Volume Date Price Number of Pages Colour of Cover HB Volume(s)
XIII December 13, 1919 1d 20 Pages Blue GH1984
Fish has a stunt for buying cheap sub-standard goods and selling them at top prices.


Page 02 Alonzo's Agency! by Frank Richards (F. G. Cook)
Page 08 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 9 The Rev. Herbert Henry Locke, D.D. by Anon
Page 09 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 10 Thomas Dutton by Anon
Page 12 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 11 Peter Todd by Anon
Page 13 The Greyfriars Gallery No. 12 George Bulstrode by Anon
Page 16 The Editor's Chat by Anon
Page 17 Ventriloquism in a Month (Part 5 of 6) by Anon
Page 18 The Miner's Champion(Part 9 of 19) by Percy Longhurst

Characters Named

Alonzo Todd, Uncle Benjamin, Jeremiah Slagg, Peter Todd, Wharton, Nugent, Cherry, Bull, Inky, Squiff, Wun Lung, Fish, Kipps, Bunter, Bulstrode, Skinner, Dutton, Gosling, Nibby, Hazeldene, Vernon-Smith, Coker, Bolsover, Potter, Greene, Russell, Blundell, Fitzgerald, Bland, Mauly, Desmond, Morgan, Rake, Stott, Temple, Dabney, Nugent Minor, Dr. Locke, Loder.