Volume Date Price Number of Pages Colour of Cover HB Volume(s)
7 November 2, 1912 1d 28 Pages+iv Red GBC007

Vernon-Smith Vs Famous Five Series  (Part 1 of 8)

Smithy sets out to humiliate the Famous Four, and succeeds twice.


Page 01 "Top Dog!" by Frank Richards (Charles Hamilton)
Page 14 The Magnet Library Portrait Gallery # 1: Harry Wharton, Bob Cherry, Frank Nugent by Anon
Page 23 Twice Round the Globe!(Part 22 of 50) by Sidney Drew
Page 27 My Readers' Page by Anon
Page 28 Special Comic Supplement by Anon

Characters Named

Cherry, Bolsover, Bull, Wharton, Desmond, Nugent, Linley, Snoop, Penfold, Banthorpe, Fish, Vernon-Smith, Bunter, Mauly, Temple, Dabney, Elliott, Wingate, Courtney, Stott, Inky, Ogilvy, Coker, Potter, Hobson, Gatty, Myers, Ponsonby, Leigh, Marjorie Hazeldene, Clara Trevlyn, Hazeldene, Fry, Newland, Monson, Vavasour, Merton, Gadsby, Talboys, Gosling, Bulstrode, Greene, Loder, Dr. Locke, Trevor, Miss Primrose, Mr. Yidd, Valence, Nugent Minor.