Volume Date Price Number of Pages Colour of Cover HB Volume(s)
XIII January 24, 1920 1d 20 Pages Blue

Vernon-Smith In Exile Series  (Part 3 of 4)

Smithy returns to Greyfriars as a temporary secretary to Dr. Locke, but then makes his position permanent.


Page 02 The Editor's Chat by Anon
Page 03 Vernon-Smith's Return! by Frank Richards (George Richmond Samways)
Page 08 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 33 Patrick Gwynne by Anon
Page 09 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 34 Montague Newland by Anon
Page 12 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 35 Sir James Vivian, Bart. by Anon
Page 13 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 36 Mrs. Mimble by Anon
Page 17 Juggling (Part 2 of 3) by Anon
Page 18 The Miner's Champion(Part 15 of 19) by Percy Longhurst

Characters Named

Vernon-Smith, Ralph Locke, Mr. Bodger, Mr. Quelch, Dr. Locke, Cox, Jack Harper, Skinner, Mr. Skinner, Trotter, Major Cherry, Cherry, Sir Hilton Popper, Wharton, Gosling, Bunter, Bull, Nugent, Mr. Prout, Peter Todd, Penfold, Bolsover, Dr. Short, Inky, Wingate, Bunter Minor.