing him for a robbery at Cliff House.


Page 02 The Editor's Chat by Anon
Page 03 Ponsonby's Revenge! by Frank Richards (F. G. Cook)
Page 11 Various Stages in the Lives of Greyfriars Celebrities #8: Mark Linley by Anon
Page 13 The Greyfriars Herald #105
Page 22 Bunter and the Barrel-Organ by Anon
Page 23 The Greyfriars Parliament by Anon
Page 24 The Case of the Smugglers! by Owen Conquest

Characters Named

Hazeldene, Cherry, Vernon-Smith, Redwing, Mr. Quelch, Marjorie Hazeldene, Fish, Nugent Minor, Wharton, Nugent, Bull, Squiff, Inky, Bunter, Ponsonby, Monson, Gadsby, Vavasour, Banks, Dr. Voysey, Courtenay, The Caterpillar, Temple, Dabney, Fry, Clara Trevlyn, Phyllis Howell, Bessie Bunter, Mr. Jolliffe, Gosling, Mrs. Mimble, Bulstrode, Trevor, Morgan, Bolsover, Skinner, Stott, Snoop, Peter Todd, Desmond, Rake, Wibley, Dr. Locke, Brown, Trotter, Bryce, Denulaine.