Volume Date Price Number of Pages Colour of Cover HB Volume(s)
7 June 28, 1913 1d 28 Pages+iv Red GBC090
Bob's father owes money to Smithy's father, but when Bob saves Smithy's life the debt is cancelled.


Page 01 Quits! by Frank Richards (Charles Hamilton)
Page 14 Contrasts - No.15 Schoolboys
Page 23 Tales To Tell by Anon
Page 24 Mysteria(Part 7 of 44) by Sidney Drew
Page 27 My Readers' Page by Anon
Page 28 Special Comic Supplement by Anon

Characters Named

Cherry, Wharton, Linley, Penfold, Nugent, Bull, Inky, Mauly, Major Cherry, Dr. Locke, Hobson, Brown, Bulstrode, Bunter, Morgan, Ogilvy, Newland, Hazeldene, Rake, Elliott, Banthorpe, Bolsover Minor, Benson, Hoskins, Desmond, Vernon-Smith, Mr. Quelch, Russell, Nugent Minor, Temple, Bolsover, Snoop, Fish, Skinner, Peter Todd, Alonzo Todd, Dutton, Stott, Coker, Trevor, Mr. Vernon-Smith, Wun Lung, Dabney, Mrs. Mimble, Marjorie Hazeldene.