Volume Date Price Number of Pages Colour of Cover HB Volume(s)
11 October 13, 1917 1d 16 Pages Blue GBC027

Judge Jeffreys Series  (Part 5 of 5)

Mr. Jeffreys fails with his desperate measures to end the barring-out.


Page 02 Victory! by Frank Richards (Charles Hamilton)
Page 13 The Greyfriars Gallery #41 Gosling by Anon
Page 14 Extracts from "The Greyfriars Herald" and "Tom Merry's Weekly" by Anon
Page 16 The Editor's Chat by Anon

Characters Named

Bunter, Peter Todd, Dutton, Temple, Wharton, Cherry, Mr. Jeffreys, Bull, Nugent, Squiff, Loder, Walker, Carne, Mr. Schwartz, Vernon-Smith, Gosling, Brown, Mr. Mimble, Wingate, Mr. Quelch, Dr. Locke, Mr. Hacker, Coker, Gwynne, Mick Sharper, Skinner, Linley, Penfold, Mauly, Bolsover, Vivian, Newland, Russell, Ogilvy, Inky, Desmond, Morgan, Wibley, Rake, Kipps, Dabney, Fry, Scott, Hazeldene, Bulstrode, Delarey, Fish, Trotter, Nugent Minor, Tubb, Bolsover Minor, Snoop, Mr. Prout, Mildred, Hobson.